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Loving Lately

So, today I was feeling a little cranky, (for lack of a better word). So I decided to do something that would cheer me up.
I think that feeling came from knowing that I did not have an awesome post to present to you today and that’s kind of disappointing, ain’t it? Yeah I know.
Anyway, I started going through my head and thinking of things that are making me happy nowadays. And then it struck me, am kinda loving jewelery these days. I even told hubz to buy me another cute bracelet that I saw. Not that I can’t buy it but hubz really likes to buy me such things. You know little bracelets, tiny earring, cute chains. And am so happy when he does, coz which woman wouldn’t be??
I love this small collection that I created from Joy the Store. I especially loved the first and last bracelets. They are so tiny, yet could hold so much meaning if shared between friends. I always want to attach meaning to such things. It makes me treasure them even more.
Other things am loving lately include:
-Sleeping early
-Having my sister around
– Encouraging words
-Making new bloggy friends 

Never Give up + Weekend Update

So, this weekend was absolutely crazy and amazeballs at the same time.
Friday, I was so tired that on Saturday I was unable to wake up and go to work.
So, I slept in and tried to rest until the bug caught me and I started cleaning.
Laundry, house, kitchen, everything was cleaned.
Then in the afternoon, a friend had invited us to lunch so I dressed up and left with hubs.
Little did we know that it was not just lunch but a full-blown party.
So, the festivities started and all I can say is after a few too many glasses of wine, we ended up sleeping at 6. a.m in the morning.
So, there went Sunday, nursing hangovers and sleeping just to make sure we would be ready for the week.
And here I am, Monday all fresh, a little sleepy but still loving it.

Just a little reminder to guide you and me through the week:

Whenever things seem a little hard, or you fall down and find yourself not knowing wheere to turn, never, ever, give up. I have to remind myself this everyday and I always find that things get better. Remember that where there is hope, there is life. So, keep on keeping on.
Have a fabulous week dolls!

True to Me: Always

How does a person stay true to themselves?
Personally, this is a question that I do ask myself frequently. Life is big and it presents us with so many choices that it is actually quite difficult to stay true to oneself. I don’t wanna get lost in all these things, all these people who I encounter everyday.
I want ‘ME’ to remain, the Millie that I have always known must remain even after everything else is gone.
Staying true to oneself involves, finding oneself first.
What things do you believe in?
What excites you or makes your heart tick?
I am not my body but I am a soul that gets uplifted by certain things.
These things nourish my soul and this is who I am.
For me, love, peace, joy, stillness and everything that makes me smile, a smile that comes from deep inside, that’s who I am.
This is who I want to preserve.
Staying true means that I only engage in those activities that bring out this smile,
Those things that nourish my soul and uplift it to greater heights.
Helping people not for the sake of it, but to touch their lives,
Establishing connections and keeping them open.
This is what staying true means to me.
Living from the deepest part of my heart and keeping in touch with my soul.
Hope you stay true to yourself. 

Anger, Fighting and Ultimatums

Tuesday was a long day, infact the past two weeks have been long ones. If you have been reading my blog, then you know, me and MR b/f moved to a new town, new house and completely new environment. I took this as a positive thing and have been doing so all this time but lets say this is not exactly what he has seen is as.
The fight has been brewing all through last week and only blew up yesterday night. He has been all quiet on me, pretending to be happy, yet i know he is not. So everyday, I would try to talk to him and ask what is wrong but he would not speak to me. He was completely acting weird.
For us, talking has always been an easy thing. When we first started going out back in 2008, I was the one who was always afraid of opening up and sharing my feelings. But he taught me how to do that, he showed me how to let him in and thus we became very close. So for me, it is completely weird when he is the one who cannot share his thoughts and feelings.
The fight was all about sharing the deepest emotions and being able to reconnect at a deeper level. So we talked, argued and then talked some more. He said he needed time to figure out what he wants. The problem is we live together, so i decided to just stay out of his way, not speak about the issues we discussed and just give him space and time. I told him that I need to know how much time he needed and he said two weeks would be enough. I hope and pray that everything will be alright.
I understand that relationships are a lot of work and am willing to put in enough effort but i need to see him putting effort too.
Sorry for the whining and venting but i needed to and this blog provides the perfect opportunity to do so.
The following quote guides me through all this,

Source: via Jeni on Pinterest