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Sparkly Style

You know how we girls just find one thing and it makes us feel happy all the time?
I think all girls love some glitter, right?
Some sparkle never killed anyone, it just made them look prettier!
I do love glitter but not in some eye catching, colorful and screaming way.
I love it in more subtle forms.
More like sparkly bubbly…not popping the eyes off.
Just cool…kind of easy and down to earth.
Anyway, trying to explain it in words looks like its failing, so let this outfit explain it.


Sparkly by emmyel featuring a lace skirt
I would give anything for that skirt…Its too pretty and the color soo cool and the glitter..just perfect.
What kind of glitter do you like??
The pop of color or the subtle sparkle?? 
Have a beautiful Weekend!

Friday Fancies:Pretty in Plaid

I have not blogged for two Fridays in a row…
I can be excused because I was off attending to serious matters (or so I think)
Who wouldn’t Friday off anyway???
I might have missed one particular link up very much and am making up for it today.
What can I say?
Such a pretty pattern, one that I always admire on other people but have nothing to show for myself!
I have seen many beautiful plaid shirts while shopping but I don’t know why but I never end up taking one home.
Lets just hope I will incorporate more plaid in my wardrobe (or at-least have one item just for the love of the pattern)


Plaid by emmyel featuring leather shoulder handbags

Have an awesome Friday and a pretty weekend ahead!

How to Keep Warm

This week has been pretty cold in our area. In fact, today we woke up to rain, lots of rain.
You know how laziness strikes when its raining….(almost struck me this morning)
But I had to wake up and take a shower and face the day..I’ve loved it so far.
In fact, I’ve already learnt a lesson of letting go today (What do you do when there is a mix-up somewhere and you are being blamed for the mistake yet you are extremely sure that you didn’t make the mistake???
Answer =You let go!)
Anyway, I was talking about cold and how to keep warm..Oh, and I just kind of came up with an outfit to go with it…Love the colors, already feeling warm
Linking up with {av}at long distance loving

Untitled #50

Untitled #50 by emmyel featuring jeggings leggings

Don’t you feel warm just looking at that??Hope to crochet a cowl like the one above for myself…(soon)

And now onto Friday Letters:

Dear Ring that Hubby bought for me: I love you so much and you are never ever getting off my finger., just what I wanted.Oh, and never play hiding games with my mind, I almost had a heart attack thinking I’d lost you!
Dear Hubby: Thank you and lots of Love!
Dear Weekend: As always, waiting for you and hoping to get some resting and fun out of you!
Dear crochet: Oh how I love you, what better hobby could I have asked for!
Dear blogging community:Always Loved, always appreciated!
Dear Mom-in-law: We’re gonna kick that disease’s ass!You are strong and so amazing and only health suits you!And by the way, I love you so much!

Happy Friday and Keep Warm!

Styling Sweaters & Friday Letters

Happy November loves!How much more do we need to know we are blessed! We have made it to the second last month of the year and its just awesome! I sometimes feel like we just celebrated Christmas and now we are almost onto another one.
Anyway, am just happy to be alive and well!
The sweater season is upon us and in fact, I woke up to a rainy and cool morning. Meaning that I am actually wearing a sweater and would love to add to my collection.
The one’s I chose below look so cozy and easy and I just want them. I chose the first one mainly because of my latest obsession with knitwear and crochet wear…the oversized sweater is also kind of in season.
The colors are also gorgeous, easy on the eye, yet not too boring.Styled with heels for a chic look and with flats for a more casual look!
Can’t wait to see how you style your sweaters!
Linking up with {av} at long distance loving

sweater season

                                                              Friday Letters:
Dear Life: Take me easy please!Be gentle with me, am delicate!
Dear New born baby Ken: You decided to show yourself last night and I couldn’t be any happier for my friend Esther. I wish you a beautiful life ahead!
Dear Sleep: Why can’t I get enough of you??Is there a way we can find some time and catch up?
Dear Weekend: Looking forward to a chill and easy one this time around. I can only pray for good things!
Dear People affected by Sandy: Am praying for you and wish you calm and safety!
Dear Me: Always remember that you are loved!


Happy Friday!

Friday Fancies and Letters

I wish I was going to a party. I really do, I could do with some partying!!!
I don’t know how this week went by. At some point, I thought Tuesday was Monday and at  another point, I thought, Thursday was Friday and now I wish it was Saturday.
Anyway, am still very much alive and I do know for a fact that today is Friday, which is a good thing!
I hope you are not as confused as I am and that your week has been great.
I just hope and pray that whatever has been keeping me this busy yields some good stuff!
Now onto Friday Fancies, purely dedicated to partying:
Linking up with {av} at long distance loving

Party Time

Party Time by emmyel featuring high heels

This outfit is crazy awesome!!I would wear it in a heartbeat, I wouldn’t even think twice!!And then I would be off to my imaginary party!

