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Currently Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was Kenya’s 49th Independence day Anniversary!!
Our country has taken numerous steps in the right direction.
I was so happy to be witnessing it but happier to have it as a public holiday!
It was an awesome day to say the least.
Though hubby was working, his sister and brother kept me company.
We had a really fun day and that is why I was away from blogging.
Anyway am back and feeling a little hungover from all the volleyball played last evening!
Am Currently:
Reading nothing apart from blogs, emails, comments, etc..I know, #notgood
Listening to Taylor Swift: Red. Loving it a lot!
Laughing about little things that tickle me.
Enjoying the holiday mood!Its ecstatic and I cant wait for my sister’s graduation next week, followed by Christmas!

These are photos of our neighborhood

And am Thankful:
..for an amazing in-law family.
..for my hubby and the little things that make our relationship unique
..for hugs and kisses. am always so happy for these.
..for health
..for the weekend ahead
..for lovely people all around
..for yoga
..for peace of mind
..for everything in this little beautiful life of mine!

The Fontenot Four


Am thankful for:
-An awesome husband
-Two amazing families
-Peace of mind
-Hugs and Smiling faces
-A newborn nephew [Miguel]-much loved
Happy Thanksgiving to all [even those of us whose countries don’t know such a holiday!]

The Fontenot Four

Currently and Thankful Thursday

Its Thursday, y’all!!!! That can only mean one thing: Tomorrow’s friday!
What better news could I have??
“I hate Fridays”, said no-one ever!!!!!
Anyways, lets get on with it and cool off the excitement a little bit:

I Am Currently….

Reading blogs. I don’t know if that counts as reading but I’ve not read a physical book in a while and I actually kind of miss it.

Wishing for a certain phone call. I’ve been waiting for it for a few weeks now and I just wish they would get on with it and just call!Its simple, just pick up the phone and call me!!

Cooking chapatis and finding recipes for arrow roots (nduma as we call it) given to me by my mother-in-law. This week I’ve been having lots of food in the kitchen, thank to her.

Thankful for so many things. Hubby and where he is attached right now, am thankful for all that and just about everything in my life.

Loving parcels from across the world. You should have seen me at the post office yesterday collecting my parcel, I was so excited and so happy at the same time.

Am Thankful for:

-Libby over at Artistic expressions by Elizabeth, she sent me an awesome parcel. Will share more later.Here is a sneak preview of what was in the parcel

-Hubby, our relationship just gets better by the day. He is an awesome man and I am grateful for him.
-The internet, its a gateway to you and to the world.Oh, and to my work too!
-Peace in my country, Kenya. We are a peace-loving nation and I hope it stays that way always.
-Hugs and Kisses
-My mum {she is amazing}

The Fontenot Four

Am totally thankful its Thursday

Hey lovely people!I cant believe how fast these days are going. I’ve not even gotten to think about last weekend and now its almost weekend all over again. Am really thankful for this week and all the opportunities it has given me. So today, am going to just write about all the things am thankful for!

Am Thankful
…for an awesome week, I can’t emphasize that enough
…for new opportunities coming my way every day. 
…because things are getting better, each day more than the last
…for my beautiful sister who’s coming to stay with me for sometime
…for yoga
…for b/f and having a great time together
…for blogging and all the connections I’ve made so far
…for love
..for friendships
…for networking
…for the growth of our baby business (Thika Live)
…for security and clarity
…for feelings and emotions
…for joy and fun
..for hugs and kisses
..for delicious food
…for every skill that I have
…for the internet and laptops
…for sweet texts and calls
…for family
…for LIFE, awesome, beautiful LIFE!


Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok to be Thankful on Thursday

Its Thursday and I have a list of stuff that I really want off my chest and some am really thankful for. So lets do this:

…that today was kind of a boring day
…that i found it difficult to get to my happy place which I value so much
…that I think I was just hungry
…that I ate fries to make myself feel better
…that I am so homesick
 …for a b/f who cares so much
…that we get to spend so much time together
…that our baby business is growing so fast
…that my followers are gradually increasing and I might soon get to 50 (a girl can dream, right???)
…that I get to get off work early tomorrow to go to my parents’ home
…that am so excited
…I’ve been thinking about this weekend for the whole week
…that am meeting wonderful bloggy friends and I love connecting with them
…that things are getting better, each day presents a new opportunity to feel better
…that am so in love
…for all the blessings in my life
…for this link-up
Its Ok Thursdays

Recap of last week:-50 things am grateful for

Today, I have really been thinking about what to write about. I woke up in a very good mood and I have been feeling really awesome throughout the day. So, after the aforementioned deep thinking, I came up with the idea of making a list of the things I am grateful for now and also in the last week. Think of this as a continuation of my post on gratitude. I love lists and so incorporating them into the blog seems like a good idea. Drum roll please, we start at 50 going down to 1:

