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Happy Weekend

Enjoy your weekend

I have so much planned for this weekend.

I am praying that everything will run smoothly and that everyone will have a blast.

I am also praying that you have the best weekend ever.

Let go of your troubles and live large.

Hug, kiss, laugh, dance, or d whatever makes your heart sing.

Enjoy yourselves people!

I hope to hear of it on Monday.

Weekend Update

Hi lovely people!!Its a new week and am loving it already. But not as much as I loved this weekend. This was a truly nice weekend and I only wish that every weekend could be like this one.
Saturday, I spent the morning doing laundry and the whole afternoon doing this:

Crochet {will fill you in as the week goes by}

and this:
Catching up on Royal Pains.

In the evening, I was really feeling like going dancing or doing something fun for the night. Little did I know that hubby and his friend had the exact plans.
So, at round 9.30 p.m, we all went out and had serious fun. I can’t begin to tell you how awesome that night was. We danced and made fun of ourselves and just had a good time.
Got home at around 5 in the morning and slept until 3 PM. I can’t tell you how that happened but seems like dancing is a recipe for lots of sleeping.
Then on Sunday evening, Manchester United won 3-2 against Chelsea which was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.
This tree is kind of cute and very shapely too, (just outside where we live)

 Beautiful skies
 This other tree is in full bloom, all flowery and cute
Hope you enjoyed your weekend and wishing you a fabulous week!

Friday Fancies and Letters

I think am crazy!Yes I do……
Why do I do this to myself???
We do not celebrate Halloween around these parts yet I get pulled into these crazy awesome outfit creations for the said celebration.
Anyway, since am already in, lets see what I came up with.
I watched the movie Snowwhite and the Huntsman last week and I loved it. I thought that I should have gone with the evil queen idea but I thought better of it since am more of a Snow White fan.
So, here is the costume I found. I dont really think I would wear it but I still think it is a good idea. And good ideas should be shared with friends or bloggers for that matter
Linking up with av @ Long distance loving 


halloween by emmyel on Polyvore

Moving on to Friday Letters:
Dear Weekend: I cant wait to have you here. A combination of my sister’s birthday and all of us at home is a recipe for a good weekend.
Dear Blogging community: You continue to amaze me everyday. Your love is greatly appreciated. I dont know if this is getting corny but I couldn’t let it pass without saying it.
Dear Small Sister: Am planning on baking you a surprise cake tomorrow. Hope you are not reading this blog because I know you are busy and hope you will love it.
Dear Hubby: As always, you are special to me. This week you’ve been super nice and caring and just plain awesome. I love you so very much!
Dear Me: I think you are doing good. Never underestimate yourself.
Dear God: Please bless me with a camera.
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Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!

Weekend Update

So, how are you?
How was your weekend?
Fun??Hope so! Mine too.
To say the least, I had a nice weekend.
On Saturday, I did the laundry in the morning and cleaned up the house a little. Ok, not so fun.
Then in the afternoon, we went to visit my sister-in-law, mother to Leon (my nephew) who was feeling a little under the weather.
Am happy to report that he is feeling better and was very playful. He is so adorable and I do enjoy spending time with him and the entire family.
Sunday, we went to visit my mother in law. I do really adore that woman. I love that she has taken me as her own. I love that she appreciates me. I appreciate her, so very much. I just pray that God sends lots of health her way coz I hate to see her sad or sick!
Came back to our house on Sunday evening and that’s my weekend in summary.
Oh, and I did find some yarn and crochet and more on that will come later.

Words guiding me this week..

Am having Teenage Problems + some Kikuyu Culture

We need to get something straight before we even start this post….am 25. Right?
Did we get that right?? In fact, I consider myself quite mature and progressive about life but am kinda having some teenage problems. But first, the weekend update…
So, this weekend was pretty fun and pretty busy but also pretty nice.
Lets just say it was pretty.
As a matter of fact, it started on Friday evening.
Hubz cousin 9my cousin in law was having her dowry ceremony (‘uthoni’ in Kikuyu culture) on Saturday and I had to be there for her.
So, I packed my bags and went to her house on Friday evening. 
Saturday was a beehive of activity. Lots of cooking and cleaning as we expected more than 100 guests.
It was a fun day really.
For those who don’t understand, let me just break it down for you a little.
[In the Kikuyu culture,actually in most African cultures, when a girl finds a husband or decides to get married/cohabit, her b/f/fiancee must go to her parents home together with his parents to officially meet her side of the family. If the girl is already living the boyfriend or is pregnant, there is also a discussion about that. In addition to that, there is dowry given to the girl’s family as agreed by the two families. There is also fun, lots of eating and partying.]
Hope that helps. Moving on to my teenage problems…
You know how I have said many times on this blog that am tiny??? My problems are related to that.
Am short, like 5’0’…is that too short??And am also kinda skinny, just kinda.
Anyway, some boys decided to confuse me with a high-school student and started hitting on me! Like seriously??
And I don’t mean, ‘boys’ in a nice way, like really young teenage boys…..
It sometimes drives me crazy but it is also a source of laughter between me and hubz. He thinks its hilarious since some of them even approach him asking for help on how they can get me. Shock on them. 
Anyway, just asking, what do you do in such a situation??
Flirt with the boy and give him crazy signs while laughing it off with hubby OR tell him off outright and make it clear that you are a mature, married woman with no intentions of having a teenage boy toy???
Tell me people, I need help….   Or should I just eat myself fat and grow big so that people stop confusing me with schoolgirls?? Consider that I have already accepted the fact that I will never grow tall…