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Thankful Thursday- Family Edition

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Every waking moment i spend on this earth, one thing that i know for sure is that there is always something to be grateful for. That is why i love this link up so much hosted by Rebecca.

Am thankful for the greatest woman i know, my Mama. I know i say it very often but this can never be enough as compared to the goodness she has offered me. Am thankful coz she has always been there for me. Even when i did not realize i needed her, she has always been there. Even thru my teenage years where i was one very bad girl, she was there. I love her so much and am really grateful that she still talks to me and shares my life with me.

Am thankful for a man who has watched me grow and guided me thru life, my Dad. Am grateful for he has always provided for us and made sure we have whatever we need. His hard work has inspired me to make my own life better. I love you dad and am so grateful to you.

Am thankful for the one girl that knows a lot of stuff about me but still hold me close to her heart, my Sister. She is two years younger than me but i would do anything for this girl. She is more than a friend and more like a part of me. I love you baby sister and am grateful for every moment i spend with you.

Am thankful for our baby who has grown to be very tall and very handsome, my Brother. He is six years younger than me but way taller. I am grateful for the laughter and the opportunity to be an example for you to look upto. I love you very much and am thankful for you.

Am thankful for my whole extended family, my cousins, my grandparents, my aunties, uncles, nepwews, nieces, in-laws and everyone else. I love you all and today i appreciate you and am thankful for you.
May love always flow in this family as i hold it very close to my heart.

My Weekend

As i wrote earlier on Friday, this weekend was supposed to be filled with all kinds of activities. So here is a way to document and share with my readers what happened during the weekend,

Friday: Ok, I know it was too early to start the weekend but i started mine then and i never stopped. I left my house at around midday and took the long ride home (my parent’s house). Its around a two and a half hours drive to my home town and i reached home at around 5.30 PM. I was welcomed by hugs from my family members, my mama, sis and very cute niece who is almost five years now. By the way, my mom and dad were busy preparing for a wedding the following day where they were the best couple. The evening was filled with laughter, lots of food and lots of fun. We slept at around 11 after a hearty evening.

Saturday: This was the long awaited day and my parents woke up very early since they were supposed to be at the bride’s home by 7.30. After they left, i slept a while longer and then woke up to get ready for the wedding. I decided to take my niece, Mercy so that i would not be lonely and that she would enjoy herself too. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Simple but very entertaining and awesome. I loved it and felt a deeper longing for my wedding day. We danced, laughed and filled our stomachs and had a great time. And not forgetting that my mom and dad looked gorgeous and i loved how they played their part. Day well spent.

Sunday: Woke up at 8 and started getting ready for the journey back to the city. I left with my sister at around 11 and i decided to first go and visit Mr b/f since i had not seen him for a week. He is actually already at the city where we will be moving to next weekend. We decided to use the afternoon looking for a house. The search was long and tiring but we have some hope now. Otherwise i had a great time with him but i still miss him so much.

That much looks like my weekend but i can’t wait for this following one. I know it will be tiring but it will all be worth it. I hope to have a blissful week ahead and i hope you do too.
Kisses n love ya.

The Magic of Life

One thing i have noticed lately is that am so into having an amazing life. If you have been reading my blog, then you know am a firm believer in positivity and optimism. I actually really do not see the point of living life being a pessimist and labeling it as realism. I think that is just an excuse to not be happy and make your life and other people’s life miserable.
Life is meant to be magical (in whatever cliche ways that you might think of).

Whether magical to you means, finding the man/girl of your life, getting married to them and having kids: life is meant to be that way. Whether magical to you means travelling to different places, experiencing people and cultures of all kinds, life is actually meant to be that way. Whatever magical means to you, thats the way your life is meant to be.

Before i go any further, i would like to recommend that you look for “THE POWER”, a book by Rhonda Byrne and read it as fast as you can. It will surely change the way you see life and how you actually live it.

For me, magical means having a job that is flexible, fun and filled with play, laughter and jokes. Magical means that money is no object to me and that i live life not based on the amount of money i have but based on what i want and what i enjoy. Magical means a beautiful proposal and a beautiful wedding with Mr b/f, with all my family and friends watching. Magical means the Nikon L120 camera being mine.
Magical means laughter, joy, happiness, smiles, play, music, color, dance, great food, fabulous fashion, art, lots of love and endless beauty.

I give you love and hope that you realize the magic of your own life.
Kisses lots and lots of Love.
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My Weekend

The weekend was one filled with laughter, joy and all the good things that we want in life. My weekend was a representation of the life that i want to live everyday because it brought feelings of greatness.
On Saturday, i went to visit one of my high-school friends who just had a baby boy. The baby is named Nate and he is so sweet and handsome.
What made it even better was the fact that i had the privilege of being in the company of five of the most wonderful girl friends ever.

For sure, i always enjoy moments spent with these girls and this Saturday was no exception. We had so much fun and i just loved it. These are the moments that make my life so breathtaking.

On Sunday, i thought sleeping in would be awesome and i had the great company of Mr b/f. We woke up almost noon and the world’s greatest football club ended my weekend on a high note.
Yes, for those who do not know, am Millie, a girl aged 24 and i love football and i highly support MANCHESTER UNITED.


