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When things dont make sense

There are times when I just sit around and wonder which part of my life makes sense! I try to unravel many aspects of my life and I do not seem to find the kind of sense that am looking for. But, something happens, a call, a simple text, a kiss on the cheek, a hug, a comment on my blog and I remember what makes sense, LOVE. When everything else does not make sense, just try, try and remember those people you love and you will soon find some sense in your life!

Bubbly Expansion

I am an optimist. I believe in expecting the best and creating life on purpose. I actually enjoy being an optimist. It takes so little energy, in fact it gives you energy and drive to go through each day. This, compared to the stress and complications associated with negativity, i’d rather be an optimist everyday of my life.
I love when I wake up in the morning, and I consciously choose to smile. From this smile, I feel my heart fill up with warmth and appreciation of the beautiful life that God has blessed me with.
I know there are those things happening, that I do not like and might be associated with negativity. But, I chose to believe that God is using these things or people to bring me my dreams. Every situation, every person, I come across, is meant to make my days better. I may not see it, this very minute but later when the whole picture is in view, I sit back and see how everything played out perfectly. All I can say then is Thank you.

In line with this, every week, I choose a word that will guide me through. The word I choose symbolizes the kind of week I want to have. This week I choose “BUBBLE”. To bubble also means to expand and to enjoy each moment of this expansion. This is the kind of week I want. I want my life to go beyond the boundaries that may exist. I also want to enjoy myself. When I let God run the shows, the only job left to me is to be HAPPY. I want my heart to be as light as a bubble and for me to spread my wings and fly.
I hope that someone will Bubble with me this week. And that this week will be the best they have experienced in a long time.
I love you and wish you a fabulous week.

Am Ready Now…

I like the saying that Life is in session. I may have in the past wanted some changes in my life but they have taken some time before manifesting.
But now, I can feel it, I can feel the tension build up. Big things are happening to me right now.
And you guessed it right, I am ready. There are sometimes when we want something so bad but if it would be given to us at that time, we would not be ready.
I am ready to begin a new chapter of my life. I am ready for fun, play and laughter. Am ready for that car, for that job, am ready for THIS LIFE.
And again, am excited. One thing that makes me so excited about being ready is that everything is falling in place. We already found a house and the moving plans are underway. Everything i had imagined my life to be is finally coming into picture.
Thats the fun in being ready, you appreciate the things that come to you and the funny thing is that they are all the things I wanted.
The anxiety, the impatience and the disappointment is all gone. These are signs of my readiness and that letting go has taken over.
Am happy, excited and above all READY. I wish the same feeling for all of you and lots of love.

Letting Go..

I know and i have read in many books and articles that letting go is one of the healthiest things that a human being can do. Letting go is a choice that more often than not we choose to ignore. Most of the times, i find myself holding onto things that only make my life more difficult. Instead of making the right and easier decision, i choose to stick with the past, one that only brings in more heartache and pain.
I know that we sometimes make the choice to stick with some things because they are the only thing we know. The familiar is sometimes the most comfortable for us even when it continues to hurt us. For example, people choose to stick with bad relationships because that is the only thing they know. Their partner, however bad, is the only person they know. In the end, one chooses to continue being hurt instead of moving to newer things.
I know that we sometimes stick with the old stuff because we feel that when we let go, we loose ourselves. For example, letting go of the pain of losing a loved one sometimes seems like letting go of that person. It seems like that pain is the only reminder we have of the person we love.

However, in the past few months, i have discovered that letting go does not necessarily mean abandoning certain things but releasing the tension and the pain in our hearts. It means that we are free to experience new things because we have created space in our lives. Our hearts become lighter and we can be able to laugh genuinely and love deeply.

I know, letting go is not easy but it is totally worth it. It gives us a chance to live our lives in a better way and with easier, freer days. So, i wish that we could all let go and feel the freedom and peace that comes with the ultimate letting go experience.

With love and Kisses.