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Am totally thankful its Thursday

Hey lovely people!I cant believe how fast these days are going. I’ve not even gotten to think about last weekend and now its almost weekend all over again. Am really thankful for this week and all the opportunities it has given me. So today, am going to just write about all the things am thankful for!

Am Thankful
…for an awesome week, I can’t emphasize that enough
…for new opportunities coming my way every day. 
…because things are getting better, each day more than the last
…for my beautiful sister who’s coming to stay with me for sometime
…for yoga
…for b/f and having a great time together
…for blogging and all the connections I’ve made so far
…for love
..for friendships
…for networking
…for the growth of our baby business (Thika Live)
…for security and clarity
…for feelings and emotions
…for joy and fun
..for hugs and kisses
..for delicious food
…for every skill that I have
…for the internet and laptops
…for sweet texts and calls
…for family
…for LIFE, awesome, beautiful LIFE!


Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok to be Thankful on Thursday

Its Thursday and I have a list of stuff that I really want off my chest and some am really thankful for. So lets do this:

…that today was kind of a boring day
…that i found it difficult to get to my happy place which I value so much
…that I think I was just hungry
…that I ate fries to make myself feel better
…that I am so homesick
 …for a b/f who cares so much
…that we get to spend so much time together
…that our baby business is growing so fast
…that my followers are gradually increasing and I might soon get to 50 (a girl can dream, right???)
…that I get to get off work early tomorrow to go to my parents’ home
…that am so excited
…I’ve been thinking about this weekend for the whole week
…that am meeting wonderful bloggy friends and I love connecting with them
…that things are getting better, each day presents a new opportunity to feel better
…that am so in love
…for all the blessings in my life
…for this link-up
Its Ok Thursdays

Its Thursday and Its Ok to be Thankful

Am definitely pumped that this week is coming to an end. Thursday always makes me smile because it is so near Friday. Who wouldn’t love Thursday??? So lets talk about a few things about this week…

Its OK
..To be totally exhausted by the end of each day
…To snooze the alarm for just ten more minutes
…to miss my family so much
…to eat the same food for three days in a row
…to have a song on repeat over and over
…to think that a day does not have enough hours (sometimes) wear the same pair of earrings the whole week
Am Thankful
..for a week full of business
..for the growth of a baby idea that me and b/f are nurturing
…for being alive to see the beauty in this wonderful life
…for being loved and for loving
..for beautiful texts before I sleep
…for bloggy friends 
..for fun link-ups
for life and all it brings

Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok Thursday

First time linking up with Neely and Amber but I know its worth it. Hope you can join in and enjoy.

Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok…..

That I just had a cup of coffee with my very sweet mother in law to be, yet I don’t really know whats going on between me and her son.
That I have cried several times this week wondering whether its time to leave.
That I am sometimes afraid of opening up because I think I might be burdening other people
That I find cooking a good way to relieve stress
That I am still optimistic even when things seem so bad
That I sometimes feel guilty for laughing when things are not going well
Its OK that yesterday I slept for over 15 hours, (I could not get out of bed)
Its OK for me to know that everything will be alright, no matter what.