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Cute Little Purse

Hi there…
Hope your week is perfect so far and if worries, just two more days.
Have you noticed the changes on my blog?
I would love, love to hear what you think. Any ideas, criticism and comments are welcome.
Moving along, I have been wanting to expand my crochet repertoire..You know…
Its not nice to stay at the beginner phase for too long lest the interest fades
What better place to find inspiration that Pinterest {I swear that place is addictive, once you start, there is no going back]
Anyway, I found this cute little purse and I immediately wanted to make it.

                                                                                  Source: via Millie on Pinterest

I didn’t have any idea what it would turn out like since am not yet a pro but I gotta say…I think I did a pretty good job. [nothing boosts the ego than blowing your own trumpet, lol]

Jokes aside….This is some of the yarn that Libby sent me and I have been putting it to good use. This video helped a lot as I was able to follow the instructions really nicely. Thank you Yolanda.

Am even making another purse for my sister. I will definitely be making many more for my mom and cousins.

What are you making right now?Are you surprising yourself like me?
Hope so..

Pinterest Finds & Yarn Along

Today is beautiful, I woke up and the sun was shining so beautifully!
I just had to tell you.
It was as if it brought some cheer into my heart.
Things are going well and I do feel as if the tide has turned.
It has turned to the bright side and it feels good.
I just pray that this kind of feeling stays and reaches unto the hearts of others.
Here are some Pins I like:

Christmas decor, I cant get enough…

Onto what I’ve been making this and last week:

I started this scarf a week ago. I don’t even know which direction its taking.
At some point, I feel like am just gonna unravel it and start all over again.
I didn’t have a plan when I started it and I think its getting to me..
I just hope I keep going since its quite long already.

Random Beauty on a Wednesday

So the week is halfway through, right?? Waoh, these days are really flying!
I thought I would just right give you some of the awesome randomness from my Pinterest Boards
Source: via Millie on Pinterest

Am hoping to learn and make the headbands above for my nieces by the end of the week!My crocheting is going well by the way. Am gonna try and take pictures for you! Have a beautiful Wednesday!

New Hobbies: Crocheting

I think am going crazy. I have these ideas floating in my head that I never get to implement.
There are things that I like doing or at-least think I like but never get to do them.
I don’t know why but the start of something is usually a hassle for me. 
I find it hard to start something. I might want it so bad but unless I push myself or someone else pushes me, I might never start.
So, here I am with a new idea. Something that I have always admired from afar, especially from other bloggers. Crocheting. Is it weird that I think it is awesome. I mean you can crochet a whole dress or some cutesy little things……aaaaawwww. This idea made me realize that am totally like my mother…she used to crochet and knit things, a whole lot of beautiful things. I even have a sweater that she knitted for me long ago and I still wear it (She thought I would grow tall!lol!)
I think people who crochet or those who DIY in general are awesome. And, I really want to join this awesome crew. I hope I can do it. 
I don’t even know where I can buy a crochet in this town let alone yarn. But, I promise I will find out and watch some tutorials and eventually start…….
Any tips?????Please help where you can. Any and all advice on starting DIY projects will be highly appreciated. 
On that note, let us enjoy some of the crochet pins I have been pinning obsessively…
Source: via Millie on Pinterest
Source: via Millie on Pinterest

And last but not least
Pure awesomeness!!Now lets see if I can do this….

Sparkly Wednesday

This week is crazy. Lots of work but am not complaining. This is what I was asking for and definitely getting it.
And to keep me from going crazy, Pinterest provides an avenue to release all that tension. These pins don’t have any kind of theme but they are definitely making me happy.
I wonna go here right now. It looks perfect.
Just take me and hubz here… we will never come back
What more can a girl say???

Images via
Those dresses are amazing. I do really feel better just looking at them
Have a lovely Wednesday pals.

What is Happiness??

Today, am a little tired. So, I just wanted to share with you a little something that made me happy. Something that comes pretty close to defining what happiness is all about. But really people, I think I might have found the answer on how to be happy! I can assure you that the answer is pretty and quite colorful. I think I really like it.
I hope it lifts up your spirits.

I know you thought it was a quote or something of the sort but look at this dress!! Bazinga!!!
It is awesome. I can’t even imagine how I would feel wearing it. The colors pop out of the dress and make it look so easy to wear!
People, I think am in looove!!

Running & Pinterest

So, as I told you in yesterday’s post, I have taken up running in the morning. This is not the first time I have done this. While in campus together with hubby, we used to go for morning runs and it was super exciting. We even managed to pull in some of our friends who joined in the running.

Why did I like it so much??? It was so much fun! That’s the simplest and most honest answer as to why I loved running so much. On the other hand, my body did respond very well to the morning runs and I can say that hubby (then b/f) did not complain.

