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Friday Fancies & Letters

Ok, so I know most of you are enjoying the fall weather right now and just to be clear am not. Right now, where I am, the weather is sort of erratic. But its cooled down a lot meaning, its almost like fall. Its also raining especially at night and I do like that. I like it when it rains at night and I wake up to the sun and really fresh air. Its amazing!
Hope you are enjoying yourselves, whatever the weather is, wherever you are.
Now, onto Friday Fancies….I would totally wear this outfit despite the weather. I like the plaid shirt and you know jeans are kinda my thing, so this is me.

fall fashion

fall fashion by emmyel featuring skinny jeans

Linking up with av @ Long distance loving
Would you wear this??

Next up, Friday Letters:
Dear Friday Letters: I have never written you before but you are welcome to my little palace and hope you stay a while.
Dear Crochet shops:Where the hell are you in my town??I have been looking for a week now and am yet to find one. I totally need to start my new hobby and that can only happen if I find some yarn and hooks.So, Please, show yourself soon and by soon I mean right now.
Dear Sister:I am already missing you terribly. But am so happy for you. Wishing you only good things in the new town.
Dear Nephew Leon: Get well soon, I wonna see that cute smiley and playful boy when I come tomorrow.
Dear Hubby:You are loved, well beyond your knowledge.
Dear Laundry:Find a way of doing yourself.I just want to see some clean clothes when I get home.
Dear readers:I love you all so much, the emails and comments make me truly happy. And to the new followers, welcome!
Dear Weekend:Hope you hold lots of fun for me coz am really waiting for you!
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Happy Friday loves!

Loving Lately

What am I loving lately??
So many things… I don’t even know where to start.
Before I forget, I must say that am loving life. Am loving being alive and well.
Am also loving that you are here, reading this.
Am also loving these:
1. This chair is so cute and looks so comfy. Add a  good book, a good cup of coffee and everything is perfect.

2. This other one if for my imaginary home office. The red is gorgeous and I can see myself swinging around and coming up with some pretty rad blog posts.

 3. I have totally and for many years now been wanting a cooker/oven. I do hope that this dream comes true soonest.

4. Lastly, I have been loving me some dinnerware. Black has always been my color but the red & white looks good too.


Am also loving;
-my hubby
-Calls with long lost friends
-Show premieres [how i met your mother, big bang, grey’s anatomy, homeland, the good wife and many more]
-Blogging (its been awesome lately)

Fall and Halloween- (though we have none)

In my country (KENYA), there is nothing like Fall. Our seasons are not categorized this way so we just have rainy, dry, warm, cold and such kids of descriptions. Secondly, we do not celebrate Halloween, (sori but I do not even know the date for Halloween.) This means that I kinda felt left out in the blogosphere world lately. but instead of wallowing and running from the scene, I have decided to appreciate the peope who have these seasons and celebrations by participating in a link-up with much love, lilly. So please enjoy my fav fall fashion and continue linking up.

Source: via Beth on Pinterest

Join in and enjoy,