Month: February 2016

How I am saving 25,500/= this year. Update 4 & 5

Current Savings: KSH: 3,000/=2016 Savings Plan update 4 and 5First of all, let me apologize for not posting the third update last week. I have been a little under the weather but am alright now.

For those not saving, 3,000 in 6 weeks might seem like a small amount, but for those of us wanting to have something kept aside by the end of the year, this is a HUGE goal.

This is the 6th Friday and we are doing pretty well. I have already made my deposit to M-Shwari and am so proud of myself and all of you who are following this challenge.

You know, saving is not about depositing a huge amount in your account, it is about the small changes you make, putting away some money and watching it grow week after week. It is truly a wonderful feeling, seeing that in two weeks’ time, we will be at Ksh 4,000/=

I know it is not easy sometimes. At times I pass by the market and see some gorgeous tops that I could easily convince myself I need. However, I choose to walk away reminding myself that the 200 bob can go to my savings plan. Instead of eating chicken and chips for lunch, I choose to eat rice and French beans or something healthier like vegetables. That extra 100 bob goes to my savings plan while also staying healthier.

It’s truly about the small adjustments you make in everyday life.

Before you know it, your savings will have grown to 10 or 20 thousand and you can reinvest it for some more growth.

Wishing you a great weekend and hoping that you are still on track with your savings.

For those who are yet to join the challenge, it is never too late.

Read this post on the 2016 savings plan for more info.

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Ideas for Women to Celebrate Themselves this Valentines Day

Celebrate yourself this Valentines dayOnly two days to go to one of the most anticipated days of the year. It is a crazy time for most of us, whether single or married. Expectations are running quite high, and disappointments often follow quite fast!

When our partners don’t give us exactly what we expected or wanted, we are bound to be disappointed. One thing that I have come to discover is that you can never expect one person to give you what you need, all the time. You are the only person who knows what you want and at times, it is perfectly ok to go and get it.

As a working mother of one very active boy, the duties of motherhood, marriage and work can be too overwhelming. I remember last night getting home so tired and thinking how I just want to lie down. Then here comes Lowell, full of energy wanting me to carry him and dance at the same time. I eventually gave in and lifted him high and danced to some African pop music. The smile on his face when I twirled him and swayed from side to side completed my heart, but by the end of it I was super tired.

We might try to be super mamas or super women, but we all need some time to celebrate ourselves and find joy in ourselves.

Here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate yourself this Valentines and remove the burden of making you happy from your spouse’s, partner’s or boyfriend’s shoulders.

  1. Massage– Who wouldn’t want to lie down on a bench and have an expert straighten all those tired and overworked muscles. I wouldn’t mid at all. Most massage sessions start at only a thousand bob. I know you usually spend so much more on other people, so this is quite a small price to pay for a good relaxing session.
  2. Spa and Salon. I would give anything right now to spend hours getting my hair, nails and face done. You come out of the salon feeling crisp and fresh, and the compliments from complete strangers don’t hurt either. So, invest a little in your beauty and just enjoy the newness of a new hairstyle.
  3. Shopping.I have heard of women who hate shopping, but they are very very few. For the rest of us, shopping is therapeutic and can serve as a nice way of saying thank you to yourself. Do some online shopping from the comfort of your home HERE or Go get that white blouse you have been eyeing for 5 months now, or that dress that outlines your curves but costs just a little more than the dresses you usually go for.Thank me later.
  4. Do some charity work. This is what I will be doing this Saturday. You might ask how this is a way of celebrating myself??But, the feeling you get when you visit a children’s home and give your time and money to those very needy children is enough celebration. I usually come home feeling more satisfied than most other days. It is a beautiful feeling. And those kids are usually so appreciative of those small deeds. You can check out our event on Facebook here and join us.

There goes my list!!

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Don’t forget to check out our 25,500/=savings plan for 2016.

What will you be doing this Valentines?? Are you celebrating yourself?? You are definitely worth celebrating!


Hiking Mt.Kilimambogo: A Visit to Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

Last weekend was awesome! #tembeaKenya

In line with my word for the year, you can read all about that HERE, I am trying to find things that give me joy in everyday life. Honestly, sometimes it is a bit difficult to be joyful when you’ve been down with a load of infections and a bad cold. However, being the positive person I am, I decided to take on something new.

I decided to take on a mountain!!!Whooooa!!What a freaking crazy way to find joy!!

When the opportunity to visit Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park, while hiking the scenic Mt.Kilimambogo came along, I hopped on it without even thinking twice. Add hubby into the mix, and awesome company of people I have never met before, it was the perfect thing to do on a sunny Saturday.

When we first got to the Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park, I was super surprised at how tall the mountain looked. I was instantly scared, but I am not one to give up. So, up we went, trekking the trails of the mountain of buffaloes (That’s Mt.Kilimambogo’s nickname).

Honestly, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. The first footpath up the mountain was the hardest for me. I was sweating and my heart was beating out of my chest. But soon my body started adjusting and I started moving faster and it felt so good.

Reaching the summit was the best part of the day. Little did I know that the trek downhill would be so very difficult.

I am still sore from that hike, but it was such a beautiful and peaceful time. You should definitely try hiking as a way of finding joy and just calming down, while taking a look at beautiful views.

For now..Enjoy the pictures.

At the gate

Ol Donyo Sabuk National ParkThe Buffalo Heads

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park   Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park Louise MacMillan gravesite. Can you imagine she was buried here in 1938? The words are so touching.Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park   Mt. Kilimambogo  With Bae: Team Blue

mt.kilimambogo hike 1Me

mt.kilimambogo activities 2 Mt.KilimambogoThe Summit

Ol Donyo Sabuk

Mt.Kilimambogo SummitGoing downhill…I love this sign!!

mt.kilimambogo going downMore Fun Ideas!

2016 Savings Plan for 25,500/- Update 3

Total savings so far Ksh 2,000/=

Happy FridayLet’s start off this post by acknowledging how beautiful this Friday is.. I took this picture this morning, on my way to the matatu stage. The sun was already up, but it is the crispness of the air that awed me. I could feel the chill on my neck, yet the sun was already warming me up. What a great way to start the day. Loved it.

Onto more serious matters now. We are already 4 weeks into our 2016 savings plan and I couldn’t be more overjoyed. Many times we make resolutions and they don’t even see the end of the first week of the yea, yet we are already in February and still keeping up with this saving challenge. Woop!!Woop!!

I looked into my calendar this week, imagined seeing my saving balance growing to 2,000/= and thought, “Shit, we are actually doing this!! It is truly happening and I am committed to it!”

Anyway, I just deposited my 500 to my M-shwari lock savings account and I hope you are doing the same RIGHT NOW. remember, Kama sio saa hii, ni sasa hivi!

It’s the end month and most of us have received our salaries. So, if you want to put aside 1,000 or 2,000 just to get ahead , you can totally do it. This will give you cover for the ‘dry’ weeks of the month.

You are awesome for taking the right steps towards building your savings, and am proud of you, and myself too!

If you are yet to join the challenge, there is still time. Just go to THIS post and you will find all the details there.

You can find all the other updates HERE and HERE!

Enjoy the weekend lovely people!