work you ass off 2Sometimes we just need someone who can tell us things as they are. Tell it just like it is and get on with it. Well, am giving it to you straight today!!

Sometimes we are too subtle or too calm and collected with our friends and relatives. Sometimes we are too diplomatic with our blog readers or just people in general, to an extent where it is harmful.

Laziness is one thing that truly truly bugs me. Remember how some inspirational books ask you to find that one thing that truly bugs you in the world, and find a solution to it. This is it for me. Of course there are a couple of more issues, but laziness is definitely on top of that list.

Have you ever encountered someone who is just so freakin’ lazy and keeps on complaining and blaming anyone and everything in their path. At such times, I wish I had four, (no, make those ten) hands so that I could slap such a person with all of them at once, to get them out of the slumber.. Yeah!It’s that bad.

I know people who keep trying and even when they fail, they get up and try again. One day, such a person wakes up and realizes that the one time they wanted to give up, but kept on trying, they became successful.

Hardwork does pay: couple this with working smart and you will be on your way to true success. I am a true testament of this.

I know that sometimes we all fall off the wagon and sleep in or party for a full weekend straight, and this is absolutely normal. But come Monday, you wake up very early, you roll up your sleeves, and you get to work. This is the only way you will find satisfaction in life and eventually true success.

The following book can help you find motivation to get out of the house and work you ass off as you move towards your success. More books available HERE.

winning bookI only wish you the very best, today and in all of your life.