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Happy Birthday: 2 years

My baby is 2.

Can you believe that??I can’t!!

I need someone to sit me down and explain to me how it is already two years from that beautiful day that I met this little champion.It has been a whirlwind. One that I absolutely love and enjoy.

I enjoy being a mother to such a handsome boy. Although he sometimes drives me crazy, I still treasure him so much. His birthday party was awesome. We had our friends and many of his friends over and it was such a fun birthday. The pictures don’t do justice to how beautiful his special day was, but I hope you get the idea.

Happy birthday my Lowell Sedar. Cheers to many more.

I hope to share more about how we planned it and made it happen.

The Birthday boy

Birthday boy with friends

Lowell feedingThe food

Good foodKenyan pilausteamed cabbagePlated kenyan lunchVegetable riceThe Cake

Birthday Cake 1 Birthday cake 2   It was one of the most beautiful days ever!

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Shaking, Shivering and Teeth Grinding

Oh My God, am so very very extremely cold. Right now, Kenya is so very cold. My hands are freezing, my intestines are shaking, my teeth are grinding, its really cold you guys. But I found something to keep me warm. But thats not the point, this thing has made me laugh and am so in love. Hope you like it too…
Drum roll please…………………………………………

Source: via Darby on Pinterest

I think its called a snuggie and its so cute and funny and awesome. I so want one!

Weekend and Birthday Recap

Hey people, (I wish you could hear me say this), it would be loud and cheery. I had the most fun weekend ever. And my fears about having a birthday unnoticed were totally pointless. My previous post explains what I wanted for my birthday on Sunday and I can say am satisfied. It is amazing how the Universe can surprise you when you let go of the control and fear.

On Saturday, we had a party with my friends and it was total fun. This crew that I was partying with is the best. We have been friends since I was in campus. This is the place where I also met my boyfriend so I think Campus was totally great. The party was at one of my friends house and it rocked. The drinking and dancing was awesome. Lets just say, I loved it.

Sunday, we went to visit my boyfriend’s parents and we had so much fun. One thing that I must say is that am so thankful for his family. They treat me so kindly and they genuinely care for me. I completely and totally love them and I know they do too.Spent time with my nephew, Leon. He is 9 months old and so adorable. Will get pictures soon. Nothing moves my heart like babies. So innocent and their laughter, so infectious.

In short, I had so much fun and I feel so blessed. Am thankful for the grace and the opportunity to turn 25. I can only think of the great year that is beginning now. Happy birthday to me and thank you to Mr b/f for making my special day really special.

Its My Birthday Weekend

I know I have not even been a wee bit excited that its my birthday week. The main reason is because I have nothing planned for my birthday on Sunday. I want it all, a party, gifts, celebrations but I don’t even know how to make that happen. To make matters worse, I have never really had a birthday party, just for me. Am not whining. Am just anxious. Anxious that my birthday will just pass by and no one will notice. Am anxious because am turning 25 and its kind of a big deal to me. 
I totally, want something fancy but most of all, I just want someone to make it a special day. I know that it is a special day but I want to know that am not the only one who knows that.
Anyway, I believe and I have the deepest and unwavering faith that this will be one of my best weekends. I don’t know how this will happen and I don’t care but I know it will.
Now to my birthday cravings:
1. Cake: Am totally craving some cake right now and having it on my bday would be awesome.

2. Party, Yes. I want lots of dancing and drinking all in my name.
3. Gifts. Little ones or big ones, Doesn’t matter as long as they are beautiful.

4. Hugs and Kisses. Simple yet they always make my day.
All images via Pinterest
Thats it people. Am not asking for much. Just a little fun to mark the day I was born.