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Its Tuesday (Two Link-ups)

The week so far is great and am enjoying everyday. I have recently found out that 15 minutes of breathing and relaxing in the morning help me feel better about the upcoming day. I have more energy, better memory and a greater outlook on life. Try it.
Now am linking up with two great bloggers, Only Parent Chronicles for Post It Note Tuesday and Miss Mommy for Tuesday ten. Enjoy.
The ten things I am allowing into my life right now: (the first ten are for my soul while the other five are material things)

Join in and enjoy.

Only Parent Chronicles

Just a Kiss

Hi, my lovelies. I know I have been quiet but am ok and am still as awesome as ever.
First, I want to share this song with you since it has touched my life in a big way of late

I think this song captures the kind of love or romance that we all desire.
One sweet line in this song goes like, “Just a shot in the darkness that you just might, be the one I have been waiting for my whole life”
We all wait, for that one person who will blow our minds away. That person who will make our hearts sing and our knees weak.
What we forget to appreciate is the journey to the soulmate of our dreams. We focus so much on the outcome that we forget the sweetness of the journey.
Do you remember the anticipation in your heart when you could not see your crush in high school?
It was like the world stopped until the moment you would see them and you world would just start spinning.
The anticipation of the first kiss, and the first night together.
Why don’t we just hold onto these moments and live life with anticipation. To hold the joy and excitement of having good things happen to us especially in our love lives.
I have to take my own advise today and live with some kind of excitement that something simple but mindblowing will happen in my love life. The weakening in the knees, the first date, the first kiss, that is what is on my mind today.
Kisses n lots of love.

Women – The Heart and Soul of the World

Today, I have decided to pour my heart and soul into a topic that is so dear to my heart. Often times when I talk about it even with my boyfriend or male friends, I end up feeling angry.
First, I would like for you to recognize that I value men and think they are an important part of this world, but I do believe from the deepest part of my soul, that women make this world possible. If it were not for women, there would be nothing and no one in this world. The first and most important role that women play in this world is being mothers. Even in the modern world where gay men (am very supportive of all forms of sexuality) can have and raise children, they still need a woman to carry that child for them. A child’s bond to a mother is unexplainable and that is why our mothers are always ready to stand up for us. 
Secondly, women nurture and help people to move forward. A woman will always be found encouraging and supporting their children to move past obstacles and build a life for themselves. Am not yet a mother but I fully appreciate the work of my mother in making things easier for me. Moreover, women can also be found encouraging their husbands, boyfriends and partners to move forward and make a life out of themselves.
However, I often ask myself the one question that i do not find an answer to, who is there to nurture and encourage women?? 
I fully understand that women have made huge steps towards gainig their equal rights in a male dominated world over the past few decades. Many women have fought long and hard so that we can have the freedom that we currently enjoy. However, despite all these strides in equality, women still remain under-appreciated and in some places highly marginalized. What else would explain the fact that in some countries, women are still not allowed to vote? That a woman is not supposed to speak before her male counterparts? That a woman is restricted in terms of dressing or mannerisms? That women are still not allowed to hold key positions in some companies and governments?
In the home, men often assume that its their right to have a woman cook for them, wash for them, keep the house clean and take care of the kids. Women do this, often with diligence and respect. Most of the times, they combine this with a corporate job that enables them earn a substantial amount of money. What comes out of this?? It is a rare thing to find a man who tells his wife, thank you for cooking or washing clothes. The woman continues to do her chores and reaches a point that they also believe that it is man’s right to have all these things done for them. They no longer seek appreciation as they delude themselves that this is the way life is meant to be. 
What then could explain why many women continue to stay with a man who abuses them sexually, verbally, emotionally and physically?? Some women have lived in such a situation for so long that they have an illusion that this is the kind of life they are meant to live.  
So what do We do??
I may sound like a feminist which I am but we need to focus on empowering women and helping them know that they are supposed to live a free and fulfilling life. I live for the day when domestic violence will be a non-existence word. The well-educated and empowered women have to wake up and teach all other women that they are powerful and should be appreciated. A woman’s support group is often in her female friends. A girl’s night out is often the most relaxing since a woman is able to bare all her problems to her friends, without fear of being judged or abused. We should them form larger support groups that can help a larger group of women.
I am a woman, a strong woman for that matter. Although only 24, I believe we can have a better life for women only if we help one another. We know we have the power to run this world, all we have to do is harness this power by working together and lending a helping hand where possible.  
This is to all women out there, wake up and enjoy life. You are enough and do not need the approval of any man.

Love Always, 

Am dreaming

Yes I am a dreamer. I like to dream big and especially during the day. So here I go,,
I want my own cute camera, just like this one

Source: None via Ally on Pinterest

And a pretty house

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

With a beutiful lawn

And a handsome husband

Having fun..n…laughter..

Source: None via Kristen on Pinterest

Let me keep on dreaming coz dreams do come true. At least for me.Kisses

True to Me: Always

How does a person stay true to themselves?
Personally, this is a question that I do ask myself frequently. Life is big and it presents us with so many choices that it is actually quite difficult to stay true to oneself. I don’t wanna get lost in all these things, all these people who I encounter everyday.
I want ‘ME’ to remain, the Millie that I have always known must remain even after everything else is gone.
Staying true to oneself involves, finding oneself first.
What things do you believe in?
What excites you or makes your heart tick?
I am not my body but I am a soul that gets uplifted by certain things.
These things nourish my soul and this is who I am.
For me, love, peace, joy, stillness and everything that makes me smile, a smile that comes from deep inside, that’s who I am.
This is who I want to preserve.
Staying true means that I only engage in those activities that bring out this smile,
Those things that nourish my soul and uplift it to greater heights.
Helping people not for the sake of it, but to touch their lives,
Establishing connections and keeping them open.
This is what staying true means to me.
Living from the deepest part of my heart and keeping in touch with my soul.
Hope you stay true to yourself. 

