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Friday Fancies on Saturday: White

Am sorry I am late with my Friday Fancies post this week but better late than never. I can justify myself by arguing that its still Friday in some places. Anyway, this outfit is just adorable and perfect for a summer party. If you ever want to look classy and sophisticated, white is definitely the color to wear.
I really hope you are having a great weekend so far. Linking up with av at long distance loving!
rockin white

rockin white by emmyel featuring a scalloped dress

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Summer Fancies

So, summer is here, or maybe at least it is where you all are. Here, in Kenya, its a little bit cold. And when I say a little, I mean a lot. Actually am wearing a hood right now because its really cloudy and cold here. But anyway, I would never let our cold dampen your summer feelings. So, I decided to indulge you in some of the beautiful clothes that I would wear if it were summer here. The colors in this ensemble amaze me. Why do we wear black and white all the time when there are such beautiful colors out there. In a bid to add more color and warmth to my life, here are my summer fancies. Linking up with av at long distance loving.
summer Fancies

summer Fancies by emmyel featuring summer day dresses

The maxi dress is by far my favorite in this collection. Am very tiny, (like 5 ft tall) and I really refrain from anything that goes below my knees. However, this one seemed so delicious and beautiful that I just had to show it off to you. The mulch-colored dress is also beautiful and I love the yellow in it. To sum it all, I love each and every one of these and sandals too. (We wouldn’t want me to be in a beautiful maxi dress and bare foot). For those celebrating Memorial weekend, have fun, it comes only once a year. For the rest of us, work and a little play wont hurt. 

Friday Fancies: Nothing in Particular

I am no fan of basketball. Lets get that clear. So, this Friday’s theme seemed kind of crazy to me. I could not just get it in my head. So I decided just to come up with an outfit that I would wear any day, going anywhere. (especially shopping). I like the boyfriend jeans and I love red so that all that this is about. Hope you like my nothingness and appreciate my lack of theme this week. As usual, linking up with {av} at long distance loving.

fun by emmyel featuring pouch handbags

Friday Fancies: We're Going Green

 I just love Fridays. The feeling of having lived another week of life and having enjoyed it feels so good. It only means that we have done it again. But, to me, it only means that I am blessed. Blessed to be living in a house, blessed to have family and blessed to have friends. Friends in real life and in the blogworld. Bloggie friends that I connect with every Friday for Friday Fancies and I enjoy it so much. So much more that you can imagine. {av} at long distance loving: Thank you for always holding this link-up and giving us the opportunity to meet new people. 
Now, let us paint the town green with a St. Patty’s Day themed outfit. Hope you enjoy it.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead.

Friday Fancies #3

I love Friday Fancies. It feels like all these clothes are mine and just waiting to be worn. Thanx {av}for this wonderful idea. Today I chose to go classy as that is the feeling I have right now. Feeling good n classy; I like it. Hope you enjoy my outfit and pray to the dream fairy to bring it to me right now.

classy black friday

classy black friday by emmyel featuring strapless evening dresses

Also participating in follower fest so do enjoy this Friday and others to come.