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The Weekend

I know the weekend is one of the most popular words amongst the human race. We all spend a lot of time during the week thinking or talking about the weekend. I love the weekend and i know you do too.
What did i do this weekend? Can i really remember? Let me see

Saturday: Spent the whole day on the internet. Took a shower at around 5.30pm, cooked and spent the evning with Mr. b/f.

Sunday: Woke up at around 11.00 am. Watched an episode of ‘Life Unexpected’. I got a call from a sweet sis in law who hates staying alone. Took a shower and immediately became useful. Spent the afternoon with an amazing girl/new mom and the cutest baby ever (Leon). It was his one month birthday and we had total fun.

Point of Note: My sweetest and closest, almost like a sister, cousin is 22 weeks pregnant and i cant wait to see her belly grow and eventually hold a sweet baby. I love you baby even when you are still in your mommy’s tummy. Can’ wait to be an auntie for another time.

Finally:  I think and feel that the weekend was nice and thank you to the universe and all those who made it great. Love it.
Kisses n love ya.
Emmy/ Millie

Baby Fever!!!

 Talk about being bitten by the bug, and definitely i think that bug bit really hard. Am proud (should i be?)to say that av finally caught the baby fever. For those who do not understand this kind of fever, its a stage in a woman’s life when she can’t stop thinking about how babies are cute. Another symptom of this fever is wanting to smile at every pregnant woman, smiling at every baby on the street and finally wanting a baby of her own. But wait, am only 24, isn’t that too early to catch this fever? I really don’t know.
The fever was so strong this week that i decided to go visit my newest nephew. His name is Leon and he is the most handsome baby ever. So sweet and so innocent. He is almost three weeks but i couldn’t take a picture of him coz i forgot the camera. I held him for so long and had a hard time letting him go. So sweet and cuddly, you could eat him. One thing i think makes women catch this fever is the cuteness of baby’s clothes. Everywhere i go i seem to notice baby’s clothes. And they are all so cute, i want to buy all of them. Anyway, i hope this fever dies down until am ready to have my own. But to all the mothers out there, am happy for you and love your babies coz they make this world so sweet and make me wanna have my own.
Kisses n love ya!