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Nothing like a Mother’s Love

Nothing like a mother's loveLast Friday, on my way to work, I called my mama. I wanted to check up on her, as well as inform her were going to visit during the weekend.

So, as soon as she picked up and we exchanged niceties, I asked, “What are you doing tomorrow mum?” “I have no plans for tomorrow. Why do you ask?” She responded

“We just want to come visit you. We’ve missed you so much!”

And there she went off, a crackling, heartfelt, soul-reaching laughter. I heard it and couldn’t help smiling. My husband heard it through the phone too. It was not funny-joke laughter, it was happy, really happy laughter. It was heartfelt and I could feel her heart through the phone.

“Why are you laughing mama? We have missed you. It’s been almost 2 months since the last time we saw each other” I responded. “I am just so happy”, she said after a long pause. “You kids are very welcome and I will be waiting for you tomorrow. Make sure you bring my grandson”, she continued.

“We sure will. Love you and see you tomorrow”, I responded.

We then hung up.

This left me thinking so hard. Why did she sound so so happy, yet we hadn’t done anything unusual or special for her. In fact, we only planned to stay for one night and then get back to the normal grind of life.

It then hit me.

I may not get it right now. However, the day that my Lowell is married and living far away in the city and I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like: that is the day I will understand mamas happiness on knowing that we were going to visit her. Some of these things we don’t actually get them until we’ve gone through them. Like how I got to understand why mothers love their kids so much, only after I had my own son.

There is nothing deeper than a mother’s love. Nothing warmer than a mother’s embrace. Nothing more comforting than a mother’s bosom. (You can tweet that.)

This reminded me how much I love my mum and how much I miss my mother in law, but I believe she is happy, resting with the angels.

How often do you visit your parents? Are you lost in the city, as some would put it, and never go back home until December? This is a new month, make a point of calling your parents today and arrange a visit one of these weekends. It will be time well spent. And bring me some ndumas and bananas while you are in shagz.

Ideas for Women to Celebrate Themselves this Valentines Day

Celebrate yourself this Valentines dayOnly two days to go to one of the most anticipated days of the year. It is a crazy time for most of us, whether single or married. Expectations are running quite high, and disappointments often follow quite fast!

When our partners don’t give us exactly what we expected or wanted, we are bound to be disappointed. One thing that I have come to discover is that you can never expect one person to give you what you need, all the time. You are the only person who knows what you want and at times, it is perfectly ok to go and get it.

As a working mother of one very active boy, the duties of motherhood, marriage and work can be too overwhelming. I remember last night getting home so tired and thinking how I just want to lie down. Then here comes Lowell, full of energy wanting me to carry him and dance at the same time. I eventually gave in and lifted him high and danced to some African pop music. The smile on his face when I twirled him and swayed from side to side completed my heart, but by the end of it I was super tired.

We might try to be super mamas or super women, but we all need some time to celebrate ourselves and find joy in ourselves.

Here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate yourself this Valentines and remove the burden of making you happy from your spouse’s, partner’s or boyfriend’s shoulders.

  1. Massage– Who wouldn’t want to lie down on a bench and have an expert straighten all those tired and overworked muscles. I wouldn’t mid at all. Most massage sessions start at only a thousand bob. I know you usually spend so much more on other people, so this is quite a small price to pay for a good relaxing session.
  2. Spa and Salon. I would give anything right now to spend hours getting my hair, nails and face done. You come out of the salon feeling crisp and fresh, and the compliments from complete strangers don’t hurt either. So, invest a little in your beauty and just enjoy the newness of a new hairstyle.
  3. Shopping.I have heard of women who hate shopping, but they are very very few. For the rest of us, shopping is therapeutic and can serve as a nice way of saying thank you to yourself. Do some online shopping from the comfort of your home HERE or Go get that white blouse you have been eyeing for 5 months now, or that dress that outlines your curves but costs just a little more than the dresses you usually go for.Thank me later.
  4. Do some charity work. This is what I will be doing this Saturday. You might ask how this is a way of celebrating myself??But, the feeling you get when you visit a children’s home and give your time and money to those very needy children is enough celebration. I usually come home feeling more satisfied than most other days. It is a beautiful feeling. And those kids are usually so appreciative of those small deeds. You can check out our event on Facebook here and join us.

There goes my list!!

