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How I am saving 25,500/= this year. Update 4 & 5

Current Savings: KSH: 3,000/=2016 Savings Plan update 4 and 5First of all, let me apologize for not posting the third update last week. I have been a little under the weather but am alright now.

For those not saving, 3,000 in 6 weeks might seem like a small amount, but for those of us wanting to have something kept aside by the end of the year, this is a HUGE goal.

This is the 6th Friday and we are doing pretty well. I have already made my deposit to M-Shwari and am so proud of myself and all of you who are following this challenge.

You know, saving is not about depositing a huge amount in your account, it is about the small changes you make, putting away some money and watching it grow week after week. It is truly a wonderful feeling, seeing that in two weeks’ time, we will be at Ksh 4,000/=

I know it is not easy sometimes. At times I pass by the market and see some gorgeous tops that I could easily convince myself I need. However, I choose to walk away reminding myself that the 200 bob can go to my savings plan. Instead of eating chicken and chips for lunch, I choose to eat rice and French beans or something healthier like vegetables. That extra 100 bob goes to my savings plan while also staying healthier.

It’s truly about the small adjustments you make in everyday life.

Before you know it, your savings will have grown to 10 or 20 thousand and you can reinvest it for some more growth.

Wishing you a great weekend and hoping that you are still on track with your savings.

For those who are yet to join the challenge, it is never too late.

Read this post on the 2016 savings plan for more info.

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2016 Savings Plan for 25,500/= Update 2

Total Savings so far: Ksh 1,500/=

Did that week fly or what??? Am still stuck at Wednesday, but knowing that the weekend is here has pulled me to Friday.

Oh, Hi people!How have you been? Has the week treated you well?

I am down with a cold, tonsillitis, sore throat and I am just feeling a major case of drowsiness. Anyway, I have managed to pull myself together since I have client reports that need to be sent in by tomorrow. I am trying my best while chewing on sore throat lozenges. By the way, please advice on the fastest remedy for sore throats and colds. I will appreciate it.

Let’s get back on topic. Are you saving?? Are you on track with the 2016 savings plan to save 25,500/=. I am and I am so happy I made this commitment. If it were not for this blog and the commitment I have made to you readers, I know I would have already forgotten about this savings plan.

2016 Savings Plan word-3rd weekBut, I have been saving a hundred bob here and there and I just deposited my Ksh 500/= for today, Friday the 29th. (Can you see the small ticks on my plan on the picture above? Those are my motivation ticks. They show my progress!) You can print the plan and tick whenever you deposit money, which should be every Friday.

Have you deposited your savings for today? Go ahead, DO IT. RIGHT NOW!!

If you have no idea what the 2016 savings plan is all about, check details HERE.

The first update is HERE.

Kama sio saa hii, ni sasa hivi!

Let’s say bye bye to Njaanuary and welcome to the month of love in style.

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NB: Some Life Inspiration and Finding Joy in Everyday Life.


2016 Savings Plan: Update 1

Hi lovely people!

I hope your week has been awesome!Mine has been good, filled with long work days and potty training evenings!Yea..that is what motherhood entails. In-between everything, I have found little moments of joy especially when laughing with my husband or playing with my toddler. Life is good.

Anyway, onto the serious matter at hand. My post on how we can all save 25,500/= bob by the end of the year was the most popular post ever. I was amazed at how many people were willing to join in the challenge. If you are yet to join us, check out this post for all the details.

Just a reminder, it is not too late to join in. This is only the second Friday of the saving challenge and I know you can do it. If am doing it, anyone can. So print out the saving plan and start saving NOW NOW!!Kama sio saa hii, ni sasa hivi!!

For the update: I have already made my deposit for today, which means there is Ksh: 1,000/= bob in my savings account. It feels so good to say it and just know that am making little but positive steps towards increasing my savings!!

Have you deposied your 500 yet?? Go ahead, DO IT!

2016 Savings Plan largeAnd those who are still waiting on the sidelines, yea I can see you and you and you, c’mon people, join us and lets play together!

Have a beautiful weekend.

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