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T-shirt Styled

If you really knew me, you would know that I looove t-shirts and I almost  wear them daily not unless am forced by circumstances. By circumstances, I mean having to go somewhere formal and I have to wear a blouse or something of the sort. I am overly comfortable in t-shirts and this has led to me being occasionally referred to as a tomboy!!Really people???? T-shirts are so comfy and so easy to wear!Does that make me a tomboy??? Anyway, thats a personal decision. Ok, I know am kind of (only a little) tomboyish. I like converse shoes too!That does not make my case easier!!But I hope the skinny jeans help!!!
So, today {av} chose a perfect theme for me. It was so easy to come up with this outfit!I love everything I threw in here and hope there is someone out there who feels me!!Feels me???I mean like, understands my style!!
Here you go:
Tshirt styled

Tshirt styled by emmyel featuring pink sneakers

See, I told ya!!T-shirts rock my world!Hope they rock yours too!

I Love Mondays: Weekend Update

I love Mondays. I have come to realize that once you find something that you love doing, then Monday is no longer the stressful day of the week. I love waking up well rested and easy on Mondays. Don’t get me wrong, I love my weekends very much. In fact, this weekend was perfect.
I do not say perfect because I went places or went dancing or something of the sort. I say perfect because it was an easy, love filled weekend. We slept in, on both Saturday and Sunday and that is something I always treasure.
We went for walks, visited parents, laughed and loved. It is not the activities from this weekend that I treasure but rather the feelings that I experienced.
The peace, the love, the security and surety, the warmth and the calmness. I enjoyed these feelings and I will always keep them close to my heart.
And that is why, the transformation from the weekend to the week does not scare me because I have something to treasure. Something that will keep me going until the next weekend.

 Happy week to all of you!

Block Party on Friday Fancies

I sometimes wish I were a billionaire so I could just order all the outfits I have created for Friday Fancies. This week, I started by choosing the accessories since that was easy. I wanted to create something colorful yet subtle. So, nude was an obvious choice. However, yellow is my favorite color. I choose many dresses for this outfit but I could not settle on them. Then, I saw this dress and I was like tada!!!!!! I love it and it makes use of my yellow and nude color choices. How much better could I have done. I love this combi n I hope someone else loves it as much as I do and gets it for me!!!! As always, linking up with {av} at Long Distance Loving.

color block

color block by emmyel featuring leather handbags


Am So Sleepy- Pinteresting

Am crazy tired today. Am just a few minutes away from jumping into bed with all clothes on. But then I thought to myself, ‘What  kind of Wednesday would it be if I did not give you the pleasure of knowing what av been pinning this week?” The answer I gave myself was, ‘Not such a good one’. And here I am, pinning around and sharing it with you all. Enjoy my randomness

First, you have to know am obsessed with The Bachelorette this season, cant wait for Mondays!!

Have never had it, dont think will ever will

Gorgeous, get me all, right now!

This happens to me all the time!

Just some love insight

Enjoy the rest of the week!!!

Shaking, Shivering and Teeth Grinding

Oh My God, am so very very extremely cold. Right now, Kenya is so very cold. My hands are freezing, my intestines are shaking, my teeth are grinding, its really cold you guys. But I found something to keep me warm. But thats not the point, this thing has made me laugh and am so in love. Hope you like it too…
Drum roll please…………………………………………

Source: via Darby on Pinterest

I think its called a snuggie and its so cute and funny and awesome. I so want one!

The Weekend:A Recap

So happy its Monday. I cant believe I said that but am excited to just wake up, find out its Monday and that am ALIVE. Yeeeeeeh, Yipppeeee, . I hope you can feel my excitement. I had a fantastic weekend, mostly indoors but obviously so great. Am happy. Yes, I am. My weekend consisted mostly of
1: Movie Watching

All hail Ryan Gosling
2: Long Walk

3: Time with someone special

All images Via

Yea, I know, it was awesome. Has anyone seen Ashton Kutcher in Two and A Half Men season 9? He’s such a baby but I like it. Have an awesome Monday! Now only if I could take photos as beautiful as that last one!!!