Month: November 2013

Using a manual breast pump for the first time

I can tell you for free that motherhood is a life long learning experience. We have to learn new things day in, day out.

We all want to breastfeed for as long as least I imagine that we all want to unless circumstances do not allow. However, we still have a life to live and most of us have to go back to work. When I think about leaving my baby and going to work, it drives me crazy but at some point it has to happen. And in order to feed him on breast milk for the recommended 6 months, I have to pump milk and leave it for him to feed.

I have started practicing how to pump and today was the first time I used a manual breast pump. Assembling it was a difficult thing yet I had been shown how to do it several times. I did not buy a new breast pump but got a used pump from my sister in law. She has two little boys and I was so glad to get some of the baby stuff from her.

So, I sat down, took like 30 minutes trying to set up the manual breast pump and since I did not have a manual, I had to figure it out. I stuck it on my breast and started pumping. I didn’t know how to use a manual breast pump since I am a first time mom and I have never seen someone else use it. Nevertheless, its easy to use and I got the groove fast.

It felt ticklish at first and seemed like hard work but once I found my rhythm, the milk started flowing and I can honestly say, it went well.

The only problem was that once I gave baby Lowell the bottle, he refused to take it and he just wanted the breast as usual. Any tips to get him feeding on the bottle are welcome…

I do encourage working moms to try the pumping way. It is surely better than starting baby on formula too early.

Thursday Afternoon

Since my baby was born, I have been keeping these little diaries when I can so I don’t forget these days. He is now 10 weeks but this is what I wrote 4 weeks ago…

24th October 2013

Its 5 oclock on a Thursday afternoon. It’s a beautiful day, sunny and blue skies. We are just relaxing on the sofa with me and my baby. He is just lying on the sofa making cute sounds while I type this. Its so difficult to even have one eye away from him.

Baby Lowell


He is one day shy of 6 weeks, that’s 11/2 months. I cant believe it. My baby is growing so fast. I feel like am missing something. I feel as if my head is not big enough to hold all the memories we are creating together. Sometimes days just pass without my knowledge. I just find myself at the weekend not knowing how the week passed. It is so surreal. 2 months ago, I was a pregnant lady. Now, I have this cute little baby looking upto me for everything. One year ago, I was just a woman, going through life not knowing how awesome things were gonna be. I might have even been a little sad, thinking that life was not moving as expected. Am so amazed at the blessings I have received this year.

To say that my life has been turned upside down is an understatement. Am blessed beyond my wildest imagination and am so grateful.

My baby already knows me and his daddy. He already smiles and imitates the sounds I make. He is so adorable and the apple of my eye. I thought baby girls are cute, turns out that baby boys are awesome.

2 months

My baby boy is  2 months old today and I love him like crazy.
He is growing up so fast.

                                                                       Much love!!!