2016 Savings Plan: Update 1

Hi lovely people!

I hope your week has been awesome!Mine has been good, filled with long work days and potty training evenings!Yea..that is what motherhood entails. In-between everything, I have found little moments of joy especially when laughing with my husband or playing with my toddler. Life is good.

Anyway, onto the serious matter at hand. My post on how we can all save 25,500/= bob by the end of the year was the most popular post ever. I was amazed at how many people were willing to join in the challenge. If you are yet to join us, check out this post for all the details.

Just a reminder, it is not too late to join in. This is only the second Friday of the saving challenge and I know you can do it. If am doing it, anyone can. So print out the saving plan and start saving NOW NOW!!Kama sio saa hii, ni sasa hivi!!

For the update: I have already made my deposit for today, which means there is Ksh: 1,000/= bob in my savings account. It feels so good to say it and just know that am making little but positive steps towards increasing my savings!!

Have you deposied your 500 yet?? Go ahead, DO IT!

2016 Savings Plan largeAnd those who are still waiting on the sidelines, yea I can see you and you and you, c’mon people, join us and lets play together!

Have a beautiful weekend.

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The 2016 Savings Plan: Save 25,500/= this Year

One of my resolutions this year is to save more. All the financial books, tv shows and advisors mention that if you want to have a successful life, you have to learn the at of saving. Of course, am not just following financial advice from books, am doing this out of my own innate desire to have some cash kept away for a rainy day or for something really special that I may want.

I have seen several yearly plans that focus on saving a little cash every week for a whole year. However, most of these plans are in dollars and are not streamlined to fit a Kenyan with low to middle-income.

So, I came up with a plan that is in Kenyan shillings and is also attainable. I thought about this for almost two weeks, and I was especially finding it difficult to come up with an amount that would suit my needs and those of others like me who want to save.

I wanted something ambitious, (because an amount too low will soon become boring), but I still wanted it to be achievable. I initially wanted to replicate a saving plan I had seen in one chama I used to be in where everyone contributed 100 bob everyday. However, I remembered how I struggled on some days to come up with the 100 bob and to have it delivered on time.


To conquer this, I decided that in my savings plan, I would save 500/= bob every Friday for the next 51 Fridays. This translates to 100 bob every weekday, while weekends are rest days. Every Friday, I will make it a habit of depositing 500 bob on whatever saving platform I choose, be it M-Shwari Lock Savings account or my bank account. I will just have to make sure I have no access to the funds, lest temptations come along.


To keep you motivate, you can choose a specific goal that you want to accomplish using the money saved. For me, the ultimate goal is to cultivate a saving culture within myself and my family, and there might be a few things I want to buy at the end of it all. Halfway through, I might withdraw the saved amount and transfer it to my investment kitty to ensure am maximizing interest.


I would love it if you would join me in this challenge. I will attach a picture of the plan, as well as a link to the PDF version of the plan. You can print it and hung it on your wall. Every Friday, I will be ticking one box (on the column titled deposited yes/no) once I make the deposit. By making this plan public, am not only showing my commitment, but am hoping that my readers can keep me accountable.

Fun fact: There will be 53 Fridays in 2016. My challenge started 2 weeks late, hence I will be saving for 51 Fridays. 2016 Savings Plan largeYou can send me a message via my Facebook Page, so that we can keep each other accountable.

Print the picture above for more info. Link to PDF version below.

2016 Savings Plan pdf

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My guiding word for 2016: JOY

Happy New Year friends!

I know. It’s already the 13th of January and things are picking up pretty fast in the New Year. I hope you and your families are doing well and that everything is going as you want it to.

Now, we have all been taught to make resolutions when starting a New Year. Resolutions are merely the goals and objectives that we want to achieve in the New Year. However, most people forget about their resolutions within a week, with only a handful of people accomplishing what they set out in January.

I find some resolutions to be too vague, yet I like to be specific. In order to increase my chances of success in the New Year, I adopted a concept that I learned from my fellow bloggers a few years back.

