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Hi, Have you met me? Its Monday

My name is Millie.
I live in Kenya, one of the most beautiful countries in East Africa.
Home to famous long distance athletes. If there is a race in your country, there is 90% chance that a Kenyan will win it. Am proud of my roots, and I hope you come visit sometime.

Yeah, those are actual, living giraffes and their home is Kenya. 

Am 24 years old, moving swiftly to 25 in April. 
Single, hoping to get engaged and married soon. 
Lover of all things romantic.
Point to note: I love babies.
I love art, all kinds: music, books, paintings, sculptures, fashion,drawings, patterns, colors: name it and I love it.
Am the first born in a family of three, two girls, one boy. The boy is last.
I love my family.
Am an auntie to several cutesies. 
A grandmother to one (I love that, it sounds funny, but I am).
Am a writer by profession.
I work from home.
I love life and especially MINE.
I love drinking and dancing and swimming.
I love blogging and feel welcome to my little palace.
Lots of Love 

Now that you know me, enjoy hopping around and hope to see you more often.

Tuesday Blues and I've been tagged

Ok, so its Tuesday and am feeling happy but just lazy. I have some writing work to do and I cannot get myself to even start. What the hell is wrong with me???? NOTHING. Just feeling relaxed and sleepy and lazy. Am not exhausted but my mind is just there. But, I’ll let you in on a little secret, the topics that I have to write about don’t interest me.. So, I guess we now know why am feeling lazy. Who wants to write about the war on Iraq anyway. Ooooooooh, only me, because, it gets me some money.

 Ok, now that we are sorted on that, I would rather answer some questions from my very good friend Cherry from a day with me. I really, totally love her blog and all the pictures and therefore, you should definitely check it out.
First, 12 Fun facts about me:
1. Am a soccer fan. I loooove Manchester United and I watch almost all their games. On sunday, I almost got rained on because of my team but we won. Yayyy!
2. Chicken is my favorite food
3. I cook my own food, almost everyday. I really dont like take-out.
4. My favorite music is soft rock, but sometimes pop and some metal helps.
5. Am gonna travel around the world.
6. Am named after my grandmother (My dads mom) according to my tribe’s customs where the first born daughter is named after the father’ mom.
7. Am into fairy tales and happy endings.
8. I love exercising. Everyday before taking a shower, I do 30 situps and 10 press-ups.
9. Am a little crazy on the dance floor esp. when am drunk.
10. I usually drink vodka.
11. Am gonna get married and have kids real soon.
12. I love very easily. I like to think that my heart is too light and thus I cannot even hold grudges.
Yes, that was fun. Now to the 12 questions asked by Cherry:
1. What does the Urban Dictionary say about your name? 
Ok, Cherry, I did check it out here. The definitions are definitely ridiculous. a) Millie is someone who is worth a million dollars. b) A female who can make a man “whipped”. c) a beautiful sexy girl normally with an athletic body, also a really good kisser. often used to replace the name awesome. d) an amazing and reliable friend. etc etc. I’ll definitely take all of these definitions, I like them and the ‘awesome’ thing, totally ME. no bragging.
2: What is your greatest pet peeve? 
 Smelling breath and people who never listen
3. Whats your favorite line from a book? 
“Life Follows You” from The Power by Rhonda Byrne.
4. Are you a day person or a night person? 
Definitely a night person. The moment night falls, I get pumped and excited.
5. If I give you a flying carpet, what place comes into your mind that you want to visit first and why? 
First I’ll go visit my parents, then fly away to Romes. As most of you know, its my dream destination.
6. If your life was a book, what would be the title and why? 
 Lets see, ‘She Lived and Loved” because thats all I do.
7. If you could be a character in a TV show, which would it be and what character would you portray? why? Hard one, I would be Lori Grimes played by Sarah Wayne Callies in The Walking Dead. As much as the show is frightening, I love her character. 
8. If you are a time traveler, what time in the past would you like to go back? why? 
I would like to go back to when I was in my second year of campus and I met this cute guy who later became my b’/f. That year was one of the greatest in my life. The fun, the love, the kisses and all that romance, I would definitely go back.
9. Do you cook? If yes, what’s your specialty?
  I do cook, a lot actually. I would say chicken and rice is my best.
10. Do you have a phobia? If yes, what is it? How do you handle it? 
 I have a phobia of heights. I plan to go bungee jumping to get rid of this fear.
11. What is your opinion about online dating?
 Am afraid of it. Am not against it but I think it is risky and very mysterious. Ok, I prefer face to face meeting.
12. What is romantic to you? 
The sweet little things, notes, flowers, breakfast in bed, letters, poems, little gifts etc.
I really enjoyed answering these questions and getting to know myself a little better. Am gonna break the rules and not create more questions because I have to go write something on the aforementioned topic. Thank you Cherry and lotsa love.