Next Up, the mail….
Dear Hubby: As always thank you so much for being you. But today more-so than ever for cooking dinner last night and giving me the night off!I did feel like a queen and I could definitely get used to that!Love, lots of it to you!
Dear Weekend: Be kind to me coz I need a break and some time to rest!I also need to squeeze some fun out of you!
Dear Crochet hook and Yarn: You make my nights shorter and I think am falling in love!
Dear Hair: You look terrible and you know it. I don’t know how, but just get done!
Dear Hubby [letter 2]: Your dream of a baby girl has been heard and hope it will be answered soon!!!*wink*
Dear new rock bands that I’ve discovered: Thank you for making my days easier!
Dear Blogging community: You are amazing!


Friday Fancies and Letters

I think am crazy!Yes I do……
Why do I do this to myself???
We do not celebrate Halloween around these parts yet I get pulled into these crazy awesome outfit creations for the said celebration.
Anyway, since am already in, lets see what I came up with.
I watched the movie Snowwhite and the Huntsman last week and I loved it. I thought that I should have gone with the evil queen idea but I thought better of it since am more of a Snow White fan.
So, here is the costume I found. I dont really think I would wear it but I still think it is a good idea. And good ideas should be shared with friends or bloggers for that matter
Linking up with av @ Long distance loving 


halloween by emmyel on Polyvore

Moving on to Friday Letters:
Dear Weekend: I cant wait to have you here. A combination of my sister’s birthday and all of us at home is a recipe for a good weekend.
Dear Blogging community: You continue to amaze me everyday. Your love is greatly appreciated. I dont know if this is getting corny but I couldn’t let it pass without saying it.
Dear Small Sister: Am planning on baking you a surprise cake tomorrow. Hope you are not reading this blog because I know you are busy and hope you will love it.
Dear Hubby: As always, you are special to me. This week you’ve been super nice and caring and just plain awesome. I love you so very much!
Dear Me: I think you are doing good. Never underestimate yourself.
Dear God: Please bless me with a camera.
Linking up with Ashley.
Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!

Friday Fancies & Letters

Ok, so I know most of you are enjoying the fall weather right now and just to be clear am not. Right now, where I am, the weather is sort of erratic. But its cooled down a lot meaning, its almost like fall. Its also raining especially at night and I do like that. I like it when it rains at night and I wake up to the sun and really fresh air. Its amazing!
Hope you are enjoying yourselves, whatever the weather is, wherever you are.
Now, onto Friday Fancies….I would totally wear this outfit despite the weather. I like the plaid shirt and you know jeans are kinda my thing, so this is me.

fall fashion

fall fashion by emmyel featuring skinny jeans

Linking up with av @ Long distance loving
Would you wear this??

Next up, Friday Letters:
Dear Friday Letters: I have never written you before but you are welcome to my little palace and hope you stay a while.
Dear Crochet shops:Where the hell are you in my town??I have been looking for a week now and am yet to find one. I totally need to start my new hobby and that can only happen if I find some yarn and hooks.So, Please, show yourself soon and by soon I mean right now.
Dear Sister:I am already missing you terribly. But am so happy for you. Wishing you only good things in the new town.
Dear Nephew Leon: Get well soon, I wonna see that cute smiley and playful boy when I come tomorrow.
Dear Hubby:You are loved, well beyond your knowledge.
Dear Laundry:Find a way of doing yourself.I just want to see some clean clothes when I get home.
Dear readers:I love you all so much, the emails and comments make me truly happy. And to the new followers, welcome!
Dear Weekend:Hope you hold lots of fun for me coz am really waiting for you!
Linking up with Ashley.
Happy Friday loves!

Trending Monotones

Do I think its kind of crazy to wear one color from top to bottom?? Yes….
Do I completely love it??? Yes
Its pretty weird how many trends keep coming up each day. Its also amazing how much creativity there exists in this world yet we sometimes choose to just stick to one thing.
I usually wear different shades of black or grey but today I chose something a little brighter.
I love the subtlety of this outfit and I would totally wear it. Moreover, the bags break the monotony.

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend ahead!
Make it Count!

Friday Fancies : Crushes

I always fall in love with outfits that I could wear in real life.Like this one, totally awesome and totally wearable [oh, except the six inch heel] but I could try.
The simplicity in this outfit makes me comfortable. I know am trying to get out of the comfort zone with clothes but I couldn’t help it. 
So lets see my recreation…..

simple and fun

I love the bag on the left and I totally want it like right now…
Anyway, enjoy your Friday and make it count!

What to wear to a Manchester United Game

As none of you know (lol)- am a huge soccer fan.
Ok, huuuuuge fan.
I know most of my readers subscribe to the American football concept but really I don’t get it. But I do appreciate you.
I like soccer and here we call it football. No quarter backs or anything, just defenders, midfielders, strikers and goalkeepers.
Yeah, I do know about all this stuff and I like it.
So, as we create outfits today on Friday Fancies, I chose to create one inspired by my favorite teams of all time. MANCHESTER UNITED!!!!! Whoooop!Whoooop!
Am crazy, aren’t I?
I sleep late watching this team, I stop whatever am doing just to watch a replay of the goals, I just cant stand when we lose.
Anyway, too much of that, considering this is a lady’s blog.
Hope that its not too much boy stuff.
Anyway let me spare you and just go directly to the outfit.

Untitled #41
I would totally wear this and I think I already have but lets just leave it at that.
Happy Friday loves.