Motherhood is craaaaazy…This is a well-known fact and I have come to appreciate it even more. What would make a writer like me suddenly stop blogging for I don’t know how many months????

You guessed right-Motherhood. I have been super busy now that am a working mother to an almost two year-old boy. Oh my Oh days keep flying by and I can’t seem to hold onto any moment..however beautiful.

In order to keep up with this busy lifestyle, I have learned a few tricks that make my mornings less stressful. I definitely do not have time to attend to an elaborate hairstyle, while dealing with my crying son when am leaving in the morning. Lots of mommy bloggers have tips on how to simplify the morning routine and I have been applying them religiously.

I have recently discovered the high-top bun hairstyle, which has made my life so much easier.

high top bun 2

It is super easy and super chic. It makes me look like am calm and collected, and like I took time to look good, even when I actually didn’t. Just comb your hair lightly, hold it high with a thick hairband (as we call it) or a hair scrunchie, then roll the hair into a bun around the band. That’s it, no stress, no hassle. In a matter of minutes am ready.


Add a dash of lipstick or gloss to the lips, and you suddenly look like a super chic, stylish mom. As much as Lowell (my son) likes to mess with my hair, this is difficult to mess with and I can redo it in 10 seconds when need arises. Check it out below, don’t mind the scarf. I wear it because my office is quite cold.

high top bun front
Final result

Try it, you will love it.

Hope to get my blogging groove back asap to keep you engaged. Thanks loves!