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5 shoes to die for this season

With the erratic weather changes, I have found myself wanting new shoes to match my clothes. To be totally honest with you, am not really a shoe-girl, but I have recently found myself wanting to update my looks.

This first one is for those work days, when I feel like looking really good/sexy, to match a cute pencil skirt and a flirty blouse. It also comes in a variety of colors to suit your heart’s tunes. #perfect

Lady M black heels

This one is just gorgeous #whynot

attentif-black heeled sandalMy favorite shoes in the world are wedges. Ask me why???? answer=comfort. You can walk and walk and walk and there will be no sore feet to deal with later. Pair these with a maxi skirt or dress and you are good to go.

fashion-sprout-wedgesI need this pair of sandals right now. I mean it.

mizia-sandalsI need this next pair for driving purposes only. Am the type of girl that cannot drive in heels. I just can’t. This shoe is perfect in so many ways and seems like it would fit my very tiny feet.

creamberry-driving shoesDon’t just feast your eyes, click the photos and update your shoe rack too!

Sparkly Style

You know how we girls just find one thing and it makes us feel happy all the time?
I think all girls love some glitter, right?
Some sparkle never killed anyone, it just made them look prettier!
I do love glitter but not in some eye catching, colorful and screaming way.
I love it in more subtle forms.
More like sparkly bubbly…not popping the eyes off.
Just cool…kind of easy and down to earth.
Anyway, trying to explain it in words looks like its failing, so let this outfit explain it.


Sparkly by emmyel featuring a lace skirt
I would give anything for that skirt…Its too pretty and the color soo cool and the glitter..just perfect.
What kind of glitter do you like??
The pop of color or the subtle sparkle?? 
Have a beautiful Weekend!

Friday Fancies:Pretty in Plaid

I have not blogged for two Fridays in a row…
I can be excused because I was off attending to serious matters (or so I think)
Who wouldn’t Friday off anyway???
I might have missed one particular link up very much and am making up for it today.
What can I say?
Such a pretty pattern, one that I always admire on other people but have nothing to show for myself!
I have seen many beautiful plaid shirts while shopping but I don’t know why but I never end up taking one home.
Lets just hope I will incorporate more plaid in my wardrobe (or at-least have one item just for the love of the pattern)


Plaid by emmyel featuring leather shoulder handbags

Have an awesome Friday and a pretty weekend ahead!

Polka Dot Frenzy

I have become an erratic blogger and I want to stop.Am stopping now……………………….stopped.
Moving on, today is Thursday, meaning that tomorrow is totally Friday…Yeah baby!
Wait, where are these weeks going???
Anyway, I had a craving and this blog is the only way I could satiate it.
A craving for polka dots and I really went all out.
I just hope its not too much. In case it is, you can tell me and I promise to stop.

Polka dotted

Polka dotted by emmyel featuring chinti and parker

Ok, I think its a little crazy too but this collection made me smile. I think I like the sweaters the most. They are real cute and look so comfy..

Current Crush Thursdays

Trending Monotones

Do I think its kind of crazy to wear one color from top to bottom?? Yes….
Do I completely love it??? Yes
Its pretty weird how many trends keep coming up each day. Its also amazing how much creativity there exists in this world yet we sometimes choose to just stick to one thing.
I usually wear different shades of black or grey but today I chose something a little brighter.
I love the subtlety of this outfit and I would totally wear it. Moreover, the bags break the monotony.

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend ahead!
Make it Count!

Loving Lately

What am I loving lately??
So many things… I don’t even know where to start.
Before I forget, I must say that am loving life. Am loving being alive and well.
Am also loving that you are here, reading this.
Am also loving these:
1. This chair is so cute and looks so comfy. Add a  good book, a good cup of coffee and everything is perfect.

2. This other one if for my imaginary home office. The red is gorgeous and I can see myself swinging around and coming up with some pretty rad blog posts.

 3. I have totally and for many years now been wanting a cooker/oven. I do hope that this dream comes true soonest.

4. Lastly, I have been loving me some dinnerware. Black has always been my color but the red & white looks good too.


Am also loving;
-my hubby
-Calls with long lost friends
-Show premieres [how i met your mother, big bang, grey’s anatomy, homeland, the good wife and many more]
-Blogging (its been awesome lately)

How do you wear Skirts???

Yeeeaaaah!Its Thursday, just one more day and we can say We Made It!!!
Another week down, that’s a real blessing don’t you think???
That’s right.
As I’ve said a ton of times on this blog, I do really think I need fashion help.
Jeans and t-shirts ain’t cutting it!!Especially in a world where fashion is the in-thing..
I might just be the lost one here but I sure do hope there are others like me…

Anyway, in my attempt to cut myself from my self-created fashion rut, I have been thinking about adding some skirts to my closet. I have some but I rarely wear them so once I buy some more, I hope to take it to the next level and actually wear them..
I once wore a skirt suit and my hubby’s friend asked me why I was stealing my sister’s clothing..He even pointed out that he can only talk seriously to me if am back to my jeans routine.
Insert very sad face here…..
I digress, my main point here was, am trying to be more fashionable, or more specifically fantasizing about it.
Anyway, here are some of my latest skirt finds and I do hope they make their way to my closet while am asleep and then I can begin the process of thinking how I will wear them

Skirt Fever

Skirt Fever by emmyel featuring yves saint laurent

The ones in the first row are called skater skirts (which I didn’t know). By the way, am always surprised by these names. Where do they come from??Who names skirts?? I’ll stop there since it is getting kinda weird.
Anyway, I love all these skirts. The colors=awesome.
If I wore that maxi skirt, I would totally look weird rock it, coz am a wee bit tiny.
Have yourselves a pretty awesome Thursday!

Current Crush Thursdays

What is Happiness??

Today, am a little tired. So, I just wanted to share with you a little something that made me happy. Something that comes pretty close to defining what happiness is all about. But really people, I think I might have found the answer on how to be happy! I can assure you that the answer is pretty and quite colorful. I think I really like it.
I hope it lifts up your spirits.

I know you thought it was a quote or something of the sort but look at this dress!! Bazinga!!!
It is awesome. I can’t even imagine how I would feel wearing it. The colors pop out of the dress and make it look so easy to wear!
People, I think am in looove!!

Am a Sunset Person..

Are you a sunrise or a sunset person???Have you ever thought about it??I have not but I already know that am more of an evening person. Therefore, given the chance to choose between sunsets and sunrises, I’d definitely choose sunsets. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunrises, just that you have to leave some very warm covers to experience them. Sunsets are easier, they signify transformation of day into night. And I love the peace that they bring. Am an easy kind of person though I always seem to make the harder choices.
In honor of beautiful sunsets such as the one above {which I got to experience on Tuesday}, here is a collection of outfits I would love to wear. Enjoy.
sunset dressed

sunset dressed by emmyel featuring a collared shirt

As always linking up with {av} at long distance loving for Friday Fancies.

Gingham on Friday Fancies

Hi Friday, totally missed you. So happy you are here. Hope you can stay a while. Thank you.
 Gingham: that’s what I am trying to style today. I love patterned clothes, therefore, I found an outfit that is both wearable and very comfortable. This outfit can be worn to work and can easily be transformed to an evening outfit. I actually like it a lot.  Now, only if it were in my closet, I would wear it to a function am attending today!


Gingham by emmyel featuring houndstooth scarves

I love the style and the colors and the skirt and the top and everything else. Hope you like it too.