#50: The couch, what would I do without you
#49: Electricity: Oh yes, powers all the machines and the lighting, amazing
#48: Water: It is life after all
#47: My bed: the comfort of sleeping in it is amazing
#46: The pillows and all the beddings;; only makes it more comfortable
#45: My hair, just did it over the weekend and it looks fabulous
#44: Bathroom, clean and private, i like it
#43: People, I love people
#42: Phones
#41: Calls that last an hour or just several minute but cheer me up
#40: Texts; sweet little ones
#39: The internet; how else would I be her
#38: Being literate; knowing that there are millions out there who aren’t.
#37: Nice bras: yes they hold the boobs up
#36: Bloggie friends, who comment and cheer me on
#35: Blogs: gives me something to read and keep me informed
#34: All the applications and programs on my computer, makes things easy
#33: Pictures; they capture life
#32: Google, yes am thankful for you
#31: Teddy bears, they keep me company when am alone in the house
#30: Living alone: the freedom and the space
#29: Radios
#28: Music, oh how I love you
#27: Movies, actors and actresses: you keep me busy when I need company or entertainment
#26: Lady Antebellum: I love your music, your voice and your creativity
#25: Having a kitchen
#24: All the utensils, plates, cups, knives, cutlery etc..
#23: Calendars: they keep us on track
#22: Handbags: as a woman, what would I do without you
#21: Writers, authors, poets: I appreciate what you do
#20: Curtains and doors, maintains the privacy
#19: Cosmetics, lotions, powder, soaps etc
#18: Clothes: jeans, tops, dresses and all
#17: Shoes: I could not forget thee
#16: Cooking: I love making delicious meals
#15: Towels and blankets
#14: All the companies that provide services to me
#13: Neighbors
#12: Babies, I love their innocence and smell
#11: Scents: sweet ones
#10: Love, loving and being loved
#9: Friends who I cherish
#8: Swimming
#7: Health, I can dance around, my heart is beating and everything is working properly
#6: My house, I love you
#5: Food, sleeping on a full tummy everyday
#4: My parents and the whole extended family- love you so much
#3: My best friend
#2: Breathing
#1: Am ALIVE: what more could I ask for
I have also decided to link up with The good life for Monday Listicles. 
The prompt is
10 things I would rather be doing than cleaning the house
1: Sitting on the couch, just relaxing
2: Eating a chicken sandwich, haha
3: Watching ‘Person of Interest’: hope some of you like it.
4: Going shopping
5: Call friends and chat on the phone
6: Blogging
7: Reading the latest posts on my favorite blogs
8: Cooking something delicious
9: Reading a novel
10: Last but most definitely not least: Sleeping
I loved writing this post and hope you enjoy my lists. Try making some of yours too. Love you always.

Gratitude and Lessons learnt:

Hey people, I totally hope that you are having a great weekend. I also hope you are living your lives to the fullest since it is the only one you’ve got.

Today, I just want to talk about gratitude. Thank You. Thats one word that we have been taught from very early, yet most of us do not even remember to say it as often as we should. One of the lessons I have learnt through the years is that gratitude always brings in more. When you appreciate someone and whatever they mean to you, they will definitely think about doing better and treating you better.
However, am not just talking saying thank you to other people, am talking about a deeper level of gratitude that comes from the heart and nourishes the soul. You might not actually be saying it to the people, but you are thinking it and above all feeling it.

 I know, most of us believe in God, or some higher power other than ourselves. It is good to just sit down and write down or talk about the things we are grateful for. One of the best moments of my life is when I just sit down and begin to count my blessings. I tell God how thankful I am for food, water, electricity, intelligence, a roof over my head, family, friends and many other things. However, it gets even better when I go into details and thank him specifically for the sofa, for my sister, for my Mum, for a particular friend, for a specific moment in my day. 

As I go into more details, I am able to find more and more things that I am grateful for. After doing this exercise for sometime, I found out that there is an endless number of things that I am grateful for. I also realized that there is always something to be thankful for, Yes, even when the times seem so hard. The gift of life is always a good place to start.
My lovely friends, I really hope you find something to be grateful for. You will walk around smiling when you know and understand how blessed you are. I love you lots.
PS: I don’t know what I did to my blog but I hope it still is a source of inspiration. Oh, and any ideas of how I can make it look even more prettier are gladly welcomed. Have an awesome weekend, love and laugh out loud.

Thankful Thursday- This Week

These days are flying but its all good and time for one of my favorite link-ups, Thankful Thursday at Southern Charm. Am a great fan of gratitude and this link-up gives me the opportunity to appreciate the things that am thankful for. So please join in.

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

First, am Thankful for am alive. This week in my country Kenya, there have been several disasters starting from fire to road accidents that have led to numerous deaths. However, I am still here and all my friends and family are. While other families are mourning, I have been given the opportunity to continue living. I am truly thankful for my life and the life of every person on this world.

Secondly, am thankful because i got the chance to donate blood and probably save the life of a person. Since the fire tragedy occurred on Monday, the Kenya Red Cross has organized blood donation drives and the turnout has been great. I know there are people who are willing to donate blood but they do not have enough, are pregnant or by any other means cannot donate blood. But I am grateful because I was healthy enough to donate blood and it surely felt good. You should try it sometime.

Am thankful for having the internet and this blog where I can talk and share my life with people. There are people who are so lonely and do not even have friends (both physical and virtual ones) to talk to. Am so thankful that I write things about my life and someone else can relate to it even when they are millions of miles away. Thank you to whoever discovered the internet, blogger and to my blog friends.

Lastly, am thankful for my mind and point of view that helps me retain sanity even when am so angry. I am an optimist and though some things happen and make me feel so low, I still have the strength to get up, suck it up and smile. I hope you can do the same and gratitude is definitely the way to start.

Love you all.