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Ideas for Women to Celebrate Themselves this Valentines Day

Celebrate yourself this Valentines dayOnly two days to go to one of the most anticipated days of the year. It is a crazy time for most of us, whether single or married. Expectations are running quite high, and disappointments often follow quite fast!

When our partners don’t give us exactly what we expected or wanted, we are bound to be disappointed. One thing that I have come to discover is that you can never expect one person to give you what you need, all the time. You are the only person who knows what you want and at times, it is perfectly ok to go and get it.

As a working mother of one very active boy, the duties of motherhood, marriage and work can be too overwhelming. I remember last night getting home so tired and thinking how I just want to lie down. Then here comes Lowell, full of energy wanting me to carry him and dance at the same time. I eventually gave in and lifted him high and danced to some African pop music. The smile on his face when I twirled him and swayed from side to side completed my heart, but by the end of it I was super tired.

We might try to be super mamas or super women, but we all need some time to celebrate ourselves and find joy in ourselves.

Here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate yourself this Valentines and remove the burden of making you happy from your spouse’s, partner’s or boyfriend’s shoulders.

  1. Massage– Who wouldn’t want to lie down on a bench and have an expert straighten all those tired and overworked muscles. I wouldn’t mid at all. Most massage sessions start at only a thousand bob. I know you usually spend so much more on other people, so this is quite a small price to pay for a good relaxing session.
  2. Spa and Salon. I would give anything right now to spend hours getting my hair, nails and face done. You come out of the salon feeling crisp and fresh, and the compliments from complete strangers don’t hurt either. So, invest a little in your beauty and just enjoy the newness of a new hairstyle.
  3. Shopping.I have heard of women who hate shopping, but they are very very few. For the rest of us, shopping is therapeutic and can serve as a nice way of saying thank you to yourself. Do some online shopping from the comfort of your home HERE or Go get that white blouse you have been eyeing for 5 months now, or that dress that outlines your curves but costs just a little more than the dresses you usually go for.Thank me later.
  4. Do some charity work. This is what I will be doing this Saturday. You might ask how this is a way of celebrating myself??But, the feeling you get when you visit a children’s home and give your time and money to those very needy children is enough celebration. I usually come home feeling more satisfied than most other days. It is a beautiful feeling. And those kids are usually so appreciative of those small deeds. You can check out our event on Facebook here and join us.

There goes my list!!

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What will you be doing this Valentines?? Are you celebrating yourself?? You are definitely worth celebrating!


5 shoes to die for this season

With the erratic weather changes, I have found myself wanting new shoes to match my clothes. To be totally honest with you, am not really a shoe-girl, but I have recently found myself wanting to update my looks.

This first one is for those work days, when I feel like looking really good/sexy, to match a cute pencil skirt and a flirty blouse. It also comes in a variety of colors to suit your heart’s tunes. #perfect

Lady M black heels

This one is just gorgeous #whynot

attentif-black heeled sandalMy favorite shoes in the world are wedges. Ask me why???? answer=comfort. You can walk and walk and walk and there will be no sore feet to deal with later. Pair these with a maxi skirt or dress and you are good to go.

fashion-sprout-wedgesI need this pair of sandals right now. I mean it.

mizia-sandalsI need this next pair for driving purposes only. Am the type of girl that cannot drive in heels. I just can’t. This shoe is perfect in so many ways and seems like it would fit my very tiny feet.

creamberry-driving shoesDon’t just feast your eyes, click the photos and update your shoe rack too!

