If you really knew me, you would know that I looove t-shirts and I almost  wear them daily not unless am forced by circumstances. By circumstances, I mean having to go somewhere formal and I have to wear a blouse or something of the sort. I am overly comfortable in t-shirts and this has led to me being occasionally referred to as a tomboy!!Really people???? T-shirts are so comfy and so easy to wear!Does that make me a tomboy??? Anyway, thats a personal decision. Ok, I know am kind of (only a little) tomboyish. I like converse shoes too!That does not make my case easier!!But I hope the skinny jeans help!!!
So, today {av} chose a perfect theme for me. It was so easy to come up with this outfit!I love everything I threw in here and hope there is someone out there who feels me!!Feels me???I mean like, understands my style!!
Here you go:
Tshirt styled

Tshirt styled by emmyel featuring pink sneakers

See, I told ya!!T-shirts rock my world!Hope they rock yours too!