3 Weekly Things

The weekend was beautiful. God blessed us with rain and I am so grateful.


It has been a bit cold over the past few days but I appreciate the change in weather.

Am optimistic about this week. Am hopeful that doors are opening, opportunities blossoming for me and mine. Am thankful for being alive to live through this week. Am happy and I hope you are too.

Some of the things I want to accomplish this week include

1. Organize my computer.

Oh Lord, how I love an organized laptop. However, am always tempted to save everything on the desktop. All the projects am working on right now require some organization. I need to arrange things in such a way that I can access them as fast as possible. Am hoping to get this done bit by bit throughout the week.

2. Laughter

Definitely. I want to inject some more laughter into my life. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

3. List more.

I love making lists. Lists make things so much easier. I feel so much better when at the end of the day, I see everything crossed off my list for the day. It feels exhilarating. I love the feeling and I ought to feel that way more often.  Listing things helps me remember ideas and save them for later. I use the note taking app on my phone to make lists.

Have a great week my friends.

A House Full of Boys

ImageI come from a family of five..Me, 1 sister, 1 brother, mama n papa. This translates to 3 girls as compared to 3 boys in the house. Considering that women run the house, we ruled our household. We made all the decisions on what to cook, when to do laundry, which places to visit, favorite restaurants etc…

To add on to this, all my cousins have given birth to girls as their first children meaning that my side of the family is filled with girls.

When I discovered I was pregnant, me and hubby almost instantly started thinking of a girl. We wanted to name her after my mother in law. We even started calling her by her name. 30 weeks into the pregnancy, I went in for a gender scan and I was surprised to discover I was carrying a healthy boy. I was surprised but happy.

I don’t know what turned the wheels, but that scan really made me excited. I was immediately in love with my boy. The ‘she’ that we had used all along turned into a ‘he’. We soon had a beautiful name and I started buying boy clothes. Knowing how much hubby and his mama were close, I knew that I was so blessed. They say that a bond between a son and a mother is pretty strong.

Fast forward 4.5 months since he was born and I am so in love.

My life has changed from one ruled by girls to a house full of boys. At least in my house there are two boys against one girl (me).

Am a little scared of course, because they love each other so much. Its still a little early but I can tell that football rules in this house. Action movies are also popular around here. Lowell laughs when his daddy is watching action movies. I think he loves the crazy sounds.

I love my boys so much. It tickles my heart to see father and son so happy together. I can only hope that a girl will join me in future.

For now, it is just a house full of boys.

Lowell: 4 Months

The days keep rolling and my baby keeps growing….

(See what I did there…rhymes I tell you!)

Anyway, Holy Cow!!!!My baby is 4 months!!!How did this happen people? Where did the days go?

ImageHe is such a big boy.

All I can remember are the days when he did not know how to poop and he struggled so hard!Oh my, that was the first two weeks. Oh, and the gas that used to drive him crazy. How can I forget how he used to sneeze and milk would come out of his nose and I would get so scared. I think I had a small heart attack the first time this happened. Thank God for his nanny who helped me out. (I just smiled thinking of the nanny issues I’ve had over the past 4 months, am on the second one now but things are getting better by the day).

Thankfully, Lowell has outgrown all that and he now just a happy, cute little 4 month old boy.

The best mommy moments for me are when he is laughing. His laugh is so funny, I just wish all of you could hear him chuckle. When he laughs, I definitely start laughing too and sometimes it escalates to a laughing contest between daddy, mommy and baby. He makes us so happy this boy. I have to admit he is the happiest baby I’ve seen so far. He rarely cries, he smiles at everyone, even strangers. There were a few days last week when he became so fussy and teary. I was worried but he is back to his happy old self now. His happiness makes for a happy mama too.

