Last night I woke at midnight, feeling hot all over, and sweating profusely. (Not the good kind of hot.)

I had a pretty gruesome nightmare. The kind where you wake up breathing hard and wondering what the hell is happening.

So, in my dream, I was taking a walk in my home town, enjoying myself when masked gunmen came up and started shooting people aimlessly. It was so scary. We ducked down and I think when it was too much for my head to handle, I woke up.

I know exactly why I had this dream. It was not a random thing. It did not come from the blues.

On Sunday, when we woke up to the new that crazy gunmen had shot people at different locations in France, I tried my best to mask the sinking feeling in my stomach. I really did not want to think about the horror that the people of Paris were facing that day.

One thing we need to point out, I like to bottle things deep down and never deal with them. Its the most unhealthy thing.

That is the reason am having weird/scary dreams.

That is absolutely not true.

The reason why am having scary dreams is because some mad people are going around the globe doing violent, horrible, terrible things and massacring people.

I hate it. I absolutely hate it and I think that these people are mad.

All I know is that we need God’s intervention. We need to love each other so much more and to pray for the world. I believe that this is the only way.

All in all, my prayers are with France.

pray for france