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New Hobbies: Crocheting

I think am going crazy. I have these ideas floating in my head that I never get to implement.
There are things that I like doing or at-least think I like but never get to do them.
I don’t know why but the start of something is usually a hassle for me. 
I find it hard to start something. I might want it so bad but unless I push myself or someone else pushes me, I might never start.
So, here I am with a new idea. Something that I have always admired from afar, especially from other bloggers. Crocheting. Is it weird that I think it is awesome. I mean you can crochet a whole dress or some cutesy little things……aaaaawwww. This idea made me realize that am totally like my mother…she used to crochet and knit things, a whole lot of beautiful things. I even have a sweater that she knitted for me long ago and I still wear it (She thought I would grow tall!lol!)
I think people who crochet or those who DIY in general are awesome. And, I really want to join this awesome crew. I hope I can do it. 
I don’t even know where I can buy a crochet in this town let alone yarn. But, I promise I will find out and watch some tutorials and eventually start…….
Any tips?????Please help where you can. Any and all advice on starting DIY projects will be highly appreciated. 
On that note, let us enjoy some of the crochet pins I have been pinning obsessively…
Source: via Millie on Pinterest
Source: via Millie on Pinterest

And last but not least
Pure awesomeness!!Now lets see if I can do this….

Friday Fancies : Crushes

I always fall in love with outfits that I could wear in real life.Like this one, totally awesome and totally wearable [oh, except the six inch heel] but I could try.
The simplicity in this outfit makes me comfortable. I know am trying to get out of the comfort zone with clothes but I couldn’t help it. 
So lets see my recreation…..

simple and fun

I love the bag on the left and I totally want it like right now…
Anyway, enjoy your Friday and make it count!

Running & Pinterest

So, as I told you in yesterday’s post, I have taken up running in the morning. This is not the first time I have done this. While in campus together with hubby, we used to go for morning runs and it was super exciting. We even managed to pull in some of our friends who joined in the running.

Why did I like it so much??? It was so much fun! That’s the simplest and most honest answer as to why I loved running so much. On the other hand, my body did respond very well to the morning runs and I can say that hubby (then b/f) did not complain.

Running together also gave us an opportunity to bond and share something that made us feel better about ourselves. We definitely got closer and our relationship became even more awesome with our morning exercise routine.
However, after he left campus since he was one year ahead of me, we both stopped running. A year later, I left campus too and I did not resume the running schedule. I used to give excuses saying that I couldn’t run alone or I was too busy or such like things.
Anyways, over the past few months, hubby and I have been thinking about starting running all over again. Sometimes, we even decided to start but the sweetness of the morning sleep was too much to handle. On Monday, I made the decision.I know its not gonna be easy but am willing to give it another try. Furthermore, the feeling I get from running is so much better than sleeping in. (Ok, maybe on some days).

No pressure, just me and hubs, running for 30-45 minutes, enjoying the fresh air, the sunrise, the birds chirping and each other. I hope it becomes a habit and sticks as a way to start everyday.

Do you run??Is it in the morning or evening??Any tips for me?? Tell me what you think!!

Images via

Current Crush: Maxi Dresses

If you really knew me, then you would know that am super short. Yes, I am and am proud of it!!However, the problem with my height is that wearing long dresses or skirts is kinda difficult. 
Problem no. 1: Finding my size is total mayhem
Problem no. 2: I look weird in long, flowy kind of clothing
Problem no. 3: Because am also kind of skinny, I get lost in these kinds of clothing. For real, it looks like the dress is walking with no-one inside!!{ghosts!!}And then people start running and screaming. (digression)
Anyhow, blogging has given me the platform to search and swoon for amazing clothes that I would never rarely wear in real life. I believe, this is the first step in finding the courage to wear these clothes, for reals. 
In this breath, I would like to introduce to my latest finds and crushes over at Polyvore. 
Drum roll please………{The Maxi Dresses}
Maxi Dresses

I love each and one of these. But my absolute fav is the second on the bottom row. I also discovered that I prefer patterned/flowered maxis as opposed to solid colored ones. I told ya, blogging has helped me discover who I “really” am. Tell me people, do you wear maxi dresses!
Which ones do you like in this set????
Current Crush Thursdays

High-Low Skirts

I did not know what I was going to write about today. In fact, I was thinking of just letting the whole posting energy go to waste. However, at the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to write about something that am loving right now, but I did not know what exactly that was.
So, I decided to hop on over to Polyvore and see whether there was something that I really liked. And then I typed ‘h’. Suddenly, the suggestion of a high-low skirt came up but I did not know what that is. Innocently, I clicked, just so I could know what a high-low skirt was and so that I would not be the dumb girl who gets passed on by popular trends. Let me just say that this was magic at its best.
Two weeks ago, I went home. My cousin (more like a sister coz our dads are twins), mum to my beautiful niece Crystal, gave me one of her skirts that does not fit anymore. Funny enough, its a high-low skirt, but I did not know that’s what they are called.
{For those like me, a high-low skirt is one which the hemline is not even. Some parts are shorter than others.} 
Now, I have to tell you that I love that skirt that my cousin gave me and I just wanna show you the beauty in these skirts, so you can understand why am crushing really hard.

high low skirt

high low skirt by emmyel featuring a hi low skirt

These skirts are gorgeous and I could not have picked a better item to crush on. Do you wear high-low skirts?? Tell me all about it!!