Sleep-wise he is doing good. He sleeps at around 10 -11 p.m. after his last poop of the day. Sometimes he goes up-to midnight. He usually nurses first and mostly falls asleep while nursing. From here, he sleeps for 4-5 hours straight and wakes up at around 3-4 a.m for 15 minutes of feeding. Wakes up again at 5, 7 and 8.30 to nurse and gets back to sleep almost immediately. His official wake up time is 10 a.m in the morning. He takes 2-3 naps during the day: at 12, 3, and 6 p.m.

Bath time is between 4.30 and 5 p.m. He loves the water. Have I ever told you how difficult it was to bath him the first time I tried???Story for another day. Anyway, with the help of my sister in law, I now bath him with ease and we both enjoy it.

Feeding: He is a good feeder but not the best am sure. He nurses regularly throughout the day but I have a feeling that he feeds best at night. Sometimes, he nurses for only 5 minutes and sometimes for more than an hour continuously. He is gaining weight slowly and sometimes I think half a kilo is too little for a whole month but the doctors tell me he is fine. (Small mother=small baby is a statement they like to use).

Lowell is very active. He likes to move his hands and legs a lot. He loves to kick his legs around and even at night when he wants to feed, he wakes me up by kicking me hard. I love it, it is so much better than crying. He likes to play with his toys which currently include a stuffed puppy and some colored plastic shakers. They go straight to the mouth. He also rolls to his side and has a super strong neck right now. He sits very well when propped up with a blanket. Oh, I almost forgot, he loves to stand. Emphasis on loves. His legs are so strong, it scares me. When I hold him in a standing position on my lap, he tries to climb over my body. Its amazing!Those legs will walk sooner than later.

We spend the day smiling, laughing, cuddling, hugging, kissing, feeding and sleeping with some diaper changes in between.

He loves life and he is such a happy baby. Thank you God for Him. I love him so hard.

Happy Birthday my Prince.

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6 Magical Ways Having a Baby has Changed My Life

They say that motherhood changes you.


Its true.

Am totally changed. For the better of course. Having a baby turns your life upside down. It is no longer as it used to be. Its a new normal. But the new normal is awesome. Its filled with smiles and cute faces and some dirty diapers. Its the greatest kind of normal. And these are some of the highlights of how my life has changed after having my handsome cute little one: Lowell who will be 4 months next week.

Image1. Sleep is not that important.

I do not remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep. A full night??? Oh, that’s too much…lets talk about 3 continuous hours of sleep…a girl can dream right?? The first 2 weeks were the toughest because the baby did not differentiate night and day. He would sleep all day, then from midnight to around 5.30 a.m, he would be awake, forcing us to stay awake at that time too.

2. Multitasking is just a tip of the iceberg.

You thought you can multitask..think again. Try doing 5 things at once. I sometimes find myself, nursing baby, watching tv, eating, reading emails on my phone and chatting with husband all at once. And am usually comfortable doing all these. Talk about super powers of motherhood.

3. A hungry mother is an angry woman.

While breastfeeding, you never know where the food is going. Hunger is just part of you. You get so hungry that you get angry at everyone and everything around you. All you want is food and you gotta have it at whatever cost. Making milk is a tough job.

4. Protectiveness is in woman nature.

I cannot say enough on how am protective of my baby and my family nowadays. You have to demand that people wash their hands before touching the baby. Some get it, some don’t. Someone once told me that ‘the baby is wearing clothes’ so he does not get the point of washing hands before touching the baby. Go figure!!! Anyway, it comes with the territory. Am usually like, “That’s delicate, handle with care people”.

5. Women are amazing.

I used to appreciate women but after having a baby, I adore them. All women, those who are trying to have babies, those who want none, those who have many, all of them. We are all amazing and above all, we run this world, let no one tell you otherwise.

6. Am happy almost always.

A baby changes you, I can say that a hundred times more and it would still be true. I no longer fret over the small things like a clean living room or a neat closet. Haha! We were just discussing this the other day with my husband and we discovered that we no longer fight or get angry with each other. Once the baby smiles at you, its all good with the whole world. It does not matter what is going on around you.

