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Hiking Mt.Kilimambogo: A Visit to Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

Last weekend was awesome! #tembeaKenya

In line with my word for the year, you can read all about that HERE, I am trying to find things that give me joy in everyday life. Honestly, sometimes it is a bit difficult to be joyful when you’ve been down with a load of infections and a bad cold. However, being the positive person I am, I decided to take on something new.

I decided to take on a mountain!!!Whooooa!!What a freaking crazy way to find joy!!

When the opportunity to visit Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park, while hiking the scenic Mt.Kilimambogo came along, I hopped on it without even thinking twice. Add hubby into the mix, and awesome company of people I have never met before, it was the perfect thing to do on a sunny Saturday.

When we first got to the Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park, I was super surprised at how tall the mountain looked. I was instantly scared, but I am not one to give up. So, up we went, trekking the trails of the mountain of buffaloes (That’s Mt.Kilimambogo’s nickname).

Honestly, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. The first footpath up the mountain was the hardest for me. I was sweating and my heart was beating out of my chest. But soon my body started adjusting and I started moving faster and it felt so good.

Reaching the summit was the best part of the day. Little did I know that the trek downhill would be so very difficult.

I am still sore from that hike, but it was such a beautiful and peaceful time. You should definitely try hiking as a way of finding joy and just calming down, while taking a look at beautiful views.

For now..Enjoy the pictures.

At the gate

Ol Donyo Sabuk National ParkThe Buffalo Heads

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park   Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park Louise MacMillan gravesite. Can you imagine she was buried here in 1938? The words are so touching.Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park   Mt. Kilimambogo  With Bae: Team Blue

mt.kilimambogo hike 1Me

mt.kilimambogo activities 2 Mt.KilimambogoThe Summit

Ol Donyo Sabuk

Mt.Kilimambogo SummitGoing downhill…I love this sign!!

mt.kilimambogo going downMore Fun Ideas!

Am having Teenage Problems + some Kikuyu Culture

We need to get something straight before we even start this post….am 25. Right?
Did we get that right?? In fact, I consider myself quite mature and progressive about life but am kinda having some teenage problems. But first, the weekend update…
So, this weekend was pretty fun and pretty busy but also pretty nice.
Lets just say it was pretty.
As a matter of fact, it started on Friday evening.
Hubz cousin 9my cousin in law was having her dowry ceremony (‘uthoni’ in Kikuyu culture) on Saturday and I had to be there for her.
So, I packed my bags and went to her house on Friday evening. 
Saturday was a beehive of activity. Lots of cooking and cleaning as we expected more than 100 guests.
It was a fun day really.
For those who don’t understand, let me just break it down for you a little.
[In the Kikuyu culture,actually in most African cultures, when a girl finds a husband or decides to get married/cohabit, her b/f/fiancee must go to her parents home together with his parents to officially meet her side of the family. If the girl is already living the boyfriend or is pregnant, there is also a discussion about that. In addition to that, there is dowry given to the girl’s family as agreed by the two families. There is also fun, lots of eating and partying.]
Hope that helps. Moving on to my teenage problems…
You know how I have said many times on this blog that am tiny??? My problems are related to that.
Am short, like 5’0’…is that too short??And am also kinda skinny, just kinda.
Anyway, some boys decided to confuse me with a high-school student and started hitting on me! Like seriously??
And I don’t mean, ‘boys’ in a nice way, like really young teenage boys…..
It sometimes drives me crazy but it is also a source of laughter between me and hubz. He thinks its hilarious since some of them even approach him asking for help on how they can get me. Shock on them. 
Anyway, just asking, what do you do in such a situation??
Flirt with the boy and give him crazy signs while laughing it off with hubby OR tell him off outright and make it clear that you are a mature, married woman with no intentions of having a teenage boy toy???
Tell me people, I need help….   Or should I just eat myself fat and grow big so that people stop confusing me with schoolgirls?? Consider that I have already accepted the fact that I will never grow tall…

Current Crush

Am sorry!!
Did I just start my post with an apology??
You know, I wrote a post about running yesterday and I am writing another one today!!
I know its weird and not advisable as the blog may be deemed boring but am just trying to keep the momentum!

By the way, my body is aching like crazy!!I can’t even walk properly. Its crazy. The stairs are the worst!I look like a pretty old granny when walking down or up the stairs!
I just wanna sit at my desk the whole day and have someone carry me home in the evening.
I did not even realize I was so beat until I started it.
Am I really that unfit??Hope not!

