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On my Heart

There are times that life serves us things that are too scary, we try to run  away and hide our faces under the sand.
I have been wanting to talk about the issue that has been on my hear for a long time.
However, when I open the blog and try to type in the words, I just crash and hide under the sand.
But, today is the day.

On my heart today is my mother in law.
Just a fact you should know is I love her to bits.
I don’t know how us as human beings can meet someone at a later stage in life and just love them like your own. Am very protective of her.
However, the reason why she is on my heart constantly is because of Cancer.
Yes, it is scary and that is why I have not been able to write about it.
She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few years ago and it has been a difficult couple of years for her.
There have been numerous trips to the hospital, abroad and in Kenya.
There have been huge medical bills that have had a huge impact on the family.
There have been constant medication, surgery, chemotherapy and just a crazy medical schedule.
There have been numerous hospital admissions.
There have been crazy days when she got so sick and we got so scared.
And then there have been the difficult days, the days when we all give up. The days when we all do not know what to do. The days when even with all the strength we have developed so far, it is not enough.
The days when we just sit and wonder what next.

But then after a few days of giving up, we realize that she is still here and we have to be strong for her and for ourselves.
Those are the days when we wipe our tears and start looking for a new way to help her feel better.
Ways to show her how much we love her.

She is on my heart today because she is very protective of me too.
She is so eager to meet her grandchild and I totally hope its a girl because I want to name her after her.
She has taught me so much.
I now know how to love my siblings more because of the way she relates to hers.
I now understand that family is the greatest gift one can ever have.
I also know that am loved because she has shown me love.

I just keep praying that she feels better and that God restores her.
That God touches her and resuscitates her health.
My biggest prayer right now is that God gives her strength to take each day as it comes.

My heart be still, for things will be alright!

If You Really Knew Me

First, thank you to all the ladies who have written such posts. The idea is awesome and makes it easier for us to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Here we go….
If you really knew me:
…you would know that I was a very quiet and shy girl while growing up. However, that has changed dramatically over the past few years. I can now easily speak up and mingle with people from anywhere.

…you would know that I am sometimes afraid of letting people into my real life issues. I fear that I may be overburdening them.

…you would know that I love family so much. All kinds of families, to be clear, and I want to start mine asap. would know that I love kids a lot and they seem to love me as well. It is very difficult to find a child that hates me!!!{mainly because I love running around and making fun} 

…you would know that am very easy going. I am the first on the dance floor and my friends usually count on me to shake up a party.
…you would know that I try to be charming though I think I fail in most attempts. My love {L} is very charming and I try to copy his skills but I can’t.
…you would know that I can never let go of things and people am attached to. I have a phone I bought four years ago and I cannot seem to let it go. I just want to hold onto what I know, what feels comfortable, you know???I hope you do know, because if you don’t, then I don’t know where this world is headed. {I digress}
…you would know that I fall in love very easily. I trust easily too and I always think that everyone is good until proven otherwise .
…you would know that I am 100% optimist. I feel bad when people are negative, I wanna beat sense into them but that wouldn’t be too good, would it?.
…you would know that I never, ever give up. Ever! I always know that things will fall into place perfectly and they always have. {Even when it doesn’t look too good}
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Awesome Weekend

So, this weekend I sought out to find some time to spend with family. I have been MIA from home for almost a month and a half and I really needed to get there. So Saturday, I packed up and took the 2 hour journey home. I can tell you right now that it was totally worth it or I could tell you at the end of the post. Take your pick.

I got to spend time with my parents. I really missed my mum. I am really grateful for the opportunity to talk and just be together. I loved the cooking and the laughter and jokes. Am also grateful for my brother, the inside jokes and football discussions. Totally loved it.

Am grateful for getting time to spend time with my nieces. The latest addition being Crystal who is 5 months old. The rest are Elizabeth, Diana and Mercy. I loved every bit of being with them. Their smiles are contagious and their laughter infectitious. Am so happy because I had missed them so much. I guess I really didn’t know how much I had missed them until I saw them.

Anyway, as stated above, I had an awesome time and I think am already missing everyone all over again. Hope you enjoyed yours and wish you and me a great week ahead!

Thankful Thursday- Family Edition

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Every waking moment i spend on this earth, one thing that i know for sure is that there is always something to be grateful for. That is why i love this link up so much hosted by Rebecca.

Am thankful for the greatest woman i know, my Mama. I know i say it very often but this can never be enough as compared to the goodness she has offered me. Am thankful coz she has always been there for me. Even when i did not realize i needed her, she has always been there. Even thru my teenage years where i was one very bad girl, she was there. I love her so much and am really grateful that she still talks to me and shares my life with me.

Am thankful for a man who has watched me grow and guided me thru life, my Dad. Am grateful for he has always provided for us and made sure we have whatever we need. His hard work has inspired me to make my own life better. I love you dad and am so grateful to you.

Am thankful for the one girl that knows a lot of stuff about me but still hold me close to her heart, my Sister. She is two years younger than me but i would do anything for this girl. She is more than a friend and more like a part of me. I love you baby sister and am grateful for every moment i spend with you.

Am thankful for our baby who has grown to be very tall and very handsome, my Brother. He is six years younger than me but way taller. I am grateful for the laughter and the opportunity to be an example for you to look upto. I love you very much and am thankful for you.

Am thankful for my whole extended family, my cousins, my grandparents, my aunties, uncles, nepwews, nieces, in-laws and everyone else. I love you all and today i appreciate you and am thankful for you.
May love always flow in this family as i hold it very close to my heart.

My Weekend

As i wrote earlier on Friday, this weekend was supposed to be filled with all kinds of activities. So here is a way to document and share with my readers what happened during the weekend,

Friday: Ok, I know it was too early to start the weekend but i started mine then and i never stopped. I left my house at around midday and took the long ride home (my parent’s house). Its around a two and a half hours drive to my home town and i reached home at around 5.30 PM. I was welcomed by hugs from my family members, my mama, sis and very cute niece who is almost five years now. By the way, my mom and dad were busy preparing for a wedding the following day where they were the best couple. The evening was filled with laughter, lots of food and lots of fun. We slept at around 11 after a hearty evening.

Saturday: This was the long awaited day and my parents woke up very early since they were supposed to be at the bride’s home by 7.30. After they left, i slept a while longer and then woke up to get ready for the wedding. I decided to take my niece, Mercy so that i would not be lonely and that she would enjoy herself too. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Simple but very entertaining and awesome. I loved it and felt a deeper longing for my wedding day. We danced, laughed and filled our stomachs and had a great time. And not forgetting that my mom and dad looked gorgeous and i loved how they played their part. Day well spent.

Sunday: Woke up at 8 and started getting ready for the journey back to the city. I left with my sister at around 11 and i decided to first go and visit Mr b/f since i had not seen him for a week. He is actually already at the city where we will be moving to next weekend. We decided to use the afternoon looking for a house. The search was long and tiring but we have some hope now. Otherwise i had a great time with him but i still miss him so much.

That much looks like my weekend but i can’t wait for this following one. I know it will be tiring but it will all be worth it. I hope to have a blissful week ahead and i hope you do too.
Kisses n love ya.