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Sparkly Style

You know how we girls just find one thing and it makes us feel happy all the time?
I think all girls love some glitter, right?
Some sparkle never killed anyone, it just made them look prettier!
I do love glitter but not in some eye catching, colorful and screaming way.
I love it in more subtle forms.
More like sparkly bubbly…not popping the eyes off.
Just cool…kind of easy and down to earth.
Anyway, trying to explain it in words looks like its failing, so let this outfit explain it.


Sparkly by emmyel featuring a lace skirt
I would give anything for that skirt…Its too pretty and the color soo cool and the glitter..just perfect.
What kind of glitter do you like??
The pop of color or the subtle sparkle?? 
Have a beautiful Weekend!

Polka Dot Frenzy

I have become an erratic blogger and I want to stop.Am stopping now……………………….stopped.
Moving on, today is Thursday, meaning that tomorrow is totally Friday…Yeah baby!
Wait, where are these weeks going???
Anyway, I had a craving and this blog is the only way I could satiate it.
A craving for polka dots and I really went all out.
I just hope its not too much. In case it is, you can tell me and I promise to stop.

Polka dotted

Polka dotted by emmyel featuring chinti and parker

Ok, I think its a little crazy too but this collection made me smile. I think I like the sweaters the most. They are real cute and look so comfy..

Current Crush Thursdays

Trending Monotones

Do I think its kind of crazy to wear one color from top to bottom?? Yes….
Do I completely love it??? Yes
Its pretty weird how many trends keep coming up each day. Its also amazing how much creativity there exists in this world yet we sometimes choose to just stick to one thing.
I usually wear different shades of black or grey but today I chose something a little brighter.
I love the subtlety of this outfit and I would totally wear it. Moreover, the bags break the monotony.

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend ahead!
Make it Count!