Running together also gave us an opportunity to bond and share something that made us feel better about ourselves. We definitely got closer and our relationship became even more awesome with our morning exercise routine.
However, after he left campus since he was one year ahead of me, we both stopped running. A year later, I left campus too and I did not resume the running schedule. I used to give excuses saying that I couldn’t run alone or I was too busy or such like things.
Anyways, over the past few months, hubby and I have been thinking about starting running all over again. Sometimes, we even decided to start but the sweetness of the morning sleep was too much to handle. On Monday, I made the decision.I know its not gonna be easy but am willing to give it another try. Furthermore, the feeling I get from running is so much better than sleeping in. (Ok, maybe on some days).

No pressure, just me and hubs, running for 30-45 minutes, enjoying the fresh air, the sunrise, the birds chirping and each other. I hope it becomes a habit and sticks as a way to start everyday.

Do you run??Is it in the morning or evening??Any tips for me?? Tell me what you think!!

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If You Really Knew Me

First, thank you to all the ladies who have written such posts. The idea is awesome and makes it easier for us to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Here we go….
If you really knew me:
…you would know that I was a very quiet and shy girl while growing up. However, that has changed dramatically over the past few years. I can now easily speak up and mingle with people from anywhere.

…you would know that I am sometimes afraid of letting people into my real life issues. I fear that I may be overburdening them.

…you would know that I love family so much. All kinds of families, to be clear, and I want to start mine asap. would know that I love kids a lot and they seem to love me as well. It is very difficult to find a child that hates me!!!{mainly because I love running around and making fun} 

…you would know that am very easy going. I am the first on the dance floor and my friends usually count on me to shake up a party.
…you would know that I try to be charming though I think I fail in most attempts. My love {L} is very charming and I try to copy his skills but I can’t.
…you would know that I can never let go of things and people am attached to. I have a phone I bought four years ago and I cannot seem to let it go. I just want to hold onto what I know, what feels comfortable, you know???I hope you do know, because if you don’t, then I don’t know where this world is headed. {I digress}
…you would know that I fall in love very easily. I trust easily too and I always think that everyone is good until proven otherwise .
…you would know that I am 100% optimist. I feel bad when people are negative, I wanna beat sense into them but that wouldn’t be too good, would it?.
…you would know that I never, ever give up. Ever! I always know that things will fall into place perfectly and they always have. {Even when it doesn’t look too good}
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Purple and White

I’ve always had these white trousers but I do not wear them often. It is not because I do not like them but because white is so hard to maintain. I have to watch where I sit, what touches me, where I walk, just to keep it crisp clean all day. However, last week, my sister encouraged me to wear my white trousers and I loved it.

I paired it with a purple sweater top and really loved the brightness of these colors. Since then, I’ve been looking for purple and white combinations that tickle my heart.

                                                                    All images Via
I love it all. I especially feel that this color mix is so bright yet so calm and peaceful. I love that Pinterest gives us a place to explore our creative juices. Am definitely thinking about how I can add more of purple and white to my life.

PMS – What's a Girl to Do??

I cannot believe that I am writing about this today. But, that’s the fun of blogging, right? You get to talk about anything and everything. So lets do this!!
Premenstrual syndrome, that’s what they call it but to most of us women, it is just PMS.

The sound of it even makes us cringe. But, its inevitable. Most if not all women experience PMS a few days before the period (oh, thats something else). Some months, it is non-existent but others, it is extreme. I have had my fair share of the same and thus the reason behind this post.My symptoms:
1. Craziness. I do crazy stuff. Like walk in front of a moving car while looking in the opposite direction. #truestory, almost got hit yesterday.

2. Clumsiness. The plates and cups seem to fall uncontrollably.
3. Mood swings. (This is the big one.) The day’s emotions go like: happy, happy, sad, very sad, happy, very happy, teary, smile, screaming, joy, anger, I wonna hit someone, happy……and the list continues.

4. Irritable. Say anything and am irritated. Don’t say anything and am still irritated.

5. Bloated stomach, full of gas. Two words, it sucks.
6. Headache. What is the connection between my period and my head??? Researchers should answer this question!
7. Tiredness. No, its more like fatigue.
8. Loss of appetite. Food tastes really bad. But, I could eat cake all day, but then I would get extremely fat!!
9. Too much sleep. Last night I slept for over 11 hours straight.
10. The body aches in every part and I lose interest in things that are usually interesting.

OK, I could go on but I wont because I know all the women out there understand what am saying. So, now lets look at what I do to ease these symptoms and sometimes even bring a smile to my face:

1. Rest. By rest I mean Sleep. A lot of it. If I get the chance, then I sleep and I forget all about the world and all its operations.
2. Wine or any alcohol. Just a lot little. To cheer me up. Sorry people, a girls gotta do what she gotta do! Did I just say that???

3. Watch funny movies. Since my attention span is like that of a chicken during this time, I like something that will make me smile. E.g, How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory. I avoid things such as The Bachelorette since they are too emotional and I might end up sobbing!!!
4. Take a walk. A short one and through places I love. Cool, quiet places.
5. Blogging, Pinterest, Twitter. (Sometime, not always)
6. Hugs. Lots of them from b/f. Makes me feel safe and taken care of.

I hope we can talk more about this topic and help each other where possible. This will make PMS more bearable for us  women and especially for the girls who are just entering puberty!
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