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Talk to Each Other

It is a New Year, that for sure I understand very clearly.
But I don’t understand why I’ve been slacking when it comes to blogging!
I really don’t.
It is also hard to understand why it has been difficult getting my creative juices flowing this year..
I think am still in the holiday mood…
Today I just wanted to talk about how silent we’ve become
We have stopped saying the things we need to say!
I sometimes think it is because we have found other outlets that allow us to let out our feelings…
We no longer talk to the people that matter
I am a victim of this in some ways…
Instead of telling my family or a friend how happy I am or expressing my joys and pains, I say it here on the blog.
It gives me joy to share it here but the relationships I have with those that matter are neglected..
We use Facebook, Twitter and other means to share what is on our minds, instead of saying it to our husbands and wives..
We forget that exclamation marks and smileys can never replace the excitement on someone’s face when we share some exciting news!
I just want us to talk some more
Talk to each other, face each other, smile, laugh, cry and listen to each other…
This way, we will keep the joy of human relationships..
We will enjoy our conversations more..
And life will be more satisfying…

I am Traumatised

Its Friday morning and me and my hubby are in a public service vehicle going to our place of work. We enter the town as usual but see a crowd of people gathered around a garbage can. Am not the kind of person who stands and watches whatever interests a crowd. However, since we started a blog highlighting the happenings in our town-Thika, we have had a thirst for news and incidences happening here. So, naturally, hubby also for the camera and goes to the scene while I go and open our business since we are running a little late.

After about thirty minutes, hubby comes back and am almost not interested in what he found because am expecting something mundane. But the he shows me the pictures he captured with the camera. And, people am in tears. Real tears. Its crazy how a picture can move you but this is crazy.
What is in the picture you may ask???What moved me to tears??

A fully developed baby boy (foetus) thrown on the road side. The umbilical cord and placenta are still there and the cord is around the baby’s neck. Believe it my dear readers, while in this world, we will see and experience things that words cannot even express.

I was confused when I saw the pictures. I did not know what exactly to feel. Should I be angry, sad, surprised, ashamed of what women are capable of doing??Should I start judging this woman that I do not even know??What am I expected to feel??

Then, this is not even about me. It is about a baby, whose life never began. He did not even get to be held in the arms of his mother. No one told him that they loved him, no one hugged or kissed him. No-one even bothered to wash him after birth and cover him with warm clothing. I can cry and be sad and feel crappy, then judge the mother very harshly but how would that ease this situation. My tears or my judgements will not bring him back to life.

I have no comfort at his time. I have no idea of how I should feel. I am sad and most of all, I am Traumatized.

Oh, and by the way, I missed y’all so much. I thought I was gonna die without all of you, but now am back and am alive. Say hi whenever you can!!

To Flow like a River

Hi lovely people!Hope the weekend treated you really fine as it did me. I spent time with my deraly missed and beloved family and I can totally say the homesickness is gone. It was like a flu that just had to be cured. Anyway, now that we are on to Tuesday, time to start thinking about more serious matters and about life in general.
In my life, I have reached points where I just felt like I was stuck. You know, life is like a journey and we sometimes reach points in the journey that are a little difficult and we miss the flow. Today, I just want to acknowledge that sometimes, I think that such points are totally pointless and aim at just making it difficult for us. However, on further analysis, I think that such sticky points help us appreciate the good stuff. We also learn an awful lot of things at such points. I do think its good to appreciate these sticky points.

But, more importantly, it is great to appreciate the people, ideas, books, movies, article or thoughts that help usget back to the flow. For example, when I feel stuck emotionally, watching a funny or romantic movie almost always helps me get back to the flow. For others, reading or writing does help in getting back to the smooth ride.
I just want to ask you to identify what helps you get you back to the flow. When you identify these things, it becomes easier for you to get back to a place of smoothness and harmony.

Above all, I wish you all as much flow as I wish on myself. I wish your life flows like a river. That it keeps going and when you get stuck, it is easy for you to get back on the journey. And that your life remains smooth and harmonious. Like a waterfall, easy and always flowing!

Pictures taken by my b/f. River Kariminu near his home!
N/B: I reached 40 followers this weekend and am so happy and grateful to all of ya!!Thank You!


When it comes to life, we are told that most of the time, it is good to act in moderation. This usually means that we have to avoid the extremes and focus on staying in the middle ground, not too high and not too low.
However, I believe that moderation can only apply to certain situations and certain people. Additionally, some kinds of extremes are good.
Take drinking for example, here moderation is highly required. One should never drink too much especially if they are a lady like me because embarrassing ourselves is the last thing we want to do. Eating is another thing that must be taken in moderation. Eating either too much or too little has its disadvantages.
When it comes to feelings and expression of emotions, moderation is difficult to exercise. Love for example, when does moderation come into play? Should a person hold their emotions just to show that they are exrecising moderation.
In general, moderation is a difficult thing to exercise but if we are conscious of our actions then we can choose areas where moderation works to our advantage.



