They say that motherhood changes you.


Its true.

Am totally changed. For the better of course. Having a baby turns your life upside down. It is no longer as it used to be. Its a new normal. But the new normal is awesome. Its filled with smiles and cute faces and some dirty diapers. Its the greatest kind of normal. And these are some of the highlights of how my life has changed after having my handsome cute little one: Lowell who will be 4 months next week.

Image1. Sleep is not that important.

I do not remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep. A full night??? Oh, that’s too much…lets talk about 3 continuous hours of sleep…a girl can dream right?? The first 2 weeks were the toughest because the baby did not differentiate night and day. He would sleep all day, then from midnight to around 5.30 a.m, he would be awake, forcing us to stay awake at that time too.

2. Multitasking is just a tip of the iceberg.

You thought you can multitask..think again. Try doing 5 things at once. I sometimes find myself, nursing baby, watching tv, eating, reading emails on my phone and chatting with husband all at once. And am usually comfortable doing all these. Talk about super powers of motherhood.

3. A hungry mother is an angry woman.

While breastfeeding, you never know where the food is going. Hunger is just part of you. You get so hungry that you get angry at everyone and everything around you. All you want is food and you gotta have it at whatever cost. Making milk is a tough job.

4. Protectiveness is in woman nature.

I cannot say enough on how am protective of my baby and my family nowadays. You have to demand that people wash their hands before touching the baby. Some get it, some don’t. Someone once told me that ‘the baby is wearing clothes’ so he does not get the point of washing hands before touching the baby. Go figure!!! Anyway, it comes with the territory. Am usually like, “That’s delicate, handle with care people”.

5. Women are amazing.

I used to appreciate women but after having a baby, I adore them. All women, those who are trying to have babies, those who want none, those who have many, all of them. We are all amazing and above all, we run this world, let no one tell you otherwise.

6. Am happy almost always.

A baby changes you, I can say that a hundred times more and it would still be true. I no longer fret over the small things like a clean living room or a neat closet. Haha! We were just discussing this the other day with my husband and we discovered that we no longer fight or get angry with each other. Once the baby smiles at you, its all good with the whole world. It does not matter what is going on around you.

I know I’ve not talked about the body changes but that is a post on its own. This list is in no way exhaustive. There are so many more changes in life after a baby. I will tell you about them as life unfolds. I do love my baby to bits and I love the woman I have become because of him.

How has motherhood changed you? Or if you are not yet a mother, how do you think it will change you?For daddy’s, how has fatherhood changed you?