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Currently and Thankful Thursday

Am currently:
Missing my mum and the entire family. The holidays were so good so its not abnormal to suffer from a little homesickness.
Thinking about the year ahead. There are so many projects going on in my life right now and I cant wait to see them come to fruition. I can only pray for the best.
Considering eating some fish. I just miss that taste. Must make it happen soonest.
Loving my hubby. He has been super caring this year and am getting used to it. Am totally loving it.
Am thankful for:
-health…I never say this enough but am so grateful for a healthy body.
-My two families.
-Chilli sauces(am loving pepper these days)
-My sister(she is absolutely the best)
-my smart phone(which I actually don’t own but hope to get soonest)
-all of you and your lovely comments that I love so much.
-the sunshine..its really sunny around here.
The Fontenot Four
What are you Thankful for???

Happy New Year

It feels like its been too long since I’ve written here,
But a break is always helpful..
And it was Christmas, so all sorts of excuses are acceptable.
Anyway, am here to say how thankful I am for this New Year.
There are many who may have wanted to see it but didn’t..
Am thankful for one thing that I cant talk about right now….but something so special and exciting.
Am thankful for family…the holidays were perfect because of all of you
Am thankful for a beautiful year ahead..
One full of blessings,love and joy
One filled with little surprises and bundles of joy
A year of success, fun, laughter and many many hugs and kisses…
Thank you and Cheers to 2013!

The Fontenot Four

Currently Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was Kenya’s 49th Independence day Anniversary!!
Our country has taken numerous steps in the right direction.
I was so happy to be witnessing it but happier to have it as a public holiday!
It was an awesome day to say the least.
Though hubby was working, his sister and brother kept me company.
We had a really fun day and that is why I was away from blogging.
Anyway am back and feeling a little hungover from all the volleyball played last evening!
Am Currently:
Reading nothing apart from blogs, emails, comments, etc..I know, #notgood
Listening to Taylor Swift: Red. Loving it a lot!
Laughing about little things that tickle me.
Enjoying the holiday mood!Its ecstatic and I cant wait for my sister’s graduation next week, followed by Christmas!

These are photos of our neighborhood

And am Thankful:
..for an amazing in-law family.
..for my hubby and the little things that make our relationship unique
..for hugs and kisses. am always so happy for these.
..for health
..for the weekend ahead
..for lovely people all around
..for yoga
..for peace of mind
..for everything in this little beautiful life of mine!

The Fontenot Four

Thankful Thursday

I think that the Thursday post should be the easiest to write.
There is so much to be thankful for..
But we don’t always see it this way…
We kind of like to complain sometimes..
We sometimes overdo it and this blocks our vision of the things that we should be thankful for…
The things that we should be enjoying…
We don’t see them..
I pray that your vision is opened today so that you can see all the things you have..
All the things that you should be thankful for..
Coz really, these are the things that matter.

Am thankful for:
-Shopping (even when its just for groceries)
-Food (preparing and cooking it)
-Showers (especially hot ones)
-Electricity-what would we do without it? always, I do love it.
-Quiet evenings
-Noisy weekends with family
-The holidays (they are here!)
-Hugs and Kisses (who doesn’t love these)
-Babies (so warm and fuzzy)
-This little blog
-Health (so many struggle with this, am so grateful)

Thank You.
Have a wonderful Thursday.
The Fontenot Four


Am thankful for:
-An awesome husband
-Two amazing families
-Peace of mind
-Hugs and Smiling faces
-A newborn nephew [Miguel]-much loved
Happy Thanksgiving to all [even those of us whose countries don’t know such a holiday!]

The Fontenot Four

Thank you is not enough

You know how I said I had started learning a new hobby??
Well, its become quite interesting as I go along.
I have pinned countless crochet projects that I hope to make in the future.
I have also managed to meet new bloggers who love crochet.
I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome this community is…
The new projects, the colorful yarn, the slight addictions…
I am so happy I started and hope to continue.
However, there is this one beautiful lady who has made my life as a crocheter tremendously easy.
When I told Libby that I was having trouble finding crochet hooks and yarn, she immediately offered to help.
She was so kind as to send me a package all the way to Kenya just to make my hobby easier.
I so much appreciate her kindness and I think that Thank you alone is not enough..
A whole post dedicated to her is what I could offer today and hope that this kindness is replicated throughout the blogosphere….

Here are the hooks and needles
 This is the most beautiful yarn I’ve ever seen..The mix of colors is awesome
 Thread hooks
 More beautiful yarn
 Yarn needles..God knows I needed those
 The yarn stash

She also sent me some magazine printouts for referral whenever I encounter a problem. How sweet is that. Am so thankful for all this and for Libby and her kind heart.Her Blog.
I spent the weekend working on some projects using the yarn she sent and I hope to show you what I made soon..