1. Favored by or involving good luck or fortune; lucky.

2. Auspicious or favorable


I have to say that I am fortunate,
To be her today,
To have a laptop, electricity, and internet,
Knowing that there are millions of people who do not even know what a computer is leave alone owning one.
Am fortunate to be literate, to be able to express myself through writing and read what others say about themselves.

I am fortunate to have both my eyes working properly,
I know there are millions of blind people who keep enjoying life even when they cannot see.
Yet I sometimes take my eyesight for granted.
I am fortunate that I can hear,
Oh the sweet sounds of music which sometimes irritate me even when there are people who have never had the ability to hear anything.

I am fortunate that I can walk, jog and even run with both my legs,
There are people who cannot wake up from their beds or their seats.
I am fortunate that I can use both of my hands and yet sometimes I just want them to rest and I complain of how tired they are,
Yet there are people who wish they had them just to make tired for a day.

I am fortunate to be alive today,
knowing that thousands died today.
I am fortunate, Auspicious and favorable because I am a blessed girl and I appreciate it everyday.
This post is dedicated to all of you who are alive today because you are fortunate too and you should always cherish it, no matter what happens.
Love you all.

Am Ready Now…

I like the saying that Life is in session. I may have in the past wanted some changes in my life but they have taken some time before manifesting.
But now, I can feel it, I can feel the tension build up. Big things are happening to me right now.
And you guessed it right, I am ready. There are sometimes when we want something so bad but if it would be given to us at that time, we would not be ready.
I am ready to begin a new chapter of my life. I am ready for fun, play and laughter. Am ready for that car, for that job, am ready for THIS LIFE.
And again, am excited. One thing that makes me so excited about being ready is that everything is falling in place. We already found a house and the moving plans are underway. Everything i had imagined my life to be is finally coming into picture.
Thats the fun in being ready, you appreciate the things that come to you and the funny thing is that they are all the things I wanted.
The anxiety, the impatience and the disappointment is all gone. These are signs of my readiness and that letting go has taken over.
Am happy, excited and above all READY. I wish the same feeling for all of you and lots of love.

The Magic of Life

One thing i have noticed lately is that am so into having an amazing life. If you have been reading my blog, then you know am a firm believer in positivity and optimism. I actually really do not see the point of living life being a pessimist and labeling it as realism. I think that is just an excuse to not be happy and make your life and other people’s life miserable.
Life is meant to be magical (in whatever cliche ways that you might think of).

Whether magical to you means, finding the man/girl of your life, getting married to them and having kids: life is meant to be that way. Whether magical to you means travelling to different places, experiencing people and cultures of all kinds, life is actually meant to be that way. Whatever magical means to you, thats the way your life is meant to be.

Before i go any further, i would like to recommend that you look for “THE POWER”, a book by Rhonda Byrne and read it as fast as you can. It will surely change the way you see life and how you actually live it.

For me, magical means having a job that is flexible, fun and filled with play, laughter and jokes. Magical means that money is no object to me and that i live life not based on the amount of money i have but based on what i want and what i enjoy. Magical means a beautiful proposal and a beautiful wedding with Mr b/f, with all my family and friends watching. Magical means the Nikon L120 camera being mine.
Magical means laughter, joy, happiness, smiles, play, music, color, dance, great food, fabulous fashion, art, lots of love and endless beauty.

I give you love and hope that you realize the magic of your own life.
Kisses lots and lots of Love.
Photos from photobucket

One thing that am really proud of

As we grow up, we have certain dreams that we wish to accomplish in our lives. Some of these dreams come true as we go by but some fall away and we even forget about them. For me, one of those dreams was to graduate from college and not only graduate but with a first class honors.

This is why the 12th Dec, 2010 was one of the best days of my life. Those who say that dreams do not come true are liars because for sure, dreams do come true. I did graduate and i did it with a first class honors. Seeing the pride that my parents, my siblings, extended family, b/f and all other friends had for me made me so happy.

Wearing that gown and enjoying all the attention i got, was so great. Everyone should at one point in their lives experience that. And this is why my graduation day, is one day that i will always be proud of.
Kisses n love ya.

Momma Thursday!!!

As some of you know, i decided to start my own blog tradition where every Thursday would be dedicated to my momma. Last week i thanked my mom for carrying me for nine months and delivering me. Today, i want to move a notch higher. I have had the experience of seeing three nieces and one nephew being born when am around and i know that the first few weeks after birth are very stressful for the mother. About three weeks ago, my nephew Leon was born. I know it was hard for his mom because when we tried to change him, we were so afraid of the umbilical cord that we had to call a nurse to teach us how to change a diaper.
Being the firstborn in our family, i know my mom had the same problems. The fear, the lack of knowledge, the expectations from people around; i know it is hard.
But mom, you were there for me, you took it all in and learned through experience. You took great care of me during these first weeks such that i got no infections or problems. You were there when i made even the simplest noise. You looked at me, smiled at me even when my eyes could see nothing and i had not learnthow to smile.
For all this and more that you did for me, I SALUTE YOU my dear Momma. I love you so much.
Image from Google images.