Letters to my Future Husband #4

Dear {FH},
Have you ever watched a movie and felt a connection to it??
Well, I did. This film Fugitive Pieces, I have watched it three times now and I cry every time.
First, I would just like to appreciate that this film is a work of art. The cameras, the people, the locations: gorgeous. Secondly, the movie is just peaceful and calm {not like most American movies}. When I want to see something that is in touch with my soul, I go to this movie. The passion between the characters is real and I can feel it as I watch it. 
Am very sure that I want a man who feels this movie the way I do. When I meet the person who feels the connection like I do, then I will know. Reason being, this movie appeals to people with a specific kind of taste. One like mine and if you like it, then most likely, we can get along at a deeper level. If you like it, tell me. If you don’t, its fine, we can still get along.

 My Love, I know I started this letter with a movie review, but do not worry, sometimes I am very connected to my artistic side. Sometimes, I might just see an artwork and start crying. Its a connection that I have not been able to explain but maybe you could help. I really hope you like art. 
My future husband, I keep on waiting and waiting and sometimes, I miss you more than others. I miss you when I have to spend a Friday evening or even a whole weekend alone. I miss you when am just watching a movie, and wish I could cuddle. I miss you when am going to church and I sit all alone. I miss you so much.
However, I understand that you will come when am most ready. So, for now, I have to spend my time readying myself for the day you will come. Filling up my life with things that excite me, things that I love. I must spend my time, finding joy and opportunities that I can share with you when we meet. 
With this knowledge, I am no longer sad, no longer lonely; I am happy instead. For I want you to find me when I am happy and joyful, ready for the best days with you. 
Oh, and before I forget, I would also like to inform you that I finally changed my blog name. I am a queen and I decided that the title must reflect this accordingly. I decided to call it my LITTLE PALACE. I hope the name is befitting and that you like it.
I love you always.

Happy and Merry March and [just a recap of Feb]

First I love you so much. I know its weird to start a blog post with the three magical words. But, whats a girl to do, I love you and I just have to say. You know, sometimes I do not have the courage to say these words to my family and friends in real life. But here, it is so easy to say, but this does not mean I don’t mean it. Actually, I do, very much, because you have been there for me my dear bloggie friends. Always. It does not matter whether I stop writing because I do not feel like or I do, you are always waiting and when I get back and share, you are there for me. And for this I love you very much!
Source: via Heidi on Pinterest
Agenda no 2: Happy new Month. Its March already. How days run. I sometimes wonder where they are running off to, but I cant control it. So what do I do? I enjoy it and I hope you do too. Am so happy that we made it this far and I wish a beautiful and bright month ahead. Be merry this March and say “I love you” more often.
Agenda no 3: February Recap
So what did I do this February
~Work and make money, yes I did
~Celebrated Valentine’s with someone kind of special {Ok he is special}
~Spent the whole of last weekend traveling, drinking and dancing with cousins and friends
~Refill my kitchen
~Be Happy
~Be Alive
Thats it, hope you had fun in February and I promise you {PROMISE} that more fun is coming this month. So please, enjoy and have real FUN[the kind that tickles your bones]
Don’t you forget

Glammed up for the Oscars

What more could a woman ask for?? A $10,000 gown, gorgeous accessories and a ready red carpet. {av} at Long distance loving surely killed it this time. The theme is amazing and for me, this set right here speaks volumes. I love everything about the gown, its sexy yet classy and so gorgeous. Am drooling right now. Hope you like it too and link-up with us for Friday Fancies.
Ready for the Oscars

Have a fabulous weekend.

Oh how Pinteresting Wednesday

Its been so very very long since I linked up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple. So today am back and enjoying it.