Therefore, watching them play and actually win the community shield really lifted my spirits. I have to note that one Luis NANI, particularly made my day as he scored twice increasing my crush on him. Hail, the stars of Old Trafford.
That wraps up the weekend and my week has already started on a high note, will tell you about that later.
Kisses and much love to you all.
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My Inspiration

Sometimes, we find ourselves lost, in a world where we do not know what to do or which way to go but eventually, we come across something that acts as our inspiration. Soon, we begin to feel some kind of passion boiling inside of us and we are able to move on to bigger and better.
My inspiratioon comes from:
1: Color: Bright and beautiful, splashed everywhere. A world filled with color is a world full of inspiration. Colors brighten my world. I have recently found that my favorite color in my current phase of life is yellow, i love itbut a mixture of bright colors make me smile.

2: Music: Just put on a beautiful piece of music and my heart wants to sing. Listening to some kinds of music gives me a headache but i get easily soothed by soft rock music. Actually my favorite rock band is 3 Doors down.

3: Love: If you are like me (the mushy mushy type), then you know that love can move mountains. I love my family, i love my friends, i loooove my B/f. Without Love, the world would be nowhere. I also love some of my dresses and some of my shoes too. When i love something, i want to put it very close to my heart, such that noone and nothing can take it away.

4. People: What if there was only one person in this world and everything else was animals and plants. Life would be unbearable, but knowing that there are billions of others just like me, going thru the same kind of things is an inspiration. It makes me wonna strive harder to live a fuller life. It also inspires me to try and make the life of other people better in any way i can.

There you have it, my inspiration. What inspires you? Share….

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Is it possible to know someone too well

As we go through our day to day experiences, we meet new people and they become part of the large network of people we know. In the modern world, knowing people does not necessarily involve face to face interaction as the internet offers an opportunity to interact with people without having to meet them face to face.

For me, this is just an interaction and it may end after the first few minutes of meeting. However, KNOWING someone takes time and i believe it is a continuous process that will never end. I know its possible to know someone very well. For example, i can confidently say that i know my b/f pretty well. Just hearing his voice on the phone can tell me whether he is angry or happy. I can assess a certain situation and know exactly how he will react to it. Even before telling him something, i know whether he will like it or not. Knowing someone i this way takes time and some kind of commitment.
But one thing is for sure, there is no knowing someone too well. As life progresses, each person is faced with new situations and they may change. Therefore, you have to know that person all over again depending on the circumstances they face. In fact, this mystery is what makes the process of knowing someone so interesting. I think it is a good thing that it is not possible to know someone too well.
Kisses n love ya,

Momma Thursday!!!

As some of you know, i decided to start my own blog tradition where every Thursday would be dedicated to my momma. Last week i thanked my mom for carrying me for nine months and delivering me. Today, i want to move a notch higher. I have had the experience of seeing three nieces and one nephew being born when am around and i know that the first few weeks after birth are very stressful for the mother. About three weeks ago, my nephew Leon was born. I know it was hard for his mom because when we tried to change him, we were so afraid of the umbilical cord that we had to call a nurse to teach us how to change a diaper.
Being the firstborn in our family, i know my mom had the same problems. The fear, the lack of knowledge, the expectations from people around; i know it is hard.
But mom, you were there for me, you took it all in and learned through experience. You took great care of me during these first weeks such that i got no infections or problems. You were there when i made even the simplest noise. You looked at me, smiled at me even when my eyes could see nothing and i had not learnthow to smile.
For all this and more that you did for me, I SALUTE YOU my dear Momma. I love you so much.
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Momma Thursday!!!

From this day forward, thursday posts will be about my mom. I will find some things that she has done for me and i will be grateful for her. For without her, i would have never come to this earth and experienced the love that is abundant while living here.
Today, as a start, am thankful to my mum for giving birth to me. It was a decision that she made that she wanted a child and made the choice to make one. I know, there are many people who get pregnant but decide not to keep the baby, but you mum decided that you would keep me. Each day of those nine months, you went through the challenges of carrying a baby. The morning sickness, aching joints, confused appetite, nausea and all those problems that pregnant women go thru. Also, you went through the highs of being pregnant, the expectation of having your firts child, the joy of carrying it in your belly.
And finally, after nine months, on that 8th day of April, you gave birth to me. Your first child, a girl and you gave me a chance to live. The pain no longer mattered because you had won the race. And from this day forward, you chose to love me.
Thank you Mama for choosing to give birth to me.
I love you now and will always will.
Kisses n happy momma Thursday.
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Baby Fever!!!

 Talk about being bitten by the bug, and definitely i think that bug bit really hard. Am proud (should i be?)to say that av finally caught the baby fever. For those who do not understand this kind of fever, its a stage in a woman’s life when she can’t stop thinking about how babies are cute. Another symptom of this fever is wanting to smile at every pregnant woman, smiling at every baby on the street and finally wanting a baby of her own. But wait, am only 24, isn’t that too early to catch this fever? I really don’t know.
The fever was so strong this week that i decided to go visit my newest nephew. His name is Leon and he is the most handsome baby ever. So sweet and so innocent. He is almost three weeks but i couldn’t take a picture of him coz i forgot the camera. I held him for so long and had a hard time letting him go. So sweet and cuddly, you could eat him. One thing i think makes women catch this fever is the cuteness of baby’s clothes. Everywhere i go i seem to notice baby’s clothes. And they are all so cute, i want to buy all of them. Anyway, i hope this fever dies down until am ready to have my own. But to all the mothers out there, am happy for you and love your babies coz they make this world so sweet and make me wanna have my own.
Kisses n love ya!