Currently and Thankful Thursday

Am currently:
Missing my mum and the entire family. The holidays were so good so its not abnormal to suffer from a little homesickness.
Thinking about the year ahead. There are so many projects going on in my life right now and I cant wait to see them come to fruition. I can only pray for the best.
Considering eating some fish. I just miss that taste. Must make it happen soonest.
Loving my hubby. He has been super caring this year and am getting used to it. Am totally loving it.
Am thankful for:
-health…I never say this enough but am so grateful for a healthy body.
-My two families.
-Chilli sauces(am loving pepper these days)
-My sister(she is absolutely the best)
-my smart phone(which I actually don’t own but hope to get soonest)
-all of you and your lovely comments that I love so much.
-the sunshine..its really sunny around here.
The Fontenot Four
What are you Thankful for???

Talk to Each Other

It is a New Year, that for sure I understand very clearly.
But I don’t understand why I’ve been slacking when it comes to blogging!
I really don’t.
It is also hard to understand why it has been difficult getting my creative juices flowing this year..
I think am still in the holiday mood…
Today I just wanted to talk about how silent we’ve become
We have stopped saying the things we need to say!
I sometimes think it is because we have found other outlets that allow us to let out our feelings…
We no longer talk to the people that matter
I am a victim of this in some ways…
Instead of telling my family or a friend how happy I am or expressing my joys and pains, I say it here on the blog.
It gives me joy to share it here but the relationships I have with those that matter are neglected..
We use Facebook, Twitter and other means to share what is on our minds, instead of saying it to our husbands and wives..
We forget that exclamation marks and smileys can never replace the excitement on someone’s face when we share some exciting news!
I just want us to talk some more
Talk to each other, face each other, smile, laugh, cry and listen to each other…
This way, we will keep the joy of human relationships..
We will enjoy our conversations more..
And life will be more satisfying…

Happy New Year

It feels like its been too long since I’ve written here,
But a break is always helpful..
And it was Christmas, so all sorts of excuses are acceptable.
Anyway, am here to say how thankful I am for this New Year.
There are many who may have wanted to see it but didn’t..
Am thankful for one thing that I cant talk about right now….but something so special and exciting.
Am thankful for family…the holidays were perfect because of all of you
Am thankful for a beautiful year ahead..
One full of blessings,love and joy
One filled with little surprises and bundles of joy
A year of success, fun, laughter and many many hugs and kisses…
Thank you and Cheers to 2013!

The Fontenot Four

Yarn Along: What I've been upto

Last week I did not post my updates and adventures with yarn.
But this week, I made sure to take pictures so I could show you what going on here.
I can totally say that am in love with crocheting.
This little hobby that I discovered many years ago but only decided to work on a few months ago.
I absolutely love it people.
I dont know what it is but I love crochet.
I cant get enough yarn and I keep looking for more projects to immerse my hands into.
Onto the projects:
I started this small ripple blanket and am working on it hurry. Its my go to project when I have nothing else to crochet.

Next up: my first cowl/infinity scarf.

Lets just be honest, I always wanted one but I was too lazy to make it.
Now I did one and I cannot get enough.
I wore it Yesterday when it was raining hard and the cold was biting.
Am now making larger ones, that wrap around the neck at-least once or twice.
Some people have asked some questions about what I make and now am dreaming of opening an etsy shop [encouragement would be highly appreciated]
Anyway, on Thursday am off to celebrate my sister’s graduation. Lots of traveling, then I get to go to my parents for Christmas and am so excited.
It is truly the season to be happy and jolly.
Hope you are having lots of fun and preparing for Christmas…lots of food, laughter and overall joy!
Love you loves!

I want to cheer you up

So this weekend was cool, nothing much to do except laundry!
Got that done on Saturday and then just kind of went along with the swing of life.
I was saddened by the news of the killings in Connecticut, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
Though far away, am praying for all the affected families and the human race as a whole.
Moving on, since most of you are experiencing winter right now, I thought I would just offer some contrast.
I wanted to share pictures of the green environment and the beautiful sunshine around these parts.
The clear blue skies are also pretty!
These are some of the little things we forget to appreciate!
Be thankful for what you have!
I hope these pictures cheer someone up and make their day a little bit easier.

