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Nothing like a Mother’s Love

Nothing like a mother's loveLast Friday, on my way to work, I called my mama. I wanted to check up on her, as well as inform her were going to visit during the weekend.

So, as soon as she picked up and we exchanged niceties, I asked, “What are you doing tomorrow mum?” “I have no plans for tomorrow. Why do you ask?” She responded

“We just want to come visit you. We’ve missed you so much!”

And there she went off, a crackling, heartfelt, soul-reaching laughter. I heard it and couldn’t help smiling. My husband heard it through the phone too. It was not funny-joke laughter, it was happy, really happy laughter. It was heartfelt and I could feel her heart through the phone.

“Why are you laughing mama? We have missed you. It’s been almost 2 months since the last time we saw each other” I responded. “I am just so happy”, she said after a long pause. “You kids are very welcome and I will be waiting for you tomorrow. Make sure you bring my grandson”, she continued.

“We sure will. Love you and see you tomorrow”, I responded.

We then hung up.

This left me thinking so hard. Why did she sound so so happy, yet we hadn’t done anything unusual or special for her. In fact, we only planned to stay for one night and then get back to the normal grind of life.

It then hit me.

I may not get it right now. However, the day that my Lowell is married and living far away in the city and I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like: that is the day I will understand mamas happiness on knowing that we were going to visit her. Some of these things we don’t actually get them until we’ve gone through them. Like how I got to understand why mothers love their kids so much, only after I had my own son.

There is nothing deeper than a mother’s love. Nothing warmer than a mother’s embrace. Nothing more comforting than a mother’s bosom. (You can tweet that.)

This reminded me how much I love my mum and how much I miss my mother in law, but I believe she is happy, resting with the angels.

How often do you visit your parents? Are you lost in the city, as some would put it, and never go back home until December? This is a new month, make a point of calling your parents today and arrange a visit one of these weekends. It will be time well spent. And bring me some ndumas and bananas while you are in shagz.

A House Full of Boys

ImageI come from a family of five..Me, 1 sister, 1 brother, mama n papa. This translates to 3 girls as compared to 3 boys in the house. Considering that women run the house, we ruled our household. We made all the decisions on what to cook, when to do laundry, which places to visit, favorite restaurants etc…

To add on to this, all my cousins have given birth to girls as their first children meaning that my side of the family is filled with girls.

When I discovered I was pregnant, me and hubby almost instantly started thinking of a girl. We wanted to name her after my mother in law. We even started calling her by her name. 30 weeks into the pregnancy, I went in for a gender scan and I was surprised to discover I was carrying a healthy boy. I was surprised but happy.

I don’t know what turned the wheels, but that scan really made me excited. I was immediately in love with my boy. The ‘she’ that we had used all along turned into a ‘he’. We soon had a beautiful name and I started buying boy clothes. Knowing how much hubby and his mama were close, I knew that I was so blessed. They say that a bond between a son and a mother is pretty strong.

Fast forward 4.5 months since he was born and I am so in love.

My life has changed from one ruled by girls to a house full of boys. At least in my house there are two boys against one girl (me).

Am a little scared of course, because they love each other so much. Its still a little early but I can tell that football rules in this house. Action movies are also popular around here. Lowell laughs when his daddy is watching action movies. I think he loves the crazy sounds.

I love my boys so much. It tickles my heart to see father and son so happy together. I can only hope that a girl will join me in future.

For now, it is just a house full of boys.