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5 shoes to die for this season

With the erratic weather changes, I have found myself wanting new shoes to match my clothes. To be totally honest with you, am not really a shoe-girl, but I have recently found myself wanting to update my looks.

This first one is for those work days, when I feel like looking really good/sexy, to match a cute pencil skirt and a flirty blouse. It also comes in a variety of colors to suit your heart’s tunes. #perfect

Lady M black heels

This one is just gorgeous #whynot

attentif-black heeled sandalMy favorite shoes in the world are wedges. Ask me why???? answer=comfort. You can walk and walk and walk and there will be no sore feet to deal with later. Pair these with a maxi skirt or dress and you are good to go.

fashion-sprout-wedgesI need this pair of sandals right now. I mean it.

mizia-sandalsI need this next pair for driving purposes only. Am the type of girl that cannot drive in heels. I just can’t. This shoe is perfect in so many ways and seems like it would fit my very tiny feet.

creamberry-driving shoesDon’t just feast your eyes, click the photos and update your shoe rack too!

Current Crush: Wedges

As I go through this blogging experience, I get to read some awesome blogs. In the blog world, I fall in love constantly and I am happy for this. I came across Framed Frosting, sometime ago and am an avid follower. I especially love the current crush link-up on Thursdays and am happy to be participating today!
I have and am always crushing on wedges. It does not matter whether its warm or cold, I just love wedges and want to show you some of the ones, I really like!!


I especially love the last row of wedges. The colors and designs amaze me. They make me wanna wake up and go shopping. I love wedges and I wish I owned more of them and especially these ones. Hope you love them too.

Current Crush Thursdays

Oh How Pinteresting

I know am a bit late for this link-up but better late than never. I wouldn’t miss this for anything. So Vintage Apple, here I come with my fav pins this week.
Someone please get me this purse

I love these so much that I had a dream about them

Source: via Millie on Pinterest

I love these dresses too much

Source: via Millie on Pinterest

Some Inspiration is always abundant in my pins.

And lastly, some food that I am totally thinking about right now

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.