It’s pretty simple. At the beginning of the year, you choose a word that will be a reminder of what you want to achiee throughout the year.

The beauty in his process is that one word is easier to remember and focus on as opposed to a myriad of resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I still make a list of goals and objectives(In fact, am planning to do a post on this later thi week), but they are all guided by my word for the year.

In many cases, I start thinking about my word around Christmas, and it eventually comes to me by the start of the year.

My word for 2016 is JOY.

JOYI have been thinking a lot about my life over the holidays, and the different roles I play in this world. I have also been really focusing on finding myself again, and thinking about the things I would love to do this year to enrichmy life and find more happiness.

Joy basically means great pleasure, delight, immene happiness, bliss and gladness.

Now, who wouldn’t want more of that in their life.

I purposefull intend to participate in activities that bring me joy, and dissasociate myself from things that rob me of my precious joy. I know this will take purposed and deliberate actions from my part and am willing to do the work.

This will mean saying no to some things and some people, as well as saying yes to some things that I might have been afraid to try out.

Choosing this word means that whenevr am faced with a sticky situation, I might have to ask whether that particular thing or person brings me joy. The answer will determine how I move forward.

Joy. I intend to find it in everything I do this year.


If you were to choose just one word to describe your focus or attitude this year, what would it be. This practice has been superbly helpful to me and I definitely think that you should try it.

One word. JOY.

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November has been such a challenging month for me and my family. However, instead of focusing on the negative, I’d rather focus on the millions of little beautiful things that have happened to us this month.

Oh, and we are almost getting to December, meaning, Christmas, lost of food, fun and family parties. Now, that’s a good month. I can’t wait.KE-[E:Bf15:336x280]

In preparation for all this fun, Jumia (my favorite online shopping mall) has hundreds of amazing products on offer. The best part if that on Friday, 26th, Jumia will be hosting the sale event of the year.

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To be honest with you, I have my eye on a few items and I am getting ready to shop till I drop, because these kinds of crazy discounts come only once in a year. I will be using this opportunity to get some of the Christmas gifts for my family-you should too.

Tomorrow is gonna be crazy, so better get ready now. The best part, Jumia delivers your products to your doorstep and you only pay after you have received your products.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you. This is the shopping event of the year, and it will only last for a day. That’s it. Don’t lose out my dears. Shop, shop, shop. Just click on the picture below and it will take you straight to where the goodies are.

jumia black friday

Nightmares from Paris

Last night I woke at midnight, feeling hot all over, and sweating profusely. (Not the good kind of hot.)

I had a pretty gruesome nightmare. The kind where you wake up breathing hard and wondering what the hell is happening.

So, in my dream, I was taking a walk in my home town, enjoying myself when masked gunmen came up and started shooting people aimlessly. It was so scary. We ducked down and I think when it was too much for my head to handle, I woke up.

I know exactly why I had this dream. It was not a random thing. It did not come from the blues.

On Sunday, when we woke up to the new that crazy gunmen had shot people at different locations in France, I tried my best to mask the sinking feeling in my stomach. I really did not want to think about the horror that the people of Paris were facing that day.

One thing we need to point out, I like to bottle things deep down and never deal with them. Its the most unhealthy thing.

That is the reason am having weird/scary dreams.

That is absolutely not true.

The reason why am having scary dreams is because some mad people are going around the globe doing violent, horrible, terrible things and massacring people.

I hate it. I absolutely hate it and I think that these people are mad.

All I know is that we need God’s intervention. We need to love each other so much more and to pray for the world. I believe that this is the only way.

All in all, my prayers are with France.

pray for france

The Days I Realize I am Truly a Mother

you are only humanThe last two weeks have been tough on me.

Over the past 8 months, I had a great nanny who was very good with my son, and was a very good fit for our family. I had slowly slipped to the comfort zone of depending on her and knowing that she was always there for us. So, when she left without notice, or even giving us time to find a new one; to say that I was in shock was an understatement.

