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Christmas List

You know how its almost Christmas and everyone is doing lists of what they would love to get???
I have been thinking about what I would love to get too!
{Look at me stealing from the idea of masses, original right?}
Anyway, what I would really love this Christmas is a kitchen spruce up…
I know there are so many things I want for my kitchen..
Like new dinnerware, some classy cutlery and so much more of kitchen appliances.
But there is one thing that I really really want.
In fact I’ve been wanting it for as long as I’ve had a kitchen other than my mom’s.
An Oven..

                                                                      Source: via Millie on Pinterest

And if its this one from Samsung, the better.
Yes I said it.
I know most of you see it as a basic thing and already have it but I dont..
I love cooking and baking but am limited by the lack of an oven..
Why do I want it so bad, you may ask??
One reason: So I can cook more and expand the number of dishes I prepare at home.
By the way, I cook almost daily and hubby appreciates it a lot.
Moreover, I love it and I absolutely want to do more of it.
So God,Santa, The Kardashians, Channing Tatum, Bloggers, Mum, Dad, Hubby and anyone else who has any kind of power-I guess if you work together, this is a pretty easy task.
Thank you in advance!
Millie, waiting for your surprise anytime…….
I love you all!

Shaking, Shivering and Teeth Grinding

Oh My God, am so very very extremely cold. Right now, Kenya is so very cold. My hands are freezing, my intestines are shaking, my teeth are grinding, its really cold you guys. But I found something to keep me warm. But thats not the point, this thing has made me laugh and am so in love. Hope you like it too…
Drum roll please…………………………………………

Source: via Darby on Pinterest

I think its called a snuggie and its so cute and funny and awesome. I so want one!

Letters to my Future Husband #6

Hey lovely readers? Its that time again to write to the future Mr. Millie. I never knew that inspiration could take so long, but its here so lets hope he is reading and that it touches some part of his heart.

Dear [FH],
Hi honey, dear, darling, sweetheart and all the other sweet words I might choose to call you! I am Ok, just taking each day as it comes. Life is fine, not too much drama. I actually like my life right now and I hope it is headed in the right direction. The weather is kind of complicated. Somedays, the sun decides to come out and some others, its just plain cold. Today is kinda cold, actually my feet are freezing but I will be ok.

How are you?Is everything ok? I guess it is coz if it weren’t, you would have reported it. And if it isn’t, then I will pray and by tomorrow, everything will be better. Is it cold? Or maybe warm or hot where you are?I wish you could just tell me so I know what your life is like. Oh dear, I must admit that I miss you. Do you understand? You know I said the same thing in the last letter but I dont think you understand. I miss you so much. In a way that I cannot explain. But am ready to wait for you.

Sweerie, when the time comes for us to meet, I hope you will be ready. Ready to receive the best kind of love from me. The kind that sticks in the heart and remains there forever. I hope you will be ready to share your life with me. That is the reason why all human beings crave connection. We want to share our lives with someone else. That is what I want with you. To share our lives together. To know that someone notices and values my existence. That is is not all in vain. I am getting ready for all this and more and hope you are too.

I love you my baby and wish to see you soon.
Many hugs and kissess!

Readers, I hope he listens to me and comes along very soon. Hold your breath and I’ll hold mine and when we let go, he will be here.

Scintilla #11: Story from another Life

Hey my lovely readers, hope your week is going great and that you are enjoying it. Lots of happenings in this corner of my world but am gonna be ok. Scintilla is over and am sad. Just today and that it. I loved this project and hope to participate in more like this.
Prompt: Tell a story that you haven’t told yet. Give it a different ending
  than the one that really happened. Don’t tell us where you start
  changing things. Just go.
I wake up and its still dark. I know I have not slept for long. I glance at my phone and its only been two hours. I cant sleep anymore. It feels like there is something going on in my head. Is that someone drumming? In my head? Feels crazy.
I have cried my eyes out. I dont think it is even possible for me to cry anymore. I am tired of all the crying. I am tired of all the tears and the pain and the craziness.
I then start dreaming. I dream of a large field. It is filled with sunflowers. Beautiful and yellow. It is morning and they are opening up. To the beautiful sunlight. It is a gorgeous day and I take it all in. I take one flower in my hand and fix it in my hair. I fumble with it but cannot get to do it. Then, I feel a warm hand on my neck. 
The flower is no longer in my hand but he takes it gently. He fixes it on my hair and then turns me around. I turn back really easily. He is so strong. I look at him and I see the sun shining in his eyes. His hair graciously flowing and his skin so supple and dark. 
When he leans in and kisses me, thats when I discover am not dreaming. It is just me in another life. Where you and I live beautifully. And sunflowers wake us up. We enjoy watching them opening up to the sun. It is just like we have opened our hearts to each other. I love you, thats all I can mumble.

Am dreaming

Yes I am a dreamer. I like to dream big and especially during the day. So here I go,,
I want my own cute camera, just like this one

Source: None via Ally on Pinterest

And a pretty house

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

With a beutiful lawn

And a handsome husband

Having fun..n…laughter..

Source: None via Kristen on Pinterest

Let me keep on dreaming coz dreams do come true. At least for me.Kisses