I Choose to……

I have some really strong beliefs that guide me through everyday living. Though sometimes I go against what I believe in, I always try to find some inspiration and stay grounded. One of those beliefs is that in every situation, a person always has a Choice. It does not matter what kind of situation it is but we always have a choice to go one way or the other. I think I should just make this topic into another post but for now, this is what I had in mind.
I choose:

  • to Love rather than be right. Love should always come first.
  • to forgive rather than hold grudges.
  • to let go as opposed to creating unwanted resentment and carrying heavy burdens.
  • to laugh and smile all the time because there is always something to smile about.
  • to be grateful even for the smallest things because in the long run they are all that matters.
  • to Love without expectations
  • to play and take things easily with a light heart.
  • to choose where my life goes. 
  • to LIVE my life happily, it is the least I can do with this great gift that has been given to me.

Make a choice today because it is the only thing you can do to make your life better and more awesome.

Thankful Thursday- This Week

These days are flying but its all good and time for one of my favorite link-ups, Thankful Thursday at Southern Charm. Am a great fan of gratitude and this link-up gives me the opportunity to appreciate the things that am thankful for. So please join in.

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

First, am Thankful for am alive. This week in my country Kenya, there have been several disasters starting from fire to road accidents that have led to numerous deaths. However, I am still here and all my friends and family are. While other families are mourning, I have been given the opportunity to continue living. I am truly thankful for my life and the life of every person on this world.

Secondly, am thankful because i got the chance to donate blood and probably save the life of a person. Since the fire tragedy occurred on Monday, the Kenya Red Cross has organized blood donation drives and the turnout has been great. I know there are people who are willing to donate blood but they do not have enough, are pregnant or by any other means cannot donate blood. But I am grateful because I was healthy enough to donate blood and it surely felt good. You should try it sometime.

Am thankful for having the internet and this blog where I can talk and share my life with people. There are people who are so lonely and do not even have friends (both physical and virtual ones) to talk to. Am so thankful that I write things about my life and someone else can relate to it even when they are millions of miles away. Thank you to whoever discovered the internet, blogger and to my blog friends.

Lastly, am thankful for my mind and point of view that helps me retain sanity even when am so angry. I am an optimist and though some things happen and make me feel so low, I still have the strength to get up, suck it up and smile. I hope you can do the same and gratitude is definitely the way to start.

Love you all.

Anger, Fighting and Ultimatums

Tuesday was a long day, infact the past two weeks have been long ones. If you have been reading my blog, then you know, me and MR b/f moved to a new town, new house and completely new environment. I took this as a positive thing and have been doing so all this time but lets say this is not exactly what he has seen is as.
The fight has been brewing all through last week and only blew up yesterday night. He has been all quiet on me, pretending to be happy, yet i know he is not. So everyday, I would try to talk to him and ask what is wrong but he would not speak to me. He was completely acting weird.
For us, talking has always been an easy thing. When we first started going out back in 2008, I was the one who was always afraid of opening up and sharing my feelings. But he taught me how to do that, he showed me how to let him in and thus we became very close. So for me, it is completely weird when he is the one who cannot share his thoughts and feelings.
The fight was all about sharing the deepest emotions and being able to reconnect at a deeper level. So we talked, argued and then talked some more. He said he needed time to figure out what he wants. The problem is we live together, so i decided to just stay out of his way, not speak about the issues we discussed and just give him space and time. I told him that I need to know how much time he needed and he said two weeks would be enough. I hope and pray that everything will be alright.
I understand that relationships are a lot of work and am willing to put in enough effort but i need to see him putting effort too.
Sorry for the whining and venting but i needed to and this blog provides the perfect opportunity to do so.
The following quote guides me through all this,

Source: via Jeni on Pinterest

Am Ready Now…

I like the saying that Life is in session. I may have in the past wanted some changes in my life but they have taken some time before manifesting.
But now, I can feel it, I can feel the tension build up. Big things are happening to me right now.
And you guessed it right, I am ready. There are sometimes when we want something so bad but if it would be given to us at that time, we would not be ready.
I am ready to begin a new chapter of my life. I am ready for fun, play and laughter. Am ready for that car, for that job, am ready for THIS LIFE.
And again, am excited. One thing that makes me so excited about being ready is that everything is falling in place. We already found a house and the moving plans are underway. Everything i had imagined my life to be is finally coming into picture.
Thats the fun in being ready, you appreciate the things that come to you and the funny thing is that they are all the things I wanted.
The anxiety, the impatience and the disappointment is all gone. These are signs of my readiness and that letting go has taken over.
Am happy, excited and above all READY. I wish the same feeling for all of you and lots of love.

I Miss You Like Crazy

Two weeks and i cannot take it anymore, i miss Mr b/f. So instead of drowning myself in worry and tears, i decided to search Pinterest for images that represent what am feeling inside. So here we go and hope it relates to others who miss their loved ones.

Source: None via Millie on Pinterest
Source: via Millie on Pinterest
Source: None via Millie on Pinterest

Lastly, this is the image am holding in my mind so that when i see him, i do not forget to cherish him and all the great moments spent together.