International Women's Day: We Run the World

                                                                    Source: via Deanna on Pinterest
Today, 8th of March, is the International Women’s Day. You can check out the website here. So today is a day that the whole world, celebrates women from all backgrounds. As a woman, this is one of the most important days. However, I understand that we should appreciate women every day of our lives. To begin with, I would love to appreciate myself, my mother, my grandma, aunties, girlfriends, fellow women bloggers and every woman in this world. Specially, I would love to appreciate Oprah as she is one of the women who have helped me appreciate my power as a woman.
Secondly, I would love to speak with all the women who sometimes feel worthless or less than. Maybe its just an idea that has been embedded in your head or someone has made you feel this way. I have to be honest with you, this is NOT TRUE. These are lies that are meant to keep you in the dark so that you do not show the world your true potential.
The woman, is the mother of the creative force. God created us so special, that we are able to carry his creation inside of us. Even if a woman cannot bear children, the compassion and maternal instincts are still there. She is still a power to reckon. This is why so many of us are artists because we have the creative force within us. If a sperm and an embryo can meet and create a human being in our bodies, then what else can’t we create. 
Where am I going with this you may ask? Am just trying to make it clear to every woman out there. It does not matter where you come from or what has happened to you in the past. You are an amazing being and you have the power to become whatever you want to be. All you have to do is focus on something you love and do it with PASSION. 
                                                                                Source: via Sytarnya on Pinterest
We run households, we run corporations, we run THE WORLD.And we do so with ease. Appreciate the woman you are and the women around you. I love you all and I hope you discover the power and potential in all of us, as WOMEN.

Women – The Heart and Soul of the World

Today, I have decided to pour my heart and soul into a topic that is so dear to my heart. Often times when I talk about it even with my boyfriend or male friends, I end up feeling angry.
First, I would like for you to recognize that I value men and think they are an important part of this world, but I do believe from the deepest part of my soul, that women make this world possible. If it were not for women, there would be nothing and no one in this world. The first and most important role that women play in this world is being mothers. Even in the modern world where gay men (am very supportive of all forms of sexuality) can have and raise children, they still need a woman to carry that child for them. A child’s bond to a mother is unexplainable and that is why our mothers are always ready to stand up for us. 
Secondly, women nurture and help people to move forward. A woman will always be found encouraging and supporting their children to move past obstacles and build a life for themselves. Am not yet a mother but I fully appreciate the work of my mother in making things easier for me. Moreover, women can also be found encouraging their husbands, boyfriends and partners to move forward and make a life out of themselves.
However, I often ask myself the one question that i do not find an answer to, who is there to nurture and encourage women?? 
I fully understand that women have made huge steps towards gainig their equal rights in a male dominated world over the past few decades. Many women have fought long and hard so that we can have the freedom that we currently enjoy. However, despite all these strides in equality, women still remain under-appreciated and in some places highly marginalized. What else would explain the fact that in some countries, women are still not allowed to vote? That a woman is not supposed to speak before her male counterparts? That a woman is restricted in terms of dressing or mannerisms? That women are still not allowed to hold key positions in some companies and governments?
In the home, men often assume that its their right to have a woman cook for them, wash for them, keep the house clean and take care of the kids. Women do this, often with diligence and respect. Most of the times, they combine this with a corporate job that enables them earn a substantial amount of money. What comes out of this?? It is a rare thing to find a man who tells his wife, thank you for cooking or washing clothes. The woman continues to do her chores and reaches a point that they also believe that it is man’s right to have all these things done for them. They no longer seek appreciation as they delude themselves that this is the way life is meant to be. 
What then could explain why many women continue to stay with a man who abuses them sexually, verbally, emotionally and physically?? Some women have lived in such a situation for so long that they have an illusion that this is the kind of life they are meant to live.  
So what do We do??
I may sound like a feminist which I am but we need to focus on empowering women and helping them know that they are supposed to live a free and fulfilling life. I live for the day when domestic violence will be a non-existence word. The well-educated and empowered women have to wake up and teach all other women that they are powerful and should be appreciated. A woman’s support group is often in her female friends. A girl’s night out is often the most relaxing since a woman is able to bare all her problems to her friends, without fear of being judged or abused. We should them form larger support groups that can help a larger group of women.
I am a woman, a strong woman for that matter. Although only 24, I believe we can have a better life for women only if we help one another. We know we have the power to run this world, all we have to do is harness this power by working together and lending a helping hand where possible.  
This is to all women out there, wake up and enjoy life. You are enough and do not need the approval of any man.

Love Always,