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I want to cheer you up

So this weekend was cool, nothing much to do except laundry!
Got that done on Saturday and then just kind of went along with the swing of life.
I was saddened by the news of the killings in Connecticut, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
Though far away, am praying for all the affected families and the human race as a whole.
Moving on, since most of you are experiencing winter right now, I thought I would just offer some contrast.
I wanted to share pictures of the green environment and the beautiful sunshine around these parts.
The clear blue skies are also pretty!
These are some of the little things we forget to appreciate!
Be thankful for what you have!
I hope these pictures cheer someone up and make their day a little bit easier.

I took some of these in my mom-in-laws garden. #love the pawpaws. Cant wait for them to be ready.
I wish you all a lovely week ahead and live your life, don’t wait for tomorrow!

Currently Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was Kenya’s 49th Independence day Anniversary!!
Our country has taken numerous steps in the right direction.
I was so happy to be witnessing it but happier to have it as a public holiday!
It was an awesome day to say the least.
Though hubby was working, his sister and brother kept me company.
We had a really fun day and that is why I was away from blogging.
Anyway am back and feeling a little hungover from all the volleyball played last evening!
Am Currently:
Reading nothing apart from blogs, emails, comments, etc..I know, #notgood
Listening to Taylor Swift: Red. Loving it a lot!
Laughing about little things that tickle me.
Enjoying the holiday mood!Its ecstatic and I cant wait for my sister’s graduation next week, followed by Christmas!

These are photos of our neighborhood

And am Thankful:
..for an amazing in-law family.
..for my hubby and the little things that make our relationship unique
..for hugs and kisses. am always so happy for these.
..for health
..for the weekend ahead
..for lovely people all around
..for yoga
..for peace of mind
..for everything in this little beautiful life of mine!

The Fontenot Four

Never, ever, ever startle me….

                  Phonophobia: it even has a name!
First, I hate being startled. Second, I fear being startled. Its crazy, I get into such a panic when someone startles me. I might even cry. Funny thing: those whom I tell to never startle me, always do it again. And I always fall for it and scream or make a really bad face.
So, now you know to never startle me ever! And to make it clear, here is my startle face. My b/f snuck up on me, startled me and took a picture. I love the face, totally priceless

Hope you had a great weekend with no startles!

The last 72 hours: Photo Overload

Ok, in these parts, a weekend that begins with a public holiday on Friday is termed as a long weekend. So, on Friday we had lots of fun with b/f taking photos of the national celebrations. For more on that, you can find pictures on our other blog Thika Live.
1. Taking a shortcut through a maize plantation.

2. Me, being all tomboyish. I know I cropped the rest of the photo but I was pointing at a big sack which I was about to jump. This was at b/f’s parents.

3. Just chillin!This bird was so relaxed.

4. Me, being all goofy!

5. Colorful: there’s green everywhere.

6.7.8: Meeeeee!Who wants a piece of me?

It was a good weekend!Lots of resting and walking and laughing but now I have a cold. But we gonna conquer that too, with a beautiful week!


I have been thinking a lot today about my current wishes.
At the top of my wishes list is a camera. Photobucket
I have known for a long time now that i have always been attracted to photography. One thing, i have noted about myself is that i take a long time before i decide whether i like something or not. For example, the only activity that i am sure i love is dancing. Swimming also comes close but i would choose other activities above it. Anyway, i think that i should take up a new hobby and i think photography would suit me very well.
Am an artistic person and i think photography would be perfect for me. Therefore, am laying my heart out there and wishing for a camera, a nice one.
Kisses n love ya, keep praying so that my wish comes true soon.