Anyway, we have since recovered and are doing quite well, even without a nanny. Though am a little (very) exhausted by the end of the day, we are still surviving. Lowell is going to daycare and things are running more smoothly now.

Last Tuesday was particularly rough. I was exhausted at work on Monday and slept like a log. First, I woke up late. Second, the baby had caught a cold and he didn’t want to be woken up. I had to prepare his food, milk, porridge and everything else he needs for daycare, and it was a pretty rough morning. To make matters worse, we had a lot of work pending on short deadlines and had not left the keys to the office for the staff.

Phone calls were coming in left, right and center and things did not go as well as expected.

Usually, I shower first, daddy next, then we wake up the baby, give him his breakfast, then off we go. So, after taking a shower, I usually wear an old sometimes dirty and rather unpresentable t-shirt that I change after feeding the baby. As any mother would know, wearing your white shirt while feeding your baby porridge on a tense morning is not ideal.

The old t-shirt was not the problem on this Tuesday. In fact, I had worn a rather nice top, but it was DIRTY. The bigger problem was that I completely forgot to take it off, and change into my nice blouse that I had already ironed.

To cut the story short, I went to work on that fateful Tuesday, late, wearing a mismatched outfit, topped with a DIRTY t-shirt. True story.

Only such moments help you realize that you have truly become a mom.

NB: I did nothing to alter my look throughout that day, and my day turned out to be rather awesome.

Image Source

The Importance of Working Your Ass Off

work you ass off 2Sometimes we just need someone who can tell us things as they are. Tell it just like it is and get on with it. Well, am giving it to you straight today!!

Sometimes we are too subtle or too calm and collected with our friends and relatives. Sometimes we are too diplomatic with our blog readers or just people in general, to an extent where it is harmful.

Laziness is one thing that truly truly bugs me. Remember how some inspirational books ask you to find that one thing that truly bugs you in the world, and find a solution to it. This is it for me. Of course there are a couple of more issues, but laziness is definitely on top of that list.

Have you ever encountered someone who is just so freakin’ lazy and keeps on complaining and blaming anyone and everything in their path. At such times, I wish I had four, (no, make those ten) hands so that I could slap such a person with all of them at once, to get them out of the slumber.. Yeah!It’s that bad.

I know people who keep trying and even when they fail, they get up and try again. One day, such a person wakes up and realizes that the one time they wanted to give up, but kept on trying, they became successful.

Hardwork does pay: couple this with working smart and you will be on your way to true success. I am a true testament of this.

I know that sometimes we all fall off the wagon and sleep in or party for a full weekend straight, and this is absolutely normal. But come Monday, you wake up very early, you roll up your sleeves, and you get to work. This is the only way you will find satisfaction in life and eventually true success.

The following book can help you find motivation to get out of the house and work you ass off as you move towards your success. More books available HERE.

winning bookI only wish you the very best, today and in all of your life.

Where and How to Ask for Help When Motherhood Overwhelms You

motherhood is overwhelmingMy son has recently turned two and has decided that tantrums are a way of life now.. Imagine crying, rolling on the ground, screaming and endless whining. This week has been a little better actually, but last week was kind of overwhelming.

Being a mother comes with its joys, and also a fair share of trouble, guilt and heartache. Over the past few weeks, my son has developed a habit where instead of drinking his milk or water, he wants to spend hours pouring the drinks from one cup to another. Whenever I bring him something to drink, he rushes to the kitchen, brings another cup (or two) and begins his tricks. It drives me crazy. The worst of it comes at night when he wants to be left at the dinner table performing his liquid tricks, while everyone is in bed. You can imagine the crying once I take away his cups. Most of last week I went to bed angry because of the battles I had to endure with him. Sigh!

lowell and his liquidsThere he is at a friend’s house, doing his thing.

Motherhood can be overwhelming.

It is not your fault that you feel overwhelmed. Many of us are going through the same thing. It comes with the territory.

Are you overly emotional?

Are you always angry/sad maybe?

Are you overly sensitive?

