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Tuesday Ten (I am _ right now)

Joining up with Miss Mommy for Tuesday Ten. Today we are following her prompt and hope you can join us.

I am
feeling a sense of expectation and hope since new things are in the horizon.
I wonder
what the future holds for me. Especially the not so far future, like by Friday, what will have happened.
I see
Beauty and color and pomp. This is a personal choice to search for those things that make life beautiful.
I want
To rediscover myself and to participate in activities that I always loved but never had the opportunity to participate in.
I pretend
that I dont cry as much as I actually do.
I worry
That I might be too secretive or fearful of talking about my real feelings.
I cry
when I think that my relationship of 3 years and 7 months has come to an end.
I hope
To remain as optimistic as I am right now and to always know that things will be ok.
I dream
of a love filled with romance and passion. One that will take away my pain. I dream of my wedding day and the beauty that will be witnessed.
I feel
happy, hopeful and expectant. 

Tuesday Ten

Today am joining up with Nicole at Miss Mommy in Tuesday Ten.
My ten things today are things that God wants me to remember always:
1. I am never alone.
2. He loves and always will, no matter what happens.
3. Things will always turn out right if I believe.
4. Love is the greatest commandment of all.
5. I can tackle everything that I come across.
6. He knew me even before I was born and therefore is always with me.
7. His angels are always guarding me.
8. I am awesome.
9. He is all powerful and therefore nothing is beyond his reach.
10. He is the Source of everything good, all I have to do is Ask.
Hope you remember these too. God is always with us, no matter what.
This post was inspired by this photo from Pinterest.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Its Tuesday (Two Link-ups)

The week so far is great and am enjoying everyday. I have recently found out that 15 minutes of breathing and relaxing in the morning help me feel better about the upcoming day. I have more energy, better memory and a greater outlook on life. Try it.
Now am linking up with two great bloggers, Only Parent Chronicles for Post It Note Tuesday and Miss Mommy for Tuesday ten. Enjoy.
The ten things I am allowing into my life right now: (the first ten are for my soul while the other five are material things)

Join in and enjoy.

Only Parent Chronicles