Current Crush Thursdays

Purple and White

I’ve always had these white trousers but I do not wear them often. It is not because I do not like them but because white is so hard to maintain. I have to watch where I sit, what touches me, where I walk, just to keep it crisp clean all day. However, last week, my sister encouraged me to wear my white trousers and I loved it.

I paired it with a purple sweater top and really loved the brightness of these colors. Since then, I’ve been looking for purple and white combinations that tickle my heart.

                                                                    All images Via
I love it all. I especially feel that this color mix is so bright yet so calm and peaceful. I love that Pinterest gives us a place to explore our creative juices. Am definitely thinking about how I can add more of purple and white to my life.

Weekend Update and Appreciating Art

I have found myself at a point where I actually miss Sundays. Lately, I have been working really hard and that means that I mostly have to work even on Saturdays. This leaves me exhausted and waiting for Sunday so I can relax and rest.
I love the easy mood of Sunday. The easy air with few if any obligations. This Sunday was one of those and I made use of it by resting and catching up on TV shows. This also means that there is not much to report except that last night I actually suffered from insomnia. I got into bed at 10.00 and by 2.00 AM, I was still awake. #veryfrustrating.
Anyway, apart from the inaction of the weekend, I would love to share with you some artworks made by an artists near where I live. I love the originality and creativity in these works. We featured him sometimes back on our other blog, here. Anyway, I hope you appreciate these pieces as much as I do.

 Happy Week!

Of Walks, Road Shows and Certificates:Weekend Update

What a weekend!Thats all I can manage to say. 

On Saturday, I went for a Red Cross Road Show/Walk. It was meant to educate the public on road safety and how we can reduce road accidents in our country. I loved it a lot but I got really really tired. The walk took almost 3 hours and I was exhausted by the end of it all. But I have a certificate to show and a really fun time.
On the way, we would do mock accidents and teach people how they can be avoided and how to handle them when they occur!!

Sunday, I was trying to rest but I had to do laundry. I also attended the birthday party of my neighbors beautiful daughter and got a little drank.


Didn’t even think I would be able to wake up today but am fine. This weekend I’ve met a ton of people and made so many new friends. Am so grateful and I hope to enjoy this week as much as I enjoyed the weekend.This is the road that our campaign was focusing on. I hope you stay safe on the roads too!!

Stars and Stripes: Literally

I love stripes. I actually have a red and black striped sweater that I wear too much. I know the theme is supposed to represent the American heritage but I went the other way. I took it literally and came up with this outfit. Hope you like it as much as I do. Linking up with av at long distance loving.
Point to self: Next time, just try and post you Friday fancies post a little earlier, thank you!

stars and stripes

stars and stripes by emmyel featuring a striped dress

Have an awesome weekend!

To Flow like a River

Hi lovely people!Hope the weekend treated you really fine as it did me. I spent time with my deraly missed and beloved family and I can totally say the homesickness is gone. It was like a flu that just had to be cured. Anyway, now that we are on to Tuesday, time to start thinking about more serious matters and about life in general.
In my life, I have reached points where I just felt like I was stuck. You know, life is like a journey and we sometimes reach points in the journey that are a little difficult and we miss the flow. Today, I just want to acknowledge that sometimes, I think that such points are totally pointless and aim at just making it difficult for us. However, on further analysis, I think that such sticky points help us appreciate the good stuff. We also learn an awful lot of things at such points. I do think its good to appreciate these sticky points.

But, more importantly, it is great to appreciate the people, ideas, books, movies, article or thoughts that help usget back to the flow. For example, when I feel stuck emotionally, watching a funny or romantic movie almost always helps me get back to the flow. For others, reading or writing does help in getting back to the smooth ride.
I just want to ask you to identify what helps you get you back to the flow. When you identify these things, it becomes easier for you to get back to a place of smoothness and harmony.

Above all, I wish you all as much flow as I wish on myself. I wish your life flows like a river. That it keeps going and when you get stuck, it is easy for you to get back on the journey. And that your life remains smooth and harmonious. Like a waterfall, easy and always flowing!

Pictures taken by my b/f. River Kariminu near his home!
N/B: I reached 40 followers this weekend and am so happy and grateful to all of ya!!Thank You!