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When things dont make sense

There are times when I just sit around and wonder which part of my life makes sense! I try to unravel many aspects of my life and I do not seem to find the kind of sense that am looking for. But, something happens, a call, a simple text, a kiss on the cheek, a hug, a comment on my blog and I remember what makes sense, LOVE. When everything else does not make sense, just try, try and remember those people you love and you will soon find some sense in your life!

Specialized care

Have you ever had someone give you specialized care? This is the kind of care that meets your specific needs. It is not about meeting the generalized needs of a number of people but specifically meeets your needs. Well, one of those things happened to me yesterday. I went to the salon and the lady i found there gave me specialized care. The most amazing thing about her is that she has to take care of numerous clients everyday but she gives specialized care to each one of them. It is not about satisfying all customers, it is about satisfying each customer according to their needs.
I wonder how the world would be if each one of us was given/gave each other specialized care. It wuld be so amazing because everyone would be satisfied with the kind of care they are getting. I aspire to be the kind of person who gives specialized care to my friends, my family and to each person i meet. I hope you do the same.
Kisses and love ya!!