Currently and Thankful Thursday

Its Thursday, y’all!!!! That can only mean one thing: Tomorrow’s friday!
What better news could I have??
“I hate Fridays”, said no-one ever!!!!!
Anyways, lets get on with it and cool off the excitement a little bit:

I Am Currently….

Reading blogs. I don’t know if that counts as reading but I’ve not read a physical book in a while and I actually kind of miss it.

Wishing for a certain phone call. I’ve been waiting for it for a few weeks now and I just wish they would get on with it and just call!Its simple, just pick up the phone and call me!!

Cooking chapatis and finding recipes for arrow roots (nduma as we call it) given to me by my mother-in-law. This week I’ve been having lots of food in the kitchen, thank to her.

Thankful for so many things. Hubby and where he is attached right now, am thankful for all that and just about everything in my life.

Loving parcels from across the world. You should have seen me at the post office yesterday collecting my parcel, I was so excited and so happy at the same time.

Am Thankful for:

-Libby over at Artistic expressions by Elizabeth, she sent me an awesome parcel. Will share more later.Here is a sneak preview of what was in the parcel

-Hubby, our relationship just gets better by the day. He is an awesome man and I am grateful for him.
-The internet, its a gateway to you and to the world.Oh, and to my work too!
-Peace in my country, Kenya. We are a peace-loving nation and I hope it stays that way always.
-Hugs and Kisses
-My mum {she is amazing}

The Fontenot Four

My weekend and a Mantra

I don’t want to talk about my weekend, not because it was not good but because it was so touching.
This weekend, my belief in goodness of the humankind was restored.
I found out that there people out there who care, people who are truly generous.
People who do not care who is watching, or what popularity they will gain.
I believe that there are truly amazing people in this world.
On Saturday, we had an event where we were asking for help. We did not know how the event would turn out because we were not even sure that people would come. But, to our surprise, it was a successful event, even more successful than we all imagined.
Our entire family was so touched and we are now only beginning to understand the kind of love that was showered upon us on Saturday.
I might not be able to share the details here but I just want to let you know that in this world, there are people with big hearts. People who are not always noticed but people who deserve to be noticed.
On that note, I would love to appreciate everyone who showed up, everyone who called or texted and everyone who is praying with us. I also appreciate those who had the will to help but couldn’t due to one thing or the other!
I am amazed by the kindness and generosity of all of you!
So, today I leave you with one quote that sums up what I feel today!
Those who came to help us, came with all of their hearts and I hope that wherever you go, you go with all of your hearts.

Live this week with all of your heart!Much Love and Appreciation!

Currently & Thankful Thursday

Hi lovely people, Thank you so much for your responses to my post about my new hobby (crocheting)
I appreciate it, so much more than you know.

I am Currently:

Anticipating the weekend. Everyday of this week I’ve been talking about how much I need a holiday. I think I say this every week and now my hubby thinks I prefer 3 day work weeks……(a girl can dream, right?)

Feeling a little excited. I feel like I’ve done pretty well this week!Though a little tired, I still feel excited for how I’ve handled it.

Missing shopping. I can’t believe it but I do really feel like I need to go shopping. I’ve not had the money time to go shopping and I actually miss it. Hope to get some shop on soon!

Making crochet headbands. Someone requested one and am making one for her baby girl

 Am Thankful for:

-all the people who take time to make tutorials especially video ones of anything. I’ve learned how to crochet from these and am so grateful.
-For evenings spend cuddling with hubby, just the two of us.
-For newborns and their cutey little faces
-For people who take time to help others
-For huge hugs
-For food & water..and I pray for those who don’t..
Thank you and hope you live by this quote:
 “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
― Marcel Proust

The Fontenot Four

Currently and Thankful Thursdays

I am Currently….

Worrying about what kind of mother I will become. I may not have a baby or pregnant yet but I do really want to become a mother someday soon. I just pray that I will be an awesome mother.

Listening to some reggae tunes that my husband likes. I think its Bob Marley and its really soothing.

Wishing that I could get a whole day off. There are so many things I wanna do. My hair looks terrible and I would love love to get it done. Am also wishing for more time to crochet, by myself, enjoying the rhythm and the little creations that come out of it.

Observing my thoughts. I don’t wanna be the person that gets caught up in crazy negative thoughts so I just take a little time to make sure am on the right track.

Considering how hard I’ve worked since yesterday. But am not complaining, just thinking of how much I deserve a break or a holiday at least.

Today am thankful…

-For peaceful nights where I get to sleep easy and wake up well rested
-For a hubby who is my best friend and the closest person to my soul
-For emails, telephones, and all forms of communicating to those who are far
-For good health
-For amazing in-laws
-For a beautiful family, one that appreciates and loves me
-For my future children, I love you babies
-For a peaceful country, a beautiful one
-For life itself, it is such a gift
-For new hobbies
-For connections with people we meet everyday, people who become the friends we never expected
-For you
Thank you so much!

The Fontenot Four