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Polka Dot Frenzy

I have become an erratic blogger and I want to stop.Am stopping now……………………….stopped.
Moving on, today is Thursday, meaning that tomorrow is totally Friday…Yeah baby!
Wait, where are these weeks going???
Anyway, I had a craving and this blog is the only way I could satiate it.
A craving for polka dots and I really went all out.
I just hope its not too much. In case it is, you can tell me and I promise to stop.

Polka dotted

Polka dotted by emmyel featuring chinti and parker

Ok, I think its a little crazy too but this collection made me smile. I think I like the sweaters the most. They are real cute and look so comfy..

Current Crush Thursdays

How do you wear Skirts???

Yeeeaaaah!Its Thursday, just one more day and we can say We Made It!!!
Another week down, that’s a real blessing don’t you think???
That’s right.
As I’ve said a ton of times on this blog, I do really think I need fashion help.
Jeans and t-shirts ain’t cutting it!!Especially in a world where fashion is the in-thing..
I might just be the lost one here but I sure do hope there are others like me…

Anyway, in my attempt to cut myself from my self-created fashion rut, I have been thinking about adding some skirts to my closet. I have some but I rarely wear them so once I buy some more, I hope to take it to the next level and actually wear them..
I once wore a skirt suit and my hubby’s friend asked me why I was stealing my sister’s clothing..He even pointed out that he can only talk seriously to me if am back to my jeans routine.
Insert very sad face here…..
I digress, my main point here was, am trying to be more fashionable, or more specifically fantasizing about it.
Anyway, here are some of my latest skirt finds and I do hope they make their way to my closet while am asleep and then I can begin the process of thinking how I will wear them

Skirt Fever

Skirt Fever by emmyel featuring yves saint laurent

The ones in the first row are called skater skirts (which I didn’t know). By the way, am always surprised by these names. Where do they come from??Who names skirts?? I’ll stop there since it is getting kinda weird.
Anyway, I love all these skirts. The colors=awesome.
If I wore that maxi skirt, I would totally look weird rock it, coz am a wee bit tiny.
Have yourselves a pretty awesome Thursday!

Current Crush Thursdays

Current Crush

Am sorry!!
Did I just start my post with an apology??
You know, I wrote a post about running yesterday and I am writing another one today!!
I know its weird and not advisable as the blog may be deemed boring but am just trying to keep the momentum!

By the way, my body is aching like crazy!!I can’t even walk properly. Its crazy. The stairs are the worst!I look like a pretty old granny when walking down or up the stairs!
I just wanna sit at my desk the whole day and have someone carry me home in the evening.
I did not even realize I was so beat until I started it.
Am I really that unfit??Hope not!

Now, I really need/want some running gear. I do especially have an inkling towards needing new running shoes. The ones I have are not really that comfortable.
And also, what better motivation to keep running than a new pair of shoes??
So, my current crush revolves around all the things I want as part of my new hobby!!


running by emmyel featuring nike shoes

Current Crush Thursdays

Current Crush: Maxi Dresses

If you really knew me, then you would know that am super short. Yes, I am and am proud of it!!However, the problem with my height is that wearing long dresses or skirts is kinda difficult. 
Problem no. 1: Finding my size is total mayhem
Problem no. 2: I look weird in long, flowy kind of clothing
Problem no. 3: Because am also kind of skinny, I get lost in these kinds of clothing. For real, it looks like the dress is walking with no-one inside!!{ghosts!!}And then people start running and screaming. (digression)
Anyhow, blogging has given me the platform to search and swoon for amazing clothes that I would never rarely wear in real life. I believe, this is the first step in finding the courage to wear these clothes, for reals. 
In this breath, I would like to introduce to my latest finds and crushes over at Polyvore. 
Drum roll please………{The Maxi Dresses}
Maxi Dresses

I love each and one of these. But my absolute fav is the second on the bottom row. I also discovered that I prefer patterned/flowered maxis as opposed to solid colored ones. I told ya, blogging has helped me discover who I “really” am. Tell me people, do you wear maxi dresses!
Which ones do you like in this set????
Current Crush Thursdays

High-Low Skirts

I did not know what I was going to write about today. In fact, I was thinking of just letting the whole posting energy go to waste. However, at the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to write about something that am loving right now, but I did not know what exactly that was.
So, I decided to hop on over to Polyvore and see whether there was something that I really liked. And then I typed ‘h’. Suddenly, the suggestion of a high-low skirt came up but I did not know what that is. Innocently, I clicked, just so I could know what a high-low skirt was and so that I would not be the dumb girl who gets passed on by popular trends. Let me just say that this was magic at its best.
Two weeks ago, I went home. My cousin (more like a sister coz our dads are twins), mum to my beautiful niece Crystal, gave me one of her skirts that does not fit anymore. Funny enough, its a high-low skirt, but I did not know that’s what they are called.
{For those like me, a high-low skirt is one which the hemline is not even. Some parts are shorter than others.} 
Now, I have to tell you that I love that skirt that my cousin gave me and I just wanna show you the beauty in these skirts, so you can understand why am crushing really hard.

high low skirt

high low skirt by emmyel featuring a hi low skirt

These skirts are gorgeous and I could not have picked a better item to crush on. Do you wear high-low skirts?? Tell me all about it!!

Current Crush Thursdays

Current Crush Thursday

Its way too cold around here these days. Am freezing most of the time. It is actually really hard to look fashionable (as if that applies to me) and keep warm at the same time!I’ve heard many people complain about this thing. Am really jealous of those of you who are enjoying the summer sun right now, while am freezing over here. But, you just wait, in December, you will all be freezing while I will be soaking in some sun. (I know you are jealous.)

Anyway, my favorite thing right now is scarves. I actually never go out without one these days. I have like 5 and I would love to add to that collection. So for today, enjoy mu current crush on these scarves.

Scarves Crush

Scarves Crush by emmyel featuring polka dot scarves

They are really cute. Tell me which one is your favorite!!
Oh, and Thank you for your comments on my post on PMS. Thank you and you are all so adorable.

Current Crush Thursdays

Current Crush: Wedges

As I go through this blogging experience, I get to read some awesome blogs. In the blog world, I fall in love constantly and I am happy for this. I came across Framed Frosting, sometime ago and am an avid follower. I especially love the current crush link-up on Thursdays and am happy to be participating today!
I have and am always crushing on wedges. It does not matter whether its warm or cold, I just love wedges and want to show you some of the ones, I really like!!


I especially love the last row of wedges. The colors and designs amaze me. They make me wanna wake up and go shopping. I love wedges and I wish I owned more of them and especially these ones. Hope you love them too.

Current Crush Thursdays