Now, I really need/want some running gear. I do especially have an inkling towards needing new running shoes. The ones I have are not really that comfortable.
And also, what better motivation to keep running than a new pair of shoes??
So, my current crush revolves around all the things I want as part of my new hobby!!


running by emmyel featuring nike shoes

Current Crush Thursdays

We Struck Gold: Weekend Update

Hey y’all!!I hope you all had a great weekend!No bragging but I had an awesome weekend and the climax of it all was my country striking gold in the Olympics. Ok. we were expecting some medals but when the races started and we kept loosing or getting the silver and bronze, everyone was a little disappointed. Some even lost hope. But not me. If you knew me, you would know that I never ever give up. I might feel disappointed for a minute or two but I always know that things will get better.
That is why I was over excited for the 3,000 Steeplechase since we always win that one. And the winner is kinda the funniest runner I’ve seen in a while. Ezekiel Kemboi. 
He is now kind of a hero around these parts. 
see what I told ya, funny!!Oh, and skinny too!
Moreover, we also won bronze and I believe we would have had a clean sweep of the medals had Brimin Kipruto not tripped in the last lap.
To say the least, am so happy and so proud of #TeamKenya. You might think am the one who won the medals. While they were running and sweating like hell, I was watching at the comfort of my house. But the cheering went on and on for a few hours. So, people thats a wrap for now. I would have talked about Saturday and how I spent it washing the hugest load of laundry but winning gold at the Olympics took over my life. 
Until tomorrow, when I get a hold of my excitement, Bye!
Go #TeamKenya
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Of Walks, Road Shows and Certificates:Weekend Update

What a weekend!Thats all I can manage to say. 

On Saturday, I went for a Red Cross Road Show/Walk. It was meant to educate the public on road safety and how we can reduce road accidents in our country. I loved it a lot but I got really really tired. The walk took almost 3 hours and I was exhausted by the end of it all. But I have a certificate to show and a really fun time.
On the way, we would do mock accidents and teach people how they can be avoided and how to handle them when they occur!!

Sunday, I was trying to rest but I had to do laundry. I also attended the birthday party of my neighbors beautiful daughter and got a little drank.


Didn’t even think I would be able to wake up today but am fine. This weekend I’ve met a ton of people and made so many new friends. Am so grateful and I hope to enjoy this week as much as I enjoyed the weekend.This is the road that our campaign was focusing on. I hope you stay safe on the roads too!!

Am So Sleepy- Pinteresting

Am crazy tired today. Am just a few minutes away from jumping into bed with all clothes on. But then I thought to myself, ‘What  kind of Wednesday would it be if I did not give you the pleasure of knowing what av been pinning this week?” The answer I gave myself was, ‘Not such a good one’. And here I am, pinning around and sharing it with you all. Enjoy my randomness

First, you have to know am obsessed with The Bachelorette this season, cant wait for Mondays!!

Have never had it, dont think will ever will

Gorgeous, get me all, right now!

This happens to me all the time!

Just some love insight

Enjoy the rest of the week!!!

Friday Fancies: Reese Witherspoon

The Weekend:A Recap

So happy its Monday. I cant believe I said that but am excited to just wake up, find out its Monday and that am ALIVE. Yeeeeeeh, Yipppeeee, . I hope you can feel my excitement. I had a fantastic weekend, mostly indoors but obviously so great. Am happy. Yes, I am. My weekend consisted mostly of
1: Movie Watching

All hail Ryan Gosling
2: Long Walk

3: Time with someone special

All images Via

Yea, I know, it was awesome. Has anyone seen Ashton Kutcher in Two and A Half Men season 9? He’s such a baby but I like it. Have an awesome Monday! Now only if I could take photos as beautiful as that last one!!!

Summer Fancies

So, summer is here, or maybe at least it is where you all are. Here, in Kenya, its a little bit cold. And when I say a little, I mean a lot. Actually am wearing a hood right now because its really cloudy and cold here. But anyway, I would never let our cold dampen your summer feelings. So, I decided to indulge you in some of the beautiful clothes that I would wear if it were summer here. The colors in this ensemble amaze me. Why do we wear black and white all the time when there are such beautiful colors out there. In a bid to add more color and warmth to my life, here are my summer fancies. Linking up with av at long distance loving.
summer Fancies

summer Fancies by emmyel featuring summer day dresses

The maxi dress is by far my favorite in this collection. Am very tiny, (like 5 ft tall) and I really refrain from anything that goes below my knees. However, this one seemed so delicious and beautiful that I just had to show it off to you. The mulch-colored dress is also beautiful and I love the yellow in it. To sum it all, I love each and every one of these and sandals too. (We wouldn’t want me to be in a beautiful maxi dress and bare foot). For those celebrating Memorial weekend, have fun, it comes only once a year. For the rest of us, work and a little play wont hurt. 

Weekend and Birthday Recap

Hey people, (I wish you could hear me say this), it would be loud and cheery. I had the most fun weekend ever. And my fears about having a birthday unnoticed were totally pointless. My previous post explains what I wanted for my birthday on Sunday and I can say am satisfied. It is amazing how the Universe can surprise you when you let go of the control and fear.

On Saturday, we had a party with my friends and it was total fun. This crew that I was partying with is the best. We have been friends since I was in campus. This is the place where I also met my boyfriend so I think Campus was totally great. The party was at one of my friends house and it rocked. The drinking and dancing was awesome. Lets just say, I loved it.

Sunday, we went to visit my boyfriend’s parents and we had so much fun. One thing that I must say is that am so thankful for his family. They treat me so kindly and they genuinely care for me. I completely and totally love them and I know they do too.Spent time with my nephew, Leon. He is 9 months old and so adorable. Will get pictures soon. Nothing moves my heart like babies. So innocent and their laughter, so infectious.

In short, I had so much fun and I feel so blessed. Am thankful for the grace and the opportunity to turn 25. I can only think of the great year that is beginning now. Happy birthday to me and thank you to Mr b/f for making my special day really special.