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I am Traumatised

Its Friday morning and me and my hubby are in a public service vehicle going to our place of work. We enter the town as usual but see a crowd of people gathered around a garbage can. Am not the kind of person who stands and watches whatever interests a crowd. However, since we started a blog highlighting the happenings in our town-Thika, we have had a thirst for news and incidences happening here. So, naturally, hubby also for the camera and goes to the scene while I go and open our business since we are running a little late.

After about thirty minutes, hubby comes back and am almost not interested in what he found because am expecting something mundane. But the he shows me the pictures he captured with the camera. And, people am in tears. Real tears. Its crazy how a picture can move you but this is crazy.
What is in the picture you may ask???What moved me to tears??

A fully developed baby boy (foetus) thrown on the road side. The umbilical cord and placenta are still there and the cord is around the baby’s neck. Believe it my dear readers, while in this world, we will see and experience things that words cannot even express.

I was confused when I saw the pictures. I did not know what exactly to feel. Should I be angry, sad, surprised, ashamed of what women are capable of doing??Should I start judging this woman that I do not even know??What am I expected to feel??

Then, this is not even about me. It is about a baby, whose life never began. He did not even get to be held in the arms of his mother. No one told him that they loved him, no one hugged or kissed him. No-one even bothered to wash him after birth and cover him with warm clothing. I can cry and be sad and feel crappy, then judge the mother very harshly but how would that ease this situation. My tears or my judgements will not bring him back to life.

I have no comfort at his time. I have no idea of how I should feel. I am sad and most of all, I am Traumatized.

Oh, and by the way, I missed y’all so much. I thought I was gonna die without all of you, but now am back and am alive. Say hi whenever you can!!

Weekend Update and Appreciating Art

I have found myself at a point where I actually miss Sundays. Lately, I have been working really hard and that means that I mostly have to work even on Saturdays. This leaves me exhausted and waiting for Sunday so I can relax and rest.
I love the easy mood of Sunday. The easy air with few if any obligations. This Sunday was one of those and I made use of it by resting and catching up on TV shows. This also means that there is not much to report except that last night I actually suffered from insomnia. I got into bed at 10.00 and by 2.00 AM, I was still awake. #veryfrustrating.
Anyway, apart from the inaction of the weekend, I would love to share with you some artworks made by an artists near where I live. I love the originality and creativity in these works. We featured him sometimes back on our other blog, here. Anyway, I hope you appreciate these pieces as much as I do.

 Happy Week!