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Don’t forget to check out our 25,500/=savings plan for 2016.

What will you be doing this Valentines?? Are you celebrating yourself?? You are definitely worth celebrating!


Loving Lately

What am I loving lately??
So many things… I don’t even know where to start.
Before I forget, I must say that am loving life. Am loving being alive and well.
Am also loving that you are here, reading this.
Am also loving these:
1. This chair is so cute and looks so comfy. Add a  good book, a good cup of coffee and everything is perfect.

2. This other one if for my imaginary home office. The red is gorgeous and I can see myself swinging around and coming up with some pretty rad blog posts.

 3. I have totally and for many years now been wanting a cooker/oven. I do hope that this dream comes true soonest.

4. Lastly, I have been loving me some dinnerware. Black has always been my color but the red & white looks good too.


Am also loving;
-my hubby
-Calls with long lost friends
-Show premieres [how i met your mother, big bang, grey’s anatomy, homeland, the good wife and many more]
-Blogging (its been awesome lately)

I Love Mondays & A weekend Update

I think I’ve said this several times over here and I have to say it again, I love Mondays.
I do.
I know its weird and kind of out of tune with the rest of the world but I think Mondays are kind of cool. Don’t get me wrong, I love my weekends a lot. In fact, they are the reason that I love Mondays.
Let me break it down for you with this weekend as an example:
Woke up at 7.30. Showered and did all the usual all the morning shenanigans. Reported to the business by 8.30 am. Worked until 2.00p.m. Went home, did the laundry, cleaned the house and did the dishes. Was through by 5.30 p.m. There was a power outage, therefore couldn’t do nothing much except take a nap, fill some crosswords before preparing dinner. Slept at around 11.00 p.m.

Woke up at around 10.00 am. (yeah, I love to sleep in on Sundays). Went to the salon to get my hair done. I had an occasion to attend in the afternoon and I was there up until 6.00 p.m. Went home, cooked dinner, watched some TV and was asleep by 11.00.

Woke up at 6.45 a.m. (did not go for my morning run, sorry). And here I am, writing this post at work.
Looking at my weekend, one might come up with a conclusion that I did not do much. But, I love it this way. I love that I get to rest on weekends. I love that I can take naps in the afternoon and just lounge around the house.
This is what helps me wake up easy and well-rested on Mondays. I feel calm and I can face the day after a good weekend!
I so hope that your Monday is going well and wish you a fabulous week ahead!
Tell me about your weekend!

Gingham on Friday Fancies

Hi Friday, totally missed you. So happy you are here. Hope you can stay a while. Thank you.
 Gingham: that’s what I am trying to style today. I love patterned clothes, therefore, I found an outfit that is both wearable and very comfortable. This outfit can be worn to work and can easily be transformed to an evening outfit. I actually like it a lot.  Now, only if it were in my closet, I would wear it to a function am attending today!


Gingham by emmyel featuring houndstooth scarves

I love the style and the colors and the skirt and the top and everything else. Hope you like it too.

Current Crush: Maxi Dresses

If you really knew me, then you would know that am super short. Yes, I am and am proud of it!!However, the problem with my height is that wearing long dresses or skirts is kinda difficult. 
Problem no. 1: Finding my size is total mayhem
Problem no. 2: I look weird in long, flowy kind of clothing
Problem no. 3: Because am also kind of skinny, I get lost in these kinds of clothing. For real, it looks like the dress is walking with no-one inside!!{ghosts!!}And then people start running and screaming. (digression)
Anyhow, blogging has given me the platform to search and swoon for amazing clothes that I would never rarely wear in real life. I believe, this is the first step in finding the courage to wear these clothes, for reals. 
In this breath, I would like to introduce to my latest finds and crushes over at Polyvore. 
Drum roll please………{The Maxi Dresses}
Maxi Dresses

I love each and one of these. But my absolute fav is the second on the bottom row. I also discovered that I prefer patterned/flowered maxis as opposed to solid colored ones. I told ya, blogging has helped me discover who I “really” am. Tell me people, do you wear maxi dresses!
Which ones do you like in this set????
Current Crush Thursdays

Letters to my future husband #7

First, big news!!Me and the b/f are now living together! We are more than b/f- girlfriend. We have been together for over five years and it just felt right. This is it people, me and him are a forever thing!! And so this letter is meant for him and I hope that I can write more of these just for him.