Are you anxious all the time?

Do you feel like a volcano waiting to erupt? Or a ticking time bomb?

Are you always looking out for someone to annoy you so that you can snap at them and release the pressure?

These are all signs that you could be overwhelmed. I have gone through each of these and I know how bad it feels.

However, one simple thing can help you get over this feeling. Ask for HELP. Many of us find it so difficult to admit that we cannot do it all and that we actually need help raising these little beautiful angels aka terrorists.

Instead of releasing that anger towards your baby, your partner or your boss, try these useful tips to help clear your head and get you back on track.

  1. Ask your partner to watch the baby for a few hours. When my baby was around 1 year old and I was a stay-at-home mom, I would take Saturday afternoons off just to go get my hair done or to have sometime to myself. While baby and daddy played, I would use this time to focus on myself and things that made me happy. I would come back feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the challenges of raising my boy.
  2. Grandparents. This is one of my absolute favorites. I am already looking forward to the holidays so I can take my son to visit his grandparents and let him stay for a week or two. We have done this twice already and my baby is so happy with my mom and we are left with time to relax and just be. We use this time to focus on our marriage and our relationship as a couple. I miss my baby terribly, but I know by taking some time off, I am able to become the best version of myself, which is so helpful for my baby and my family.
  3. Friends. Sometimes all we can get is only 2-3 hours free time while our besties watch the baby on their day off. If you have friends who are mothers too, they might understand your need for some space and are willing to babysit the baby for a few hours. Do not be afraid to ask your friends for this favor. What are friends for, if not to watch the baby while you go have a manicure or drink a glass of wine?
  4. Daycare. If worse comes to worst and you have no relatives or friends nearby, just take the baby to the local daycare center. He will have fun playing with other kids and you will have your much needed space.
  5. Professional Counseling. If you feel absolutely overwhelmed or depressed, please seek professional help from a counselor. This can help you from spiraling into depression and other mental issues.

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How to throw a stress-free birthday party for your child

Asking for help is not always the simplest thing, but you just gotta do it. Pick up that phone, call your mom, your sister, your friend and ask them for help. Trust me, they want to help. All you gotta do is ASK. Do not wait until you are so depressed that they have to take you to a psychiatric hospital. Then, you will be of no help to your baby or your family. Take the time off to reduce the stress and let someone handle the baby for one day, or a week (like me).

You will come back feeling much more relaxed and with the power to be a super mom all over again.

Who do you ask for help when motherhood overwhelms you? How do you do it? Share.

8 Tips For Throwing the Best Stress-Free Birthday Party for Your Child

Birthday cake 2My Lowell recently turned 2 and we had the most fun putting together a birthday party for him, his numerous little friends, and of course, our friends. It turned out to be such a beautiful day and I enjoyed how fun it was. You can read more about it here.

Let me just say one thing beforehand, the 2nd birthday is not like the first. The boy remembers everything and I know the little memories are already starting to be embedded in his growing brain.Unlike the first birthday where the baby might be asleep the whole time and you can drink beer and eat cake with your friends, the 2nd one is definitely more for the baby. More importantly, at 2 years, he has already made several friends and they will be definitely looking up for an invite to the party.  Lowell remembers the cake and his auntie and uncle singing him Happy Birthday. He talks about it all the time, and he can recognize cake on TV, in the newspaper or magazine and pretty much anywhere he sees it. He always points it out and says “Kiki birthday”-loosely translated as Birthday Cake.

The planning process is what makes most parents (especially moms) cringe when they think of planning and hosting a birthday party. In my family, we are big on celebrating life and we don’t wanna watch the special days go by without notice. Many of my friends wonder why we do so much celebrating, but all I know is that these gatherings fill up our hearts and give us beautiful memories to cherish forever.

Though you will definitely be exhausted by the end of the birthday party (Coz I know I was), here are  a few tips that will make it easier for you to hold a perfectly beautiful and enjoyable birthday party for your little one.

