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Christmas List

You know how its almost Christmas and everyone is doing lists of what they would love to get???
I have been thinking about what I would love to get too!
{Look at me stealing from the idea of masses, original right?}
Anyway, what I would really love this Christmas is a kitchen spruce up…
I know there are so many things I want for my kitchen..
Like new dinnerware, some classy cutlery and so much more of kitchen appliances.
But there is one thing that I really really want.
In fact I’ve been wanting it for as long as I’ve had a kitchen other than my mom’s.
An Oven..

                                                                      Source: via Millie on Pinterest

And if its this one from Samsung, the better.
Yes I said it.
I know most of you see it as a basic thing and already have it but I dont..
I love cooking and baking but am limited by the lack of an oven..
Why do I want it so bad, you may ask??
One reason: So I can cook more and expand the number of dishes I prepare at home.
By the way, I cook almost daily and hubby appreciates it a lot.
Moreover, I love it and I absolutely want to do more of it.
So God,Santa, The Kardashians, Channing Tatum, Bloggers, Mum, Dad, Hubby and anyone else who has any kind of power-I guess if you work together, this is a pretty easy task.
Thank you in advance!
Millie, waiting for your surprise anytime…….
I love you all!

Pinterest Finds & Yarn Along

Today is beautiful, I woke up and the sun was shining so beautifully!
I just had to tell you.
It was as if it brought some cheer into my heart.
Things are going well and I do feel as if the tide has turned.
It has turned to the bright side and it feels good.
I just pray that this kind of feeling stays and reaches unto the hearts of others.
Here are some Pins I like:

Christmas decor, I cant get enough…

Onto what I’ve been making this and last week:

I started this scarf a week ago. I don’t even know which direction its taking.
At some point, I feel like am just gonna unravel it and start all over again.
I didn’t have a plan when I started it and I think its getting to me..
I just hope I keep going since its quite long already.