Source: via Millie on Pinterest

Sorry for the inclusion of a cute guy in a totally fashion dominated Wednesday, but couldn’t resist. Too hot and the ring, ooooooooooooh, my eyes are popping.

When words flow into a Poem…

You came to me in the most subtle of ways,
I was only 20 when we met,
I loved the way you pursued me,
You chased and never gave up.
I missed you when I could not see you,
I sometimes wished i didnt,
but I did anyway,
The notes, the surprises, the gifts,
the public hugs and kisses,
you holding my hand,
looking at me with the sweetest of eyes,
Me, falling in love with you.
It took time but I enjoyed that time.
I loved you and I still do.
Its beautiful, the way you refuse to say you do,
yet you take care of me,
every night, you call me.
but only time will tell me.
I will forever be grateful for the chance to know you,
and to make memories with you!

Be happy first, then the rest will follow

In my quest to find endless happiness, I have noticed one thing that has been embroidered in our brains for so long. We want things to come first, then after we get those things, we always say we will get happy. Then the things come, we find faults in them and the happiness is sadly, very SHORTLIVED

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we often repeat this process over and over again, expecting different results. Sorry to say this, but even a bird or even a monkey knows that doing the same thing over and over again, will only bring the same results.

Only after doing this many times and reading some very powerful books, did I realize that the journey to happiness is the opposite of what we have been doing. So, now I understand that my happiness comes first and the rest of the stuff comes later.

Right now I know that a car or a house will not make me happy. I know, I know, others will say that they would rather be sad in a mansion but really??? Do you really want to be sad in a mansion??? The mansion might seem like a good idea for the first few months but you get lonely, the sadness increases and you wish you were happy in a tiny hut.

Happiness is what each one of us is searching for and its as simple as a decision. When you decide to be happy, the stuff no longer dictates when or how happy you are. It is no longer about the car or the sofa or the I-Phone, it is about You. Now, you understand that even when I dont have the stuff, I can be happy and still enjoy my life. The knowledge that everything is Ok and will always be ok comforts you and you enjoy everyday. And as you enjoy each day, laughing and smiling, more good things will come your way and it will feel like your eyes have suddenly been opened to new beauty. And happily ever after will no longer seem like a dream but it will become a reality.

I love you and wish you a Happy Valentines.

Letters to my Future Husband #3

Dear {FH},
Hi my Love, I know its been a long time since I wrote to you but not to worry, you are in luck. There is this feeling in my heart that I cannot seem to shake off. Its been within me for a few days now and I really do not know what to do.

It all started a few days ago. It was evening and I had experienced one of the most fabulous days of my life. It felt really good. However, when I got home, I noticed that I was feeling some kind of ache or heaviness. Now, I knew I was not sad, angry, desperate or any other of those negative feelings. I had had a great day and yet there was this feeling in my heart.I could not tell what it was.

Then today, the same feeling came back to me. As usual, instead of brushing over it, I tried to analyze it and get to the bottom of all this. Then it hit me, I am MISSING you terribly. My darling, I am a person who likes to share their life with someone else. So when I have had a really great day, I want to talk about it. Not to anyone, but to someone special, someone who cares, someone like you my Love.

I know when I see you, I will be delighted. But sweerie, I think its rightful for me to say that my heart, my soul, and my body all miss you. I love you anyway and know that maybe, you feel the same way right now. I want to cuddle and hold hands and just be there with you. To share life with you, in simple yet profound ways.
Sometimes, am sad, when I imagine that you get these feelings too. Maybe, you had a great day and wanna share it with me, yet you dont know me or if you do, you cannot talk to me.

The only comfort for me is knowing that you are there, and that when I meet you, it will be in the perfect time. When everything will be in sync and our being together will only make things sweeter and better. I love you my future Husband and I hold you in a very special place.
Forever and for Always

Red and Pink: Valentine's Friday Fancies

As any number of you know by now, am a hopeless romantic. I love LOVE. And obviously, I love Valentine’s Day., so when came up with the idea of a Valentine’s outfit, I was very excited. I love simple and this red dress makes this point very clear. I love the shoes, and the clutch. The scarf is just a little addition. I love this outfit and hope you do too.
Go link up with {av} at Long distance loving and lets paint the town reddish pink.

Red and Pink: for Love Day

Red and Pink: for Love Day by emmyel featuring silk scarves