Dear L,
Hi honey. First off, I have to say thank you. Thank you because you have shown me what it is like to love. Five years!!!5 freaking years,,and we are still together. When I first met you, I thought that it was just a campus thingy but we outgrew that. We have fought and broken up a few times. We have been through a lot, and by a lot: I mean a whole lot more than we could have ever imagined.

However, what I treasure most about our thingy is how we make each other laugh. You are funny and crazy. Your jokes crack me up! Even when am mad, it is very hard not to laugh at your crazy jokes. It makes it awkward for me to make a serious point or even be mad at you for more than a heartbeat. You must be very proud of that!!But, I hate that you like to startle me, something that am totally afraid of!

Baby, you make it easy for me to love you. You make it so much fun. You make me feel like a 3 year old. I can talk about anything with you. Whether its new businesses or crazy PMS. I love that I can be crazy, I can be myself around you! And you love me for who I am.
I do feel happy and honored to be with you!
Love you pumpkin, sweetpie, honey, darling, watermelon, sugar, and any other cute names you might think of!!

Always, M.
Ok, people, hope you have collected yourself after my big news. Its been 5 days now of living together and its been awesome, except the double amount of laundry.Anyway, I hope you are having a fabulous week and an amazing August!!

T-shirt Styled

If you really knew me, you would know that I looove t-shirts and I almost  wear them daily not unless am forced by circumstances. By circumstances, I mean having to go somewhere formal and I have to wear a blouse or something of the sort. I am overly comfortable in t-shirts and this has led to me being occasionally referred to as a tomboy!!Really people???? T-shirts are so comfy and so easy to wear!Does that make me a tomboy??? Anyway, thats a personal decision. Ok, I know am kind of (only a little) tomboyish. I like converse shoes too!That does not make my case easier!!But I hope the skinny jeans help!!!
So, today {av} chose a perfect theme for me. It was so easy to come up with this outfit!I love everything I threw in here and hope there is someone out there who feels me!!Feels me???I mean like, understands my style!!
Here you go:
Tshirt styled

Tshirt styled by emmyel featuring pink sneakers

See, I told ya!!T-shirts rock my world!Hope they rock yours too!

In the Kitchen

 I have always felt an awesome kind of connection to the kitchen. I know, I know, many women say this so its a little cliche but I still admit to this connection.
In the kitchen…
I feel like am home. I feel like am in the right place. Like its perfect timing.
My mom always taught us how to handle the kitchen. Being the first born, I had to hold the kitchen turf when my mama was away. I had to cook, wash dishes and make everything ready for my family. One thing I noticed is that, I loved it.

Source: via Melinda on Pinterest
Now, when am in the kitchen;
I feel like I own it. I feel like I run the place.
I sometimes feel crazy……
The kitchen helps me relieve stress. If am thinking (worrying) about something, the kitchen gives me an outlet. Cooking something, be it simple or complicated, makes my heart tick.
I really don’t understand why I feel this way but I just do.
Sometimes, I feel like am clueless, but I know that I can learn.
I want to learn more.
In the kitchen:
I want to learn to cook a wider variety of dishes
I want more appliances so I can experiment more
I want to be more open to new ideas
I want to enjoy my time there even more than I do right now
I love the kitchen!!

Lemon Inspired

Hello Friday!!!Am in love with you already. Anyway people, am so happy its Friday. Before I go any further, I would love to thank all of you for all the comments am getting these days. I love reading them so much and replying and chatting with all of ya. So, thank you.

Now, as usual, its Friday. That can only mean one thing, Friday Fancies. This week, {av} set the stage for a fruit inspired outfit. I was certainly torn between all the fruits that I like. At first, I wanted to base my outfit on the watermelon, two minutes later, the orange, ten minutes later, the mango. But something was not right, because lemons are one of my favorite fruits and part of my favorite colors. So, I just had to go with lemons. (sorry all other fruits, no hard feelings!)
So, lets see what I came up with:


Lemon by emmyel featuring leather sandals

The skirt was the first thing I saw and I fell in love. If only I was much of a skirt wearer, I would buy that skirt. The sheer blouse was meant to break all the color and make the outfit, kind of peaceful and not screamy (is that a word??). Hope you like it and I cannot wait to see what your fruit inspired outfits look like.