I know I’ve not talked about the body changes but that is a post on its own. This list is in no way exhaustive. There are so many more changes in life after a baby. I will tell you about them as life unfolds. I do love my baby to bits and I love the woman I have become because of him.

How has motherhood changed you? Or if you are not yet a mother, how do you think it will change you?For daddy’s, how has fatherhood changed you?

Weekly things

So Yesterday I went to church after a long time. I was waiting for the baby to get a little older before exposing him to the world. To be honest, I don’t think I went to church more than two times while I was pregnant.The big bump usually restricts movement and the hormones make it difficult to make a choice of which places to go to. Anyway, I really enjoyed the service. Lowell loved it too but he got startled whenever there was clapping. I enjoyed the fact that I took 4 hours of my day and focused on something else other than me, my family or my work. Focusing on something bigger than myself and my life. As you can see in my earlier post on my words for 2014, I chose FAITH and this was one of the steps for me to live by my words.

                             Love the stripes on him


I also want to raise my baby in a Godly way. I want him to know God and to know that life does not just revolve around him. I want him to know there is something bigger than Him. I also want him to know that God is watching over him.Church is always good, everyone should try it sometime.

Its Monday, a new week and these are the goals for my week:

1. Organize my Closet.

Its in a mess. Baby clothes, my clothes, hubby’s clothes…..all over the place. I do need to organize and get a little orderly. Organizing and neatness falls to the bottom of the to-do list when you have a baby but I’ll try my best.

2. Make a new dish

That’s totally my wish for this week. I have noticed that we are eating the same meals day in, day out. In three days, we are through and we start repeating all over again. I want to make something new or at least newish this week.

3. Give more hugs.

Husband, baby, friends and whoever else comes my way, I do intend to hug a little more this week. If we meet along life’s path this week, please give me a hug. It will make my day and yours too hopefully, a little better.

I love lists. I’ve also found that I tend to accomplish more when I have a list of what I want.

What are your wishes for this week??What do you want to achieve?

L I V E & F A I T H

ImageHappy New Year Everyone.

Its beautiful!

Its 2014.

I already feel what an epic year it already is. There is so much optimism going round and am so part of it. I want it to last throughout the year.

I have chosen two words to be a guide for me through 2014:


First and most important, I want to live my life. I want to live it deliberately and not on autopilot. I want to have intentions for my day and not just react to situations that come. I want to enjoy everyday activities. Activities that might seem mundane for someone who lives on autopilot.

I want to notice the little things that make me smile. I do not want to just let it all pass by. This is so important to me because my baby Lowell is growing. It is his first year of life and I want to see it, feel it, live it such that it does not just pass me by. Am ready for this.

ImageSecond, I chose the word faith because it is through faith that we learn to let go of control and give it to God.

Am trusting on Him this year. I do not need to be in control of everything. He is protecting me and my family. He is watching over me. Knowing this allows me to go out and live life. I do not have to be afraid or scared about what tomorrow brings because am well taken care of. Am the daughter of the King. He gives me everything I need and More. All I have to do is enjoy life and use it to touch others.

I have FAITH in Him and so I can LIVE beautifully!

Kenya @ 50/Happy Birthday


Its the most beautiful country on earth.

For real, its totally gorgeous and I get to be a citizen here.

Am so proud to be Kenyan. We’ve been through so much over the past fifty years. But we are most proud of our freedom.

And we are moving forward.

One thing that I love Kenya is how much love we have for our country.

There is a special Kenyan spirit that can be felt whenever you come to this country. Even when you travel to other countries and meet Kenyans there, you can feel the spirit.

Its in all of us.

We have amazing leaders and as we celebrate these 50 years of independence, I wish all Kenyans a Happy Birthday. I definitely feel like its my birthday.

I’ll be spending this holiday at home with my family! Where will you be??

We Are One.

Love you Kenya.

Little Hands

I am a happy woman..

I am a happy mother…


When these little hands touch me, my heart bursts

Little soft hands

So comforting….

