What am I loving lately??
So many things… I don’t even know where to start.
Before I forget, I must say that am loving life. Am loving being alive and well.
Am also loving that you are here, reading this.
Am also loving these:
1. This chair is so cute and looks so comfy. Add a  good book, a good cup of coffee and everything is perfect.

2. This other one if for my imaginary home office. The red is gorgeous and I can see myself swinging around and coming up with some pretty rad blog posts.

 3. I have totally and for many years now been wanting a cooker/oven. I do hope that this dream comes true soonest.

4. Lastly, I have been loving me some dinnerware. Black has always been my color but the red & white looks good too.


Am also loving;
-my hubby
-Calls with long lost friends
-Show premieres [how i met your mother, big bang, grey’s anatomy, homeland, the good wife and many more]
-Blogging (its been awesome lately)