  1. Start Planning Early: I know how much this sounds cliche, but it is one of the things that helped me host an awesome birthday party. I actually started making lists and sending out invites a month before the actual birthday. This makes it easy for people to confirm attendance and plan for the day beforehand.
  2. Create a Guest List. Create one for adults and one for kids. How many people will be there? How many will bring their kids? What about the neighborhood kids? Are they invited? I make a lot of lists and tick whatever task I have accomplished. Another friend creates spreadsheets  when planning events and you can do that too.
  3. Create a Simple Menu. Food is one of the most important things in a birthday party. What is party without food?? I say ‘no party’. Create a menu you are Vegetable ricecomfortable with. If you are the one cooking, don’t go for complicated meals. Choose recipes that are easy to follow. (I chose to make Pilau, Vegetable rice and Meat stew.) Make sure the food is appropriate for people of all ages, including kids. You don’t want the food to be too spicy, such that you have to cook some more for kids. If you are using outside catering services, contact them early and work with them to create a good menu.
  4. Prep the Cake. This is one of the most important aspects of the birthday party. All the guests, especially kids will be waiting for the cake. Birthday cake 2Make sure you contact the cake supplier early enough and work with them on the design or theme you need. Talk to them frequently, to ensure that they understand your needs perfectly to reduce chances of disappointments. I decided to use a baker who was referred to me by a friend and he did not disappoint. I was very happy and would gladly order another cake from them. Choose your baker wisely and work with them closely.
  5. Organize child-related activities. Have some toys for the children to enjoy so that they do not get bored easily. For Lowell’s birthday, the kids enjoyed playing outdoors, riding bikes and playing soccer. They had such great fun, while the adults chatted in the house.
  6. Make sure your baby is well-rested. A cranky baby=a terrible birthday party. Let your child sleep early the previous night and help them relax before the guests get there. When the baby is relaxed, they will have more fun and the birthday party will be a blast.
  7. Simplify and ask for help. Do not complicate things. Choose simple decor and do  the things you are good at. We chose to decorate our house with Birthday balloonsballoons only and it was so pretty, yet really simple. Do not be afraid to ask for help. It can be hectic and if you try and do it all alone, you will be too exhausted to enjoy the party. I asked my sister to come help with the cooking and everything else, which made things so much easier for me. She is such a doll.
  8. Have Fun. When it comes down to it, your child’s birthday party is all about fun. Let loose and do not fight the small things, like your carpet getting totally messy and the kids messing up their clothes and everything you planned perfectly. Go with the flow and let everything go as it comes.

The greatest birthdays are the ones where awesome memories are created. Enjoy.

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I Have Totally Become My Mother

I have become my motherJust to start on the right foot, my mother is an absolutely great woman and I am honored to be stepping into her shoes, because I could never fit into them.

I am starting a new series on the blog where I will be highlighting ways that I have adopted my mother’s character and embodied it into my own life. Sometimes the posts will be funny, like today and other times the post will be serious and heartfelt. Join in and you might find some interesting ways that you have totally become your mother.

I remember a few years back while still in campus, I woke up one morning very happy and excited. Those were the days when I viewed life with joy-filled eyes and everything seemed to make happy. I walked to the kitchen happily singing along to Rose Muhando’s ‘Nibebe‘. It was surely a happy morning. I peeled the green bananas sitting on the counter and went ahead to boil them for breakfast. With a little salt and a spoonful of margarine, they can be very tasty.

As mouthfuls of the bananas were washed down with sugarless African tea, I thought to myself, ‘I am totally just like my mother.’ She enjoys this breakfast very much and drinks her tea without sugar.

My hubby (then boyfriend), did not comprehend how a normal person could perceive this as breakfast, let alone enjoy it. He didn’t think it was funny either. Fast forward to two weeks ago and he was requesting boiled green bananas for breakfast. “Who knew this day would ever come?” I thought to myself. The only question I had: Is he becoming my mother too?? Go figure.

In what ways does your character resemble your mother or father?? Please share….

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