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Keep Calm and Smile

Not much to say today except that am thankful to be alive. Am thankful for getting to know all of you and for the joy you give me when we get to know each other.
Some fun ecards to make you smile

All the ladies out there feel me on this. When someone is coming over, cleaning seems to happen so much faster.

Self confidence. I like it!

Hahaha!Who does that???

Come back tomorrow for a peek into what makes me smile and which color goes with that smile.

Pinteresting and I found a New Love

Its mid-week people!Can I hear Yeah!!!!! Only one more day to Friday! The week has been cool so far, not much going on. Just work, sleep and hormones. Yeah, I think that covers it.
Anyway to far more interesting matters, I found a new love. Its flexible, its movable and very interesting. Guess what? YOGA! I know, this is not the first time I have started yoga and thought it was awesome!But, this time, I hope to make it more of a routine, a habit. Yeah, I hope to be more flexible and twist my body up. For now, its like a morning and evening thingy. When I wake up and before I go to bed. So, this Wednesday is all about my newest love. Enjoy all the twistedness.

Now only if I could do half of these poses, I would be one happy girl.
All images via my yoga board

The Birth of the blog's name

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Since i started working on the internet, its been a roller coaster ride to finding out the different avenues of expressing oneself here. So i joined many groups but never quite felt like i was maximizing my potential. Then, one day my friend from high school told me that they wanted to start a travel blog and there i had it. The idea of starting my own blog came up.
I have always been a writing person. I like writing about all kinds of stuff but mostly i have always kept a diary. One thing about my diaries is that they are filled with moments of too much happiness or too much sadness. My diaries often failed to document days where small things happened and i thought that a blog would give the opportunity to do this.
At first, my blog was named “Life Changing” but after a few days i renamed it to Millie’s blog. I thought that the first name was too general and did not capture the personality i wanted. By adding my name into the title, i felt that readers would atleast know there is some personality behind the blog and be interested to know what goes on in Millie’s life. And friends, that is how the name of my blog was born.