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I Love Mondays: Weekend Update

I love Mondays. I have come to realize that once you find something that you love doing, then Monday is no longer the stressful day of the week. I love waking up well rested and easy on Mondays. Don’t get me wrong, I love my weekends very much. In fact, this weekend was perfect.
I do not say perfect because I went places or went dancing or something of the sort. I say perfect because it was an easy, love filled weekend. We slept in, on both Saturday and Sunday and that is something I always treasure.
We went for walks, visited parents, laughed and loved. It is not the activities from this weekend that I treasure but rather the feelings that I experienced.
The peace, the love, the security and surety, the warmth and the calmness. I enjoyed these feelings and I will always keep them close to my heart.
And that is why, the transformation from the weekend to the week does not scare me because I have something to treasure. Something that will keep me going until the next weekend.

 Happy week to all of you!

High-Low Skirts

I did not know what I was going to write about today. In fact, I was thinking of just letting the whole posting energy go to waste. However, at the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to write about something that am loving right now, but I did not know what exactly that was.
So, I decided to hop on over to Polyvore and see whether there was something that I really liked. And then I typed ‘h’. Suddenly, the suggestion of a high-low skirt came up but I did not know what that is. Innocently, I clicked, just so I could know what a high-low skirt was and so that I would not be the dumb girl who gets passed on by popular trends. Let me just say that this was magic at its best.
Two weeks ago, I went home. My cousin (more like a sister coz our dads are twins), mum to my beautiful niece Crystal, gave me one of her skirts that does not fit anymore. Funny enough, its a high-low skirt, but I did not know that’s what they are called.
{For those like me, a high-low skirt is one which the hemline is not even. Some parts are shorter than others.} 
Now, I have to tell you that I love that skirt that my cousin gave me and I just wanna show you the beauty in these skirts, so you can understand why am crushing really hard.

high low skirt

high low skirt by emmyel featuring a hi low skirt

These skirts are gorgeous and I could not have picked a better item to crush on. Do you wear high-low skirts?? Tell me all about it!!

Current Crush Thursdays

Purple and White

I’ve always had these white trousers but I do not wear them often. It is not because I do not like them but because white is so hard to maintain. I have to watch where I sit, what touches me, where I walk, just to keep it crisp clean all day. However, last week, my sister encouraged me to wear my white trousers and I loved it.

I paired it with a purple sweater top and really loved the brightness of these colors. Since then, I’ve been looking for purple and white combinations that tickle my heart.

                                                                    All images Via
I love it all. I especially feel that this color mix is so bright yet so calm and peaceful. I love that Pinterest gives us a place to explore our creative juices. Am definitely thinking about how I can add more of purple and white to my life.

Am So Sleepy- Pinteresting

Am crazy tired today. Am just a few minutes away from jumping into bed with all clothes on. But then I thought to myself, ‘What  kind of Wednesday would it be if I did not give you the pleasure of knowing what av been pinning this week?” The answer I gave myself was, ‘Not such a good one’. And here I am, pinning around and sharing it with you all. Enjoy my randomness

First, you have to know am obsessed with The Bachelorette this season, cant wait for Mondays!!

Have never had it, dont think will ever will

Gorgeous, get me all, right now!

This happens to me all the time!

Just some love insight

Enjoy the rest of the week!!!

My Spring Break Friday Fancies

One of the greatest things I love about blogging is the connections I make everyday. Friday Fancies is one of those link-ups that gives us an opportunity as bloggers to connect with each other and see our beautiful fashionable creations. And of course the hostess {av} from long distance loving is awesome. Check out my banner and see how awesome she is. Second thing, I love about blogging, I get to fantasize about clothes I would wear in a season that I have never even experienced. In Kenya, we dont even understand what spring is. Anyway, I still love the outfit I came up with and hope you do too.

Spring Break

New baby, new beginnings and a recap of December

I know its been a really long time since I updated you on the goings on in my life. But here I am to do just that. I have to say that December was one of the busiest and most interesting months of last year for me.
First, my dearest cousin/sister (I call her my sister because our fathers are twins and so we are very close), gave birth to the most beautiful girl. This was on 5th and her name is Crystal. She is awesomely pretty and so loveable. That was the beginning of a great month.
Second, I started and quit a new job within the same month. I started on the 15th and quit on 21st after discovering that it was not what I was looking for. Nothing more to say on that. I then went to visit my parents for the entire Christmas time, had awesome fun and now am back to my normal life.
Did I even tell you that am single?? Don’t even get me started on that but I will you in as life continues to unfold.
Now there you have it, an update on what is happening in my life right now.
I think I forgot to mention that I am Happy!!!!!Have a great week ahead.
Love you!

Oh how Pinteresting – Romance

If you knew me, you would know am a hopeless romantic. Lets just say, I love being wooed and pursued. I love the mystery that comes with romance like being pulled to a wall suddenly and kissed really nicely. It brings butterflies to my stomach and I love them. I just love what it feels like, the creativity, the anticipation. I could go on and on but lets just join Michelle at The Vintage Apple for some really romantic pins.
Hope you enjoy.

Source: via Millie on Pinterest

                               This last one takes my breath away

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday- Dream Home