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I Love Mondays: Weekend Update

I love Mondays. I have come to realize that once you find something that you love doing, then Monday is no longer the stressful day of the week. I love waking up well rested and easy on Mondays. Don’t get me wrong, I love my weekends very much. In fact, this weekend was perfect.
I do not say perfect because I went places or went dancing or something of the sort. I say perfect because it was an easy, love filled weekend. We slept in, on both Saturday and Sunday and that is something I always treasure.
We went for walks, visited parents, laughed and loved. It is not the activities from this weekend that I treasure but rather the feelings that I experienced.
The peace, the love, the security and surety, the warmth and the calmness. I enjoyed these feelings and I will always keep them close to my heart.
And that is why, the transformation from the weekend to the week does not scare me because I have something to treasure. Something that will keep me going until the next weekend.

 Happy week to all of you!

Block Party on Friday Fancies

I sometimes wish I were a billionaire so I could just order all the outfits I have created for Friday Fancies. This week, I started by choosing the accessories since that was easy. I wanted to create something colorful yet subtle. So, nude was an obvious choice. However, yellow is my favorite color. I choose many dresses for this outfit but I could not settle on them. Then, I saw this dress and I was like tada!!!!!! I love it and it makes use of my yellow and nude color choices. How much better could I have done. I love this combi n I hope someone else loves it as much as I do and gets it for me!!!! As always, linking up with {av} at Long Distance Loving.

color block

color block by emmyel featuring leather handbags


If we went for Coffee Today


Loved it, a little tired but doing well,
Hope you had a good day too,
Been long since we’ve talked.
Coffee tastes great and am happy that you are here.
I have missed doing something with you.
Its good to know that you took time to come,
Am grateful for you!

If we were to have coffee today, I would have such little to say.
Am just having a quiet time here.
In real life, its not that quiet. Driving lessons, time with in-laws, lots of walking around, stall at work.
Lots has been going on but over here am taking it easy.
Here, I choose to take it easy. I choose to enjoy time here and listen to the silence in the blogworld.
But tomorrow, it is a new day. Mid-week, Infact.Maybe some noise but not guaranteed.
Love you and it was fun having coffee with you!
Lets wait for Wednesday!