I took some of these in my mom-in-laws garden. #love the pawpaws. Cant wait for them to be ready.
I wish you all a lovely week ahead and live your life, don’t wait for tomorrow!

Sparkly Style

You know how we girls just find one thing and it makes us feel happy all the time?
I think all girls love some glitter, right?
Some sparkle never killed anyone, it just made them look prettier!
I do love glitter but not in some eye catching, colorful and screaming way.
I love it in more subtle forms.
More like sparkly bubbly…not popping the eyes off.
Just cool…kind of easy and down to earth.
Anyway, trying to explain it in words looks like its failing, so let this outfit explain it.


Sparkly by emmyel featuring a lace skirt
I would give anything for that skirt…Its too pretty and the color soo cool and the glitter..just perfect.
What kind of glitter do you like??
The pop of color or the subtle sparkle?? 
Have a beautiful Weekend!

Currently Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was Kenya’s 49th Independence day Anniversary!!
Our country has taken numerous steps in the right direction.
I was so happy to be witnessing it but happier to have it as a public holiday!
It was an awesome day to say the least.
Though hubby was working, his sister and brother kept me company.
We had a really fun day and that is why I was away from blogging.
Anyway am back and feeling a little hungover from all the volleyball played last evening!
Am Currently:
Reading nothing apart from blogs, emails, comments, etc..I know, #notgood
Listening to Taylor Swift: Red. Loving it a lot!
Laughing about little things that tickle me.
Enjoying the holiday mood!Its ecstatic and I cant wait for my sister’s graduation next week, followed by Christmas!

These are photos of our neighborhood

And am Thankful:
..for an amazing in-law family.
..for my hubby and the little things that make our relationship unique
..for hugs and kisses. am always so happy for these.
..for health
..for the weekend ahead
..for lovely people all around
..for yoga
..for peace of mind
..for everything in this little beautiful life of mine!

The Fontenot Four

Christmas List

You know how its almost Christmas and everyone is doing lists of what they would love to get???
I have been thinking about what I would love to get too!
{Look at me stealing from the idea of masses, original right?}
Anyway, what I would really love this Christmas is a kitchen spruce up…
I know there are so many things I want for my kitchen..
Like new dinnerware, some classy cutlery and so much more of kitchen appliances.
But there is one thing that I really really want.
In fact I’ve been wanting it for as long as I’ve had a kitchen other than my mom’s.
An Oven..

                                                                      Source: via Millie on Pinterest

And if its this one from Samsung, the better.
Yes I said it.
I know most of you see it as a basic thing and already have it but I dont..
I love cooking and baking but am limited by the lack of an oven..
Why do I want it so bad, you may ask??
One reason: So I can cook more and expand the number of dishes I prepare at home.
By the way, I cook almost daily and hubby appreciates it a lot.
Moreover, I love it and I absolutely want to do more of it.
So God,Santa, The Kardashians, Channing Tatum, Bloggers, Mum, Dad, Hubby and anyone else who has any kind of power-I guess if you work together, this is a pretty easy task.
Thank you in advance!
Millie, waiting for your surprise anytime…….
I love you all!

Weekend and Mandazi

Have you ever had a weekend where you did nothing worth noting but it was still so perfect…
From having fun doing laundry to going to the salon for hair and nails, to meeting a high school friend for drinks to having a perfect evening with hubby!!!
What better Saturday could I ask for?
Then Sunday came and I was all alone since hubz has had to work weekends for the past 3 weeks, (by the way, I don’t like it, at all…thank God, its just one more left).
I spent the morning doing some crochet, then decided to make some mandazi since hubby cant get enough of them!

For those who dont know mandazi is one of East Africa’s favorite snack…we take it with tea/coffee for breakfast or as a midday snack (more like doughnuts but deep fried). I do love cooking but I’ve had some cooking tragedies in the past week (more on that later) and I really hoped that these would turn out well…..Oh and well they did!!!
(I hope to draft and post the recipe soon)

I love the way they turned out!These are some of the things I wish I could do each weekend.
Especially when the house is calm and quiet, soft rock serenading me and am just at peace!!!
This was a nice weekend and am so thankful for it.
Hope yours was great too!!