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Home Office Inspiration

 I have been staring at this blank post for almost half of the morning. I was just wondering what I would share with you. Since it is Tuesday, I knew it was time to share what I am loving lately.
However, it just so happened that I had no idea what I was loving
[this love thing is kind of complicated]
Yet, love is the easiest thing when we actually allow it from the bottom and true part of our hearts.
So after much thinking, I knew what to share with you…something that I have always loved but never had
[a home office]
When I see my fellow bloggers talking about how they are decorating their home offices and how it is hard to keep organized and what not…am so amazed {oh and a little a totally good way}. I have to admit that bloggers have some of the most amazing ideas and the cutest home offices around.
Anyway, I decided to find some that I liked and share them with you…who knows, I might have one of my own soon enough!

                                  Contemporary Home Office design by Chicago Interior Designer Chelle Design Group
 [source of these three]

                                                                    Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

I like offices with lots of light, lots of white and some color splashes..I also love serenity in a home office..somewhere quiet and peaceful, where I can just be myself.
Well, that’s what am loving


What am loving today

Loving Lately

So, how are you peeps??
I’ve not been here since Friday and am usually cool with that but damn!, I missed you people!
You have been so amazing to me and its hard to imagine a life without you.
Now that we have that out of the way…….my weekend was awesome!!
I went to visit my family as promised and I had a great time. Sorry there are no pics to support this.
We baked a cake for my sister on Saturday which was her birthday. It was so much fun.
We also helped Mama harvest tomatoes… fun but tiresome.
I came back on Sunday evening and Yesterday I had to travel to the capital (Nairobi) for some business and now am back.
Back and ready to share with you what am loving lately and what I’ve been up-to on the DIY side.
As I’ve said it a few times before this, I have taken up crocheting as a new hobby and I absolutely love it.
I’ve made a few things including a beanie and a headband for my niece Crystal .
I also made these hats at the beginning and have not yet decided who I will bless it with.

 So, what do you think about my new hobby??Any encouragement, ideas, inspiration???
 I would love to hear from you loves.

Loving Lately and More About Me

Hi lovely people!
I think am high, I feel like am numb, I feel sleepy, I feel crazy.
I have a stupid cold and I took some tablets yesterday night!
Problem is, those cold tablets usually make me feel like am drunk.
Anyway, if you have home remedies that can make me feel better and stop this menace, please do send them my way…..
Now, onto what am loving lately:
One thing…Crochet and more crochet. Am currently trying to learn as much as I can from YouTube and bloggers and I can say I am learning and I am loving it.
I hope to become an expert and make cute beanies like these ones. Will def keep you informed on my progress.
Next up is one of my favorite link-ups that happens once a month: Me, Myself & I.
1.What is your favorite season and why?
My favorite season would have to be fall. Yes, I know I’ve said it many times here that we don’t really have seasons here but we do have weather changes that reflect seasons. The cool yet kind of warm nature of fall fascinates me. It signifies change into something better and I love that.
2. Talk about a moment that changed your life
One moment??How can I pinpoint just one moment, it is difficult. But, I would say the day I started my first job. It signified that I was officially an adult and I had to take responsibility for my decisions.
3.If you could be one Crayola crayon color, what would you be and why?
I would be lemon yellow. This color signifies a joyful spirit that is still subtle and too screaming. I love it.
4.Describe yourself a superhero.Superpower?Name?Sidekick?
If I had a superpower, then it would have to healing people or restoring their energy. I believe good health is one of the most important things that we usually take for granted. I would love to help people feel better in an instant.
5.If you had all the money in the world and could only shop at 3 stores, where would you shop?
I don’t know about this one because I shop everywhere. I would have to say that I would go with handmade stuff especially on etsy or storenvy since I like to support crafts.

Loving Lately

What am I loving lately??
So many things… I don’t even know where to start.
Before I forget, I must say that am loving life. Am loving being alive and well.
Am also loving that you are here, reading this.
Am also loving these:
1. This chair is so cute and looks so comfy. Add a  good book, a good cup of coffee and everything is perfect.

2. This other one if for my imaginary home office. The red is gorgeous and I can see myself swinging around and coming up with some pretty rad blog posts.

 3. I have totally and for many years now been wanting a cooker/oven. I do hope that this dream comes true soonest.

4. Lastly, I have been loving me some dinnerware. Black has always been my color but the red & white looks good too.


Am also loving;
-my hubby
-Calls with long lost friends
-Show premieres [how i met your mother, big bang, grey’s anatomy, homeland, the good wife and many more]
-Blogging (its been awesome lately)

Loving Lately

So, today I was feeling a little cranky, (for lack of a better word). So I decided to do something that would cheer me up.
I think that feeling came from knowing that I did not have an awesome post to present to you today and that’s kind of disappointing, ain’t it? Yeah I know.
Anyway, I started going through my head and thinking of things that are making me happy nowadays. And then it struck me, am kinda loving jewelery these days. I even told hubz to buy me another cute bracelet that I saw. Not that I can’t buy it but hubz really likes to buy me such things. You know little bracelets, tiny earring, cute chains. And am so happy when he does, coz which woman wouldn’t be??
I love this small collection that I created from Joy the Store. I especially loved the first and last bracelets. They are so tiny, yet could hold so much meaning if shared between friends. I always want to attach meaning to such things. It makes me treasure them even more.
Other things am loving lately include:
-Sleeping early
-Having my sister around
– Encouraging words
-Making new bloggy friends