I do love my baby so much, maybe a little too much but there is nothing like ‘too much’ when its your baby.
Its amazing how much love one can hold in their hearts. Yet, we sometimes choose to hold on to hatred. <how unfortunate>.


I really wish everyone could get to experience this kind of love and see how just a touch from two teensy tiny hands can make a woman so happy.

I hope your Friday is going well. What is making you happy today!Do share….

4 Things for December

Its a brand new month and the last month of 2014.

December brings so much activity that we tend to never take time to relax and just be. For me, its much busier because am a new mom and I have so much to tackle each day. To be honest, I do not even know how days end. To be brutally honest, I’ve not seen the inside of a salon in two months <that’s totally crazy>.


Its a crazy life right now but am loving it. However, I need to be more intentional with how I live my life this month. Am therefore setting some little goals that I wish to accomplish this month. They are not really goals but more of intentions of how I want to live my December.

1. Relax..Oh dear, I really need to do this some more. Between breastfeeding, changing diapers, writing for some extra income and so much more in between…I never get time to absolutely relax. Even when am watching a movie, am always doing something else. Thinking about it, its difficult to pin point a day where I’ve felt absolutely relaxed in the past month. Am always thinking about the next thing. Even when am asleep, am thinking about the next moment when baby wakes up to feed. Its crazy. I intend to relax just a little bit more this month. To just let it go and stop doing things non-stop. A dirty house never killed anyone.

2. Take some more time for ME….I need to take better care of myself. Beginning with going to the salon, I’ll do it as soon as I can. I also need to cook some of the things I love or even bake a cake just for myself. Anyone offering a full body massage is welcome…I need it bad. I intend to give more to myself. Its weird how as women we forget ourselves when we have a baby.

3. Family…I want spend more time with my family this month. Some time with just me, my hubby and baby would be awesome. I also want to spend time with my parents and my siblings. I would also love some time with my in-law family. I love that I have people I love unconditionally and I know they love me too. The laughter and joy of spending time with family is absolutely what I need.

4. Romance…Yeah, I totally intend to have some romance in my life this month.

What are your wishes for December?What do you want to accomplish? Share please!!!

I accidentally hurt my baby and I cried

Ok, am sure the title scared you but don’t be scared.

He is fine but am not.


So yesterday, we went for my friend’s baby shower since she is due at the end of this month. Just a point of note, it was awesome. It was a surprise and she was totally surprised. I cant wait to see her baby and am so proud of her.

Anyway, back to the story. Baby Lowell was placed on the bed as I was putting away some of the gifts that were brought. I went to get some more stuff and I had a bucket with a lid and some stuff inside. So, I took off the lid and without even thinking knocked my baby on the side of his face with the lid. Apparently, it was just a light touch on his face but I felt terrible. He started crying and I dropped everything and picked him up and started soothing him. I was so sad that I started crying.

The most embarrassing thing was that the room was full of other people and they all saw my tears. Within a few seconds, baby was fine and he even started smiling but I felt really bad. Almost like a bad mom. I’ve had incidences where he was hurt like when he is receiving his injections for immunizations and he cries out so very loud and it is so much more painful for him. However, I never cry, I just pick him up and comfort and soothe him. It is not the same when am the one who caused the pain, it was the saddest thing ever.

Funny thing, I thought I was over it and decided to tell his daddy the story this morning thinking we would laugh about it. Sorry to say, I immediately started crying all over again.

Anyway, mums at the shower told me that it was totally normal and I would get used to it since accidentally hurting baby is a totally common thing since we are all human. Some have knocked their babies over, some have dropped theirs, some have burnt babies while I hit Lowell with a bucket lid (sorry).

Honestly, seeing your baby cry and knowing they are hurting is a painful thing to endure but we are mothers and are equipped to cope and find a way to heal.

There is a saying in Swahili that says, “Uchungu wa mwana aujuaye ni mzazi” (The pain of a child is only known to a parent). I totally felt that pain yesterday.

Be good to your littles and love them some more today.