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Currently and Thankful Thursday

I was out of words when I woke up this morning. I did not know at all, what I was going to write about. When this feeling creeps in yet I have so much going on in my life, I tend to be a little crazy. But, thank God for blogger linkups that give you ideas on how you can share your life with the world.
Feeling better. As I said on (Is it Tuesday or Monday?, whatevs) I have been having a cold that was absolutely driving me crazy. But, I changed medication yesterday and woke up feeling all better. Thank you!

Drinking porridge or uji as we call it in Swahili. My mom told me, many many years ago that when a person is feeling sick and lacks appetite, the best thing for him or her is porridge. And I’ve been following her advice and it does make me feel better.

Looking for crochet bloggers. I have recently taken up crocheting as a new hobby and am looking for people I can connect with and share and learn and enjoy this awesome hobby. I hope you can tell am excited!

Dreaming of going home. Seeing my parents this weekend and my sister and the whole family. Those are beautiful dreams.

Making crocheted baby beanies. My hubby and his friend think I’ve caught the baby fever but who knows?????

Thankful for:
-Going home early and taking naps in the middle of the afternoon.
-For a loving and caring husband.
-For health and a working body and metabolism.
-For peace of mind
-For fun working days where ideas flow and customers are delightful.
-For blogging, such a wonderful community.
Love you all and have an awesome Thursday!

The Fontenot Four

Current Crush Thursday

Its way too cold around here these days. Am freezing most of the time. It is actually really hard to look fashionable (as if that applies to me) and keep warm at the same time!I’ve heard many people complain about this thing. Am really jealous of those of you who are enjoying the summer sun right now, while am freezing over here. But, you just wait, in December, you will all be freezing while I will be soaking in some sun. (I know you are jealous.)

Anyway, my favorite thing right now is scarves. I actually never go out without one these days. I have like 5 and I would love to add to that collection. So for today, enjoy mu current crush on these scarves.

Scarves Crush

Scarves Crush by emmyel featuring polka dot scarves

They are really cute. Tell me which one is your favorite!!
Oh, and Thank you for your comments on my post on PMS. Thank you and you are all so adorable.

Current Crush Thursdays

Shaking, Shivering and Teeth Grinding

Oh My God, am so very very extremely cold. Right now, Kenya is so very cold. My hands are freezing, my intestines are shaking, my teeth are grinding, its really cold you guys. But I found something to keep me warm. But thats not the point, this thing has made me laugh and am so in love. Hope you like it too…
Drum roll please…………………………………………

Source: via Darby on Pinterest

I think its called a snuggie and its so cute and funny and awesome. I so want one!

So Cold

Its Monday, One day since you’ve been gone but to me its more like four days before i see you,
I go to bed late, so that i do not miss you too much,
My legs are so cold, just like always but you are not here to warm me up,
I shiver and get out of bed to layer more clothes on my very cold body,
Are yo feeling as cold as me?
The rains are pouring on the roof and i wish to have you hold me,
To lie on your chest and hear your comforting voice,
But the reality confronts me that you are not here,
I do miss you but am still so